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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

View from the Opposition - Sunderland
madeeasy 1:36 Wed Feb 24
After an enjoyable cup win last weekend the warmth and soul of claret and blue seems to be flowing through the veins more than ever.

Interestingly the very person that tried to muddy that feeling, as some would say, brings Sunderland to Upton Park for one last time.

With that I have the pleasure of asking a couple of Sunderland fans, Rocky and Becs, to answer our questions from www.readytogo.net/smb

What your views are of your season so far and how do you think the rest of the season will go?

K- We've been terrible for the majority of it, conceding way too many goals and games littered with individual basic mistakes. The quality of performance has picked up with some good januray buys, Kazhri and Kone have been very impressive. I think we've given ourselves a good chance of staying up.

Why do you think you are in the position you are now after 9 solid years in the top flight?

K- Poor investment and appointments. Failed Director of Football 'model'. We appointed a Keith Lemon lookalike who is an agent. Mental

B- Too much change! We seem to get a new manager in, he brings in his own players, they take time to settle, results don’t go our way, he gets sacked and the cycle starts all over again. We also seem to pick up random players because they are free/cheap or scout from abroad and bring over the next big thing, who inevitably doesn’t fit in or doesn’t settle. We seem to too much time trying players out in different positions to see where they might fit in and the wage bill has been high because of all the deadwood. It’s seems to be quite badly managed from a business sense which means we just seem to hang on in the league each season rather than building a decent team and aiming to finish higher.

Has the football under BFS been exciting? Do you now understand why WH fans wanted to get rid of him? (Marston Hammer)

K- At times its been dreadful but it has picked up with the addition of Sams signings. I've been pleasantly surprised with how we've played recently.

B- No it’s been tediously boring at times! They go out and put a shift in but it’s not pretty or attractive to watch. I can understand why people want rid as they want something more exciting to watch

Considering Sam has had plenty of time to change your league fortunes around, will you be happy if he is kept in charge when you're in the Championship next season? (Grumpster)

K- I would cut Sam some slack as he inherited a very poor squad and his points to game ratio would have us out of the relegation zone if he were here all season. If we do go down his recent experience of the Championship with a diddy London club should see us bounce back quickly.

B- Well I’m not sure if we’ll go down at the moment as I feel confident we can just stay up again. If we go down, I think it would be a good chance to start again from scratch with a new squad. That would solve the previous mentioned problem and hopefully enable us build a more permanent team for the future.

Do you prefer it when Boro and Newcastle are in the same division or the division lower than you? Would you rather gloat and have bragging rights or regular matches albeit with the real risk of getting beat by them? El scorchio

K- I'm not bothered about Boro at all, they're pretty irrelevant. As for Newcastle I'd love to see the bastards go down, I would love it, love it.

B- Yes I much prefer it when all the local teams are in the same division. I love the derby matches and it’s fun winding up friends and neighbours over the results. Seven in a row over Newcastle would be amazing so please cheer for us next month.

What did you do to Anton Ferdinand? (On the ball)

K- Spent roughly £6m too much on him

B- He’s another big signing that ended up being a let down. Keane bought him and several other players but didn’t seem to know how to play them as a team so formation changed from match to match. He was in and out the side and he never really settled. Keane resigned and Bruce took over. His face didn’t seem to fit with Bruce and he was pushed out to the sidelines then shipped out.

Be honest what you think about Sam “Allardici”? (Geoffpikey)

K- I didn't want him as I don't particularly like him but he is doing a good solid job. He's the right man for us at this time, he's a good fit. Recent performances have been very encouraging and he has bought good players.

B- Mixed feelings! It’s good when we get a result, but the actual football is tedious to watch and it’s not consistent. We played really well against Man City at home and were all over them but lost the match. I was expecting to build on that for our trip to Liverpool the following week but they just went to pieces and ran around like headless chickens until the last 10 minutes when we managed to sneak a couple of goals to get a draw. I’m still not convinced he is the right man for the job.

Niall QUINN. Worse as a player, chairman or commentator? Or equally annoying and shit at all 3? (Stewie Griffin)

K- I love Niall Quinn. If I found him in bed with my wife my life would be complete. Massively under rated player and he bought the club when we were at a very low point and turned the club around. He's a legend.

B- I still love Niall Quinn. He was amazing up front in with Kevin Phillips and they worked really well together. He was also good between the sticks when he was needed in an emergency. I thought he did well as a chairman. He’s likeable and managed to raise the profile of the club well, but unfortunately they just didn’t have the funds to keep it going. I love the story of when fans were stranded at Bristol Airport due to a problem on an Easyjet flight, so he personally paid for a number of taxi’s back to the North East to make sure everyone got home safely. So I’d probably say he’s worst as a commentator as he’s just a bit meh like the rest of them!

Some may say of a good player that they can shag me missus. Do you think letting Adam Johnson shagging your kids is taking it a bit too far? (Denver hammer)

K- He hasn't shagged my kids as far as I know, I will find out though.

B- Not answering that as it’s not in good taste.

At WHU we have some home games as 'kids for a quid'. Is SAFC adopting a similar programme of 'sign a shirt for some skirt'? (Denver hammer)

K- I think a kid for a quid would interest our ex-winger.

B- Not answering that as it’s not in good taste.

Sunderland has a attracted some very good managers, from the legendary, flat cap wearing Bon Stokoe, through Peter Reid, Roy Keane ,Steve Bruce and Martin O'Neill.

A few mistakes too with Paulo Di Canio and Dick Advocaat to mention just a couple. Where in your opinion does Sam Allardyce sit, he is a good manager for Sunderland or is he another managerial mistake? (Banjo)

K- Bob Stokoe wore a trilby. As for Sam its too early to tell. Bit of a stupid question as I am not Mystic Meg.

B- It’s one of those yeah but, no but questions! Yes I think he is a good manager and he will grind out the results and keep us up this season. It’s just the style of football is boring and it’s not nice to watch. I’d want to keep him if he can keep getting the results but not for the style of play.

What are your thoughts on West Ham and our fans?

K- Your owners are seemingly lovely blokes and Mrs Peschisolido is a lovable tory. I don't dislike or like West Ham to be honest and the same goes for your fans. The bubble song is terrible though.

B- I’ve never been to the Boleyn Ground and I’ll never get that chance now! They’ve always seemed decent as visiting fans. One of my favourite ever games was a 4-3 win over West Ham in 1990 at Roker Park. It was one of those pulsating end to end matches as John Motson would say! In the same season, we happened to bump into Alf Garnett while wandering round London before the play off final. He noticed the scarves and said “up the Sunderland” so we taught him how to say “haway the lads!”

What Player do you have that would make our first 11 and what west ham player would you like to see in red and white?

K- Yann M'vila is a very good player and would enhance a lot of Premier League sides. Obvious one from you lot, Payet. Tremendous player.

B- Defoe still has life in him. I’d send him back so he can score goals for you and make amends for leaving in a bad way. I’d take Dimitri Payet. I’ve really enjoyed watching him play this season. He’s creative and has scored some cracking goals.

If we had a tag team that would carry Andy Carrol up by piggy back, we don’t want him getting blisters on the way, would you please pay his wages and have him at your club?

K- No thanks. He's made of glass and his allegiance to that other lot is hardly endearing. He also has really shit hair that would embarrass any employer.

B- Given that he used to play for Newcastle and he has silly hair, then I think I’ll decline your kind offer!

What are your favourite crisps?

K- McCoys Thai Sweet Chicken

B- Kettle Chips Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar but I’d give anything for a canny bag of Tudor!

Would you rather 4th in the Premiership or to win the FA Cup?

K- I'm old fashioned, FA Cup win all day.

B- FA Cup without a doubt. I’ve always loved that competition and would love the chance of being at Wembley and being part of the noise and celebration when Sunderland lift the cup. I enjoy cheering the minnows on against the big boys. I love it when a big club has to play at a tiny ground and the Premiership divas have to get changed in a portacabin or something.

What are your views on football ticket prices at SFC and what have your club done to help your supporters?

K- Ticket prices at our place are very good and very fair, prices cut for next season. My season ticket for me and the boy is a combined price of £375. Ticket prices in general are disgusting but if people keep paying it clubs will continue to charge it. They're benefiting on the back of peoples loyalty to their club.

B- I think our ticket prices are very reasonable, especially in the family corner. This season the prices were £395 for an adult AND one child, £190 for under 22’s and £25 for additional under 16’s. They have already announced price cuts next season with prices dropping to £375 and £170. Breaking it down to a single match price, I think that’s good value for money for a family afternoon/evening out.

Do you agree with a set price for all away tickets? If so what price should they be set at?

K- Its a very good idea, massively in favour of it. £20 is a fair price.

B- I think a fixed price is fair and would welcome it around the £25-30 mark for an adult and less for concessions. I’ve looked at some away games and decided not to bother by the time you add up four tickets plus travel as it’s just too expensive.

Up next we have Tottenham, what question would you like us to ask their fan?

K- You're a big club, how much bigger are you than West Ham?

B- You’ve done well so far this season. What’s changed to improve the team?

And finally your prediction for the game?

K- Score draw, 1-1

B- We desperately need the points so 1-0 to Sunderland.

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Big H 10:26 Thu Feb 25
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
Love the fact they think Alf Garnett, is a real person!

Mr Polite 10:04 Thu Feb 25
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
If Bec's moral compass is so straight no doubt she will stop supporting her club after yesterday's revelations.

Hypocritical tart.

Eddie B 9:59 Thu Feb 25
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
Agreed, i really like VFTO.

It'll be interesting to see if they can get some decent questions out of the suggested ones for Spurs. They're all just (justified) abuse at the mo.

Denver Hammer 10:23 Wed Feb 24
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
love this, keep it up

honoured that you got two of mine in there.
I have a daughter but come on, surely you need to be able to step back and have a laugh about it all.

keep it going madeeasy.

Oliver Cromwell 10:09 Wed Feb 24
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
Sinister club with a lot to hide

happygilmore 10:05 Wed Feb 24
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
got bored less than half way through it. way to long....won't read again.

Staffs-Hammer 10:01 Wed Feb 24
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
"Not answering that as it’s not in good taste."

You did tell her (and I'm assuming Becs is a woman) what WHO is like beforehand, didn't you!?

Jim C 8:27 Wed Feb 24
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
Nice one. I really enjoy reading these, keep up the good work if possible.

WHOicidal Maniac 7:31 Wed Feb 24
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
I dont usually get wound up by football shit but these people are wankers...

Bobby stole that necklace you know...Bastards


madeeasy 6:55 Wed Feb 24
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
Long Lost, sorry his first name begins with K but he posts as rocky on their forum so used that name.

well spotted....

btw both are long standing season ticket holders. i asked them for a brief bio and then forgot to put it on!!!

Oh and Becs doesnt have an instagram account but is a looker...

Long Lost 6:52 Wed Feb 24
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
Nice one. Why are Rocky's answers prefixed with a K?

ironsofcanada 6:02 Wed Feb 24
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
Always appreciated.

norwich hammer 5:47 Wed Feb 24
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
Diddy London club wtf.

holyhandgrenade 5:16 Wed Feb 24
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
Good work madeeasy, decent questions and sound enough fans

BRANDED 4:41 Wed Feb 24
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
I like it. Good mix of questions and they are clear;y cunts but nice cunts. You know? Ones that feel alright.

madeeasy 4:13 Wed Feb 24
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
ATBOG i will email her and ask if see has an instagram account.

ATBOG 4:05 Wed Feb 24
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
madeeasy 2:39 Wed Feb 24

A girl eh? You know the rules...

Alan 3:54 Wed Feb 24
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
So, for 395 you get a season ticket and a child?
Definitely wrong 'uns up there.

Redeye 2:56 Wed Feb 24
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
Nice one. Enjoyed that. Good to see this back.

The Kronic 2:48 Wed Feb 24
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
Becs is a right boring cunt.

Coffee 2:47 Wed Feb 24
Re: View from the Opposition - Sunderland
At about 5.00 o'clock, I think.

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