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This coronavirus in China
goose 12:23 Wed Jan 22
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anyone else worried? 9 dead so far.

CNY soon so the virus will spread very quickly if they cannot control it. It'll be in Europe by the end of CNY if not earlier.

is this the end of humanity?


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Don Ravioli 3:53 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
The old c wing 12:58
Those measures will be universal basic income because of automation and the 4th industrial revolution.
It’s all planned and they’re using this virus to steamroller it through.

mashed in maryland 3:51 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
The old c wing 3:46 Sun Mar 7

The fact you'd rather argue than take a simple bet shows you have zero confidence in anything you're saying.

mashed in maryland 3:47 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
"Why is it people hang on every word when something aligns with their view but ignore things that don’t"

Because giving politicians the benefit of the doubt is always a let-down, assume their intentions are nefarious and you'll unfortunately get a much better filter on what's going to happen. This is why when Hancock made a point of saying we'll be free until a new varient comes out (there will always be a new varient) you can trust him.

(Offer is open to you too btw, you know I'm not a Darby_ who'll welch out and at least one of our mutuals has my home address....)

BRANDED 3:47 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Politicians chose their scientists wisely. Science is a kind of religion for those who are not Abrahamics. They see it as truth and not a discussion. The politicians are not stupid. They could have chosen scientists from a different position of indeed both positions.

Anyway. The future will be told and either MIM will keep saying “I told you so” or something else will happen.

Locking up the well is a rubicon.

The old c wing 3:46 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
If you wish to lie and then “cba” to back it up, then why bother spamming the thread in the first place?

I’ve made this suggestion before.

Go and get laid, or at least attempt to. Your obsession with being “right” might mean a little less to you thereafter.

Johnson 3:37 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Ferguson isn’t in charge and got sacked for flouting the rules he was talking about “getting away with” thereby proving what he was talking about.

Which is the western world is not used to impose restrictions a la the Chinese and it is difficult to get people to comply.

You can interpret it in that he means forever and for no reason other than to have power, or you can assume he was talking about imposing in restrictions on western cultures as part of his job as an epidemiologist being asked questions about locking down to prevent the spread of disease.

Why is it people hang on every word when something aligns with their view but ignore things that don’t?

Ferguson said what he said then, he’s also saying something very different now so why aren’t you fixing on his latest comments?

Was he telling the truth then and lying now or what?

mashed in maryland 3:37 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
This obviously isn't directed at you then simon.

Usually this thread is full of "back to normal by summer, good old Boris, we can trust him, its all over soon"

I'm predicting it won't be and we will lock down again before March 7th 2022.

If anyone disagrees, and is so sure I'm wrong, earn yourself £100.

Why are so many people are very quick to say someone is wrong, but not confident enough to put anything on it? I have full belief in what I'm saying, have you..?

simon.s 3:31 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
I’ve never hung on every word a politician has said, and I certainly haven’t since covid came along. I’m sure Boris is probably on record as saying he doesn’t want any more lockdowns, but that’s just to appease the public. It’s what they do.

mashed in maryland 3:19 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
"Get used to it"?! Its been me who's been saying they've been lying about everything yet everyone has said no, trust them.

, 3:17 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
So precisely explain when Italy became a communist one party state please Mim.

And while you’re about it can you define what you think defines lockdown, how widespread it has to be and where it has to be so that we can consider whether to take your bet please.

simon.s 3:12 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Your money is safe, mashed. Politicians lie, get used to it. But as nobody has a crystal ball, I’m not sure what you’re trying to prove here.

mashed in maryland 3:10 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China

Johnson 2:50 Sun Mar 7

Neil Ferguson

"It’s a communist one party state, we said. We couldn’t get away with it in Europe, we thought… and then Italy did it. And we realised we could. "

He said that in an interview in The Times. Check the wording "get away with it". You don't say that about something you think is correct, do you.....

mashed in maryland 3:08 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
The old c wing 1:09 Sun Mar 7


I cba discuss it any more because its obvious that I'm not gonna convince you of anything and you sure as fuck ain't gonna convince me of anything so its pointless.

If you're so sure you're right, and so sure I'm wrong, you'll have no problem earning £100 out of it.

This is open to anyone.

I predict we will lock down again before 7th March 2022.

Anyone disagree?

Feel free to earn yourself a oner. Since you're all so sure I'm full of shit and my worldview is bollocks, I should be inundated with offers. Yet I'm not. Just like no one took the bet that Trump would do his first full term. Hmmmm, wonder why.....

Side of Ham 2:55 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
You’ll have people ‘knicker wet’ over a global pandemic and then you’ll have people ‘knicker wet’ over the aftermath of a global pandemic.....

Johnson 2:50 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Which leaders want to run their state like the Chinese do, Branded and what proof do you have of this?

Mike Oxsaw 2:18 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
BRANDED 1:16 Sun Mar 7

4a. China is a busted flush. It will have trouble rowing Hong Kong in. If it tries to flex it's muscles beyond that, cracks will quickly appear.

BRANDED 1:16 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
So. There’s at least four issues in play.

1. The World economy broke in 2009 and has been on life support ever since, trying to avoid all the issues

2. Capitalism and Science for profit have driven the World to the edge of what is manageable and humans are floundering on the edge of multiple crises the whole time. Over population, limited resources, over exploitation of the natural World, new technologies upsetting the historic natural balances of pre industrialised human impacts. I’m sure you could all add in loads.

3. One such crises is a new pathogen. Nothing new really in that humans are always dealing with this issue and always seem to panic like nicker wetting teenage girls every time it happens. It’s one of the classic uncontrollable ills of the ancient World and is still seen that way. The fact we quarantined healthy society is a bit of a new dawn and governments seem to quite like it as do quite a lot of the opinion polls ( if they are to be believed?)

4. China is rapidly becoming the leading nation on Earth and its ideologies are the polar opposite of our recent ones. That said, plenty of leaders and politicians would quite like to run a state how the Chinese do. Their influence in this pandemic is everywhere.

No one really knows where we are heading but the omens are not great. I’d have a fucking great party this summer if I were any of you.

The old c wing 1:15 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Are you familiar with the concept of an energy vampire mashed?

The old c wing 1:09 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Haha. Your not interested in debating particulars because it emphasises the fact that you are lying.

Anyway. Interesting stuff here:


SIREN study. Looking at vaccine take up

Vaccine coverage was 89% on 5/2/2021. Significantly lower coverage was associated with prior infection (aOR 0.59 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.54-0.64), female (aOR 0.72, 95% CI 0.63-0.82), aged under 35 years, being from minority ethnic groups (especially Black, aOR 0.26, 95% CI 0.21-0.32), porters/security guards (aOR 0.61, 95% CI 0.42-0.90),or midwife (aOR 0.74, 95% CI 0.57-0.97), and living in more deprived neighbourhoods (IMD 1 (most) vs. 5 (least) (aOR 0.75, 95% CI 0.65-0.87).

No mention about IQ, but maybe security guards and porters emphasise that point?

Hammer and Pickle 1:09 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Why don’t you find another site to pollute with your petro-kleptocracy agitprop, mimmler?

You’re too shit at it for WHO.

mashed in maryland 1:07 Sun Mar 7
Re: This coronavirus in China
Oh and for the record, whenever a powerful figure/org says things like "we must" in the name of some greater good that inevitably involves handing them more power, then the end goal is nothing to do with climate change or the economy or any other greater good; the goal is more power.

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