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Turpinator 12:49 Mon Oct 21
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Going this week. Any tips , places to go, drink eat etc. Told to try Chicken feet.

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Turpinator 2:49 Tue Oct 22
Re: Guangzhou
Thanks for the info. Pigs lungs don't even bare thinking about

willswishwellingtons 2:50 Mon Oct 21
Re: Guangzhou
Travel there every few months for work.

Stay away from chicken feet, as already mentioned the only reason to eat them is to say you have.

In terms of food, it depends on where you're staying but there's plenty of safe bets in the Tianhe Qu/District. Tianhe Cheng (Parc Central) and TaiKooHui are both shopping malls with plenty to eat. Don't be deterred by the fact that they're shopping malls, many of really good restaurants I've eaten in through China are in them.

If you're looking for more local fare, Dian Dou De in the Yuexiu district is decent for dimsum and for spicy hotpot, you can't go wrong with Hai Di Lao (chain restaurant pretty much everywhere in every Chinese city but always worth a try).

Most hotels should be ready to tell you what's around you as they'll have an influx of internationals this time of year for the Canton Fair.

Northern Sold 2:02 Mon Oct 21
Re: Guangzhou
Told ya

Syd Puddefoot 1:58 Mon Oct 21
Re: Guangzhou
Was there many years ago, on a tight budget so did not eat in the more savoury places but still very good.

For interest there was plenty to be had and the huge market was very good if it is still there, but the butchery section was a bit of an eye opener. And yes NS, there was pooch as well as kitty to be had if you fancied it.

ak37 1:57 Mon Oct 21
Re: Guangzhou
I knew Soldo would bowl up with his views
Spot on about chicken feet, what is the actual point of eating that? Same with birds nest soup.

Northern Sold 1:42 Mon Oct 21
Re: Guangzhou
1. KFC (Kentucky Fried Collie)
2. McDalmatian
3. Poodle Hut

tonka 1:31 Mon Oct 21
Re: Guangzhou
Avoid Pigs lungs and Spleen

atb trev 1:26 Mon Oct 21
Re: Guangzhou
I tried chicken's feet. As far as I could tell the only reason for trying them was to say you'd tried them. There was nil nutrition/enjoyment. You might as well pour chili sauce on a stick and lick it off.

Food in Guangzhou was the best I found in China. Ate at a restaurant with a tree growing out the middle of it - was well known there at the time. Was one of the best restaurants I've ever been to. Guangzhou was also the smoggiest place I've ever been to. I was there 23 years ago so things would have moved on a lot since then.

Westham67 1:15 Mon Oct 21
Re: Guangzhou
I stayed there a few times when I worked in China. They speak Cantonese and food is better than most places I stayed

It is tropical and will in high 20s

Bungo 1:07 Mon Oct 21
Re: Guangzhou
Tried duck's feet in Wong Kei's once many years ago (probably similar?)

They had a sauce on them you could lick off, but essentially there was almost nothing on there to actually eat.

Hope you have more enjoyment with the chicken's feet!

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