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Norflundon 7:57 Sat Nov 12
Our summer signings
I think it’s fair to judge players signed in the summer now as we’ve had a good look at most of them now
Imo I’m not sure one of the 8 summer signings improves the team which considering we spent 180 million is absolutely unbelievable, although tbf there’s a couple we’ve not really seen much.

Areola is a solid signing and with his distribution I’d actually have him starting league games, but there’s very little between him and fab although I’d say that’s a good think as fab has been an excellent keeper for us

Kehrer is ok very tidy on the ball but suspect defensively he seems to keep finding different was to give goals away the one and Man Utd was criminal I’d slaughter my 10 year old if he did that on a Sunday. Not sure he’s better than Johnson but I’d probably start both and not have cresswell but I’m not sure anybody could say he was an obvious upgrade

Aguerd not really got opinion on this fella yet as he’s barely played hopefully he’ll live up to the hype and before we started the season he was the one player I was thinking would make a massive difference.

Emerson I said this fella was rubbish and not seen a single thing that would change my mind terrible signing there is no way on gods earth we watched this bloke pretty sure we bought him because he played for Chelsea and Italy and the fact he’s not as good as the completely finished cresswell tells you everything you need to know about him

Flynn Downes hard to judge he was great in Europe but he was playing against league one qualify players then he got played at No.10 which is ludicrous the bloke was so clearly uncomfortable there and looked like he didn’t have a clue what he was meant to be doing. Been disappointed when he’s come on in games and does things far to easy for me doesn’t seem to take responsibility and plays things far to easy. Having said all that I’d still be starting him over the donkey Soucek

Paqueta I’m all for giving players time to settle but I actually have no idea what this bloke is meant to be good at he can’t run with the ball his passing is terrible today was actually embarrassing he literally couldn’t pass the ball five yards, he can’t seem to shoot. Brazil must be Fucking useless if this fella starts every game.

Scammaca I said when we signed him this player was a carbon copy of Haller and I’ve not seen anything to say I was wrong. I don’t see this fella ever being a success in the prem way too slow not aggressive enough doesn’t seem to get anywhere near any cross we put in. He’s probably a better player than Antonio but we certainly aren’t a better team when he plays

Cornet not seen much of him to be fair but not been impressed with what I have seen

Tbf to some of the players I don’t think it helps them the way we play but none of them have added anything of note and if I was picking the team only probably Areola and Kehrer would start. I get the feeling they are not all the managers choices, if I was to guess I’d only say Areola Aguerd Kehrer and Paqueta were players he wanted.
Hopefully they’ll all improve as the seasons goes on but I have my doubts that many will improve.

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Dr Matt 2:10 Mon Nov 14
Re: Our summer signings
Pope > Areola
Palinha > Pacqueta
Faes > Aguerd
Hickey > Emerson
Mitouma > Cornet
Gnonto > Scamacca

Sir Alf 7:14 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
Afraid so Master :-(

He’s flailing, without a clue on how to fix things and like hence resorting to defensive BS, anything he can spin to avoid saying even to himself “I’m responsible” and “I’m out of my depth”. Shame he thought the team was better than it was.

Buys players “only if they are better than we have” and then won’t play half of them and when he does most are played out if position.

He just cannot let go of the counter attack, 20 year old “win via attrition” model that has worked for him, the only one that has. Known in business as the “innovator’s dilemma”

master 6:05 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
If the 2nd season is always better, then the decisions to let Kral and Vlasic go were illogical.

He's making it up as he goes.

Jaan Kenbrovin 5:51 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
‘Moyes went out of his way to repeatedly tell us that he would not sign anyone unless he was 100% confrident that they would be first team players.’

Yeah, and now he is saying it takes time for players to settle and the second season is always better. Which makes spending money in January utterly pointless, and another reason to bomb this moon-faced ginger haggis muncher off.

scott_d 5:39 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
Moyes went out of his way to repeatedly tell us that he would not sign anyone unless he was 100% confrident that they would be first team players.

He used this to justify why it took so long for us to make any signings after Aguerd and Areola. Because he was being meticulous and cautious about who he thought would be suitable for West Ham both in ability, attitude and personality.

For that reason you can only point the figure at Moyes if the signing are not working out.

nychammer 4:43 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
"Tomshardware 4:35 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings"

The fact that he does not know how to play them speaks volumes - as in was he really the one that signed them. Did Kretinsky and Newman go out on a limb in thinking that an italian center forward and a Brazilian playmaker would automatically make a positive difference without first realizing that our current manager is the very antithesis of attacking flair and woud have no idea how to play them in a containing defensive set up.
It does not add up.

Tomshardware 4:35 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
Wonder how if any of these players are ones Moyes specifically wanted to sign. Looks like he just has these players at his disposal and doesn't have a clue about them and how to get the best out of them.

Sir Alf 4:15 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
Yep Brentford but I think most the fans have worked it out. My brother is in the library Upper East and he says this season even the most conservative Moyes supporters have now lost faith in him. Questioning his continued selection of failing players and systems, playing so many out of position, very few subs and then only taking the same players off each time but not his underperforming “untouchables”.

A busted flush and no idea or chance of seeing the plan and changes needed.

13 Brentford Rd 3:59 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
When are some going to wake up & put 2 & 2 together what the common denominator is.

fraser 3:54 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
COYI - is this like you told us all about a month ago.. That finally Moyes has learned he can't trust Benrahma and won't be giving him any league minutes...

Yep you're I told you so's don't get mentioned when proven wrong..

Come On You Irons 3:49 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
People finally realise what was obvious ti me from the start. Paqueta is shit. There is a reason he was languishing at a mid table Ligue Un team before we spunked so much money on him.

Awful player for that price tag.

El Scorchio 3:43 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
Aguerd- maybe too soon to judge. Looks good.
Kehrer- solid but prone to a worrying ricket.
Areola- good signing.
Downes- extremely promising so far.
Scamacca- looks great one week and lost the next. Getting no service so it’s hard to judge. Looked decent when it wasn’t a shambles behind him.
Paqueta- Desperately needs to show a lot, lot more.
Emerson- not seen much. Not sure why we bought him. Ok going forward. Not a great defender.
Cornet- inconsistent and where the fuck is he?

I make that two success, one likely success, two mixed bags and a few that really need to pull their finger out.

13 Brentford Rd 3:20 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
Haller, Anderson, Vlassic, Scamacca & Paqueta. The common denominator here is Moyes.

Sir Alf 3:14 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
Paqueta had a bad spell at Milan playing in an advanced No 10 role. At Lyon the coach moved him deeper into more of a number 8 role as he plays with Brazil and he was a star in the French league. So Moyes moves him back to the number 10 role so he can keep his favoured defensive 4-2-3-1 formation and retain Soucek ( big Fellani type man) in midfield. The answer is obvious. I’m beginning to question how intelligent Moyes is?

Nothing has changed. He bought the wrong players for his philosophy/ system

Eerie Descent 11:27 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
Benrahma has been our best player this season, that's not exactly praise, but he's been the best of a terrible bunch.

This is in spite of Moyes being DESPERATE not to play him, and solely digging only him out in public. Weird.

BRANDED 11:20 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
Benni was brilliant yesterday
Scamacca and paqiettahhhh were dire yesterday

Willtell 11:07 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
I believe that the new signings are an indication of the lack of planning from Moyes. He has been buying players that don't really fit into his system.

Downes looked great early on but Moyes insisted on playing him out of his position in attacking midfield until he could justify dropping him. So why buy him then?

Emerson is a wing back that lacks defensive capabilities for a back 4 and probably as bad as Masuaku at defending and not as good attacking! So why buy him?

Kehrer looks tidy on the ball but gives away so many goals I wonder how he gets to play RB for Germany! Yet he was an automatic first team player from the start while others had to prove themselves! Bad judgement?

Aguerd is recovering from an injury he caused himself by not controlling the ball and having to lunge to make a tackle and prevent a goal. He looks a little lightweight so far so why was he our main purchase? Bad judgement?

Paqueta? Well I can't help wondering how we paid £50m+ when all the top sides passed by on a Brazilian international that apparently burnt up the French League. I'm hoping his Brazilian performances in WC show more than we've seen so far as there seems to be well hidden talent in there but like Downes we now discover that he's a defensive midfield and not an attacking midfield! So why buy him Moyes? You've got so many defensive midfielders in Rice, Soucek, Downes plus Fornals, Coventry and Lanzini. Bad judgement?

Scamacca has shown some exceptional early finishes against lesser opponents but seems to me as if he's not quite the finished article. I hope he will be fine next year or when a new manager gets hold of him. But again hardly an inspirational striker. Bad judgement again?

Managers succeed or fail by their signings. Moyes will fail unfortunately. Although I suspect he won't lose too much sleep while counting his compensation in New Year...

Eerie Descent 10:32 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
Manuel, I agree that the new players have underwhelmed overall so far, but you have to look at the fact that the team was shit and underperforming long before they came in. We've been poor since January, apart from in a couple of games in Europe.

The only one who has looked really good is Downes, yet he just won't start him in his best position. The manager's decisions have been mind boggling.

The new lads need to do better, but they certainly are not being given the best chance to do so, Scamacca looks shocked to me, I don't think he realised he was joining a team that plays with 10 men behind the ball, and that anyone playing up front for us is expected to run around like a headless chicken.

Many of us predicted this, it was so obvious what was coming. I remember pointing out how bad we looked pre season, and that it was a continuation of our poor form from last season. What a fucking mess.

Stowie.40 9:41 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
The new players can’t get a pass as much as Moyes is a clueless cunt they need to take some responsibility. Paqueta & Scamacca aren’t good enough, it’s obvious to see. Scamacca especially for this league isn’t gonna cut it, I think pace is pretty essential especially in a side like ours & unfortunately he has sweet FA of it.

Moyes has banged on about how he has got the recruitment right with Soucek, Bowen, Coufal & Linagrd at the time. Well since signing Vlasic the cunt has got everyone single one wrong, that’s the main reason he should lose his job.

Kaiser Zoso 9:40 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
To spend £180 million, and not have a single one of the new arrivals starring in a starting 11 role despite 7 of them being full international players has to come down to the manager.

Nick QQQ 9:09 Sun Nov 13
Re: Our summer signings
Weird to pick out the new players for underperforming. Rice aside (although he is looking fucked off) all of the team are under performing massively. That plus Moyes not having a fucking clue how to utilise those he’s brought in (see Downes playing at 10, Scamacca completely isolated on the whole etc etc)

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