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Sarge 2:14 Sun Nov 13
Have that Def.

Up the Angels.


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defjam 11:41 Fri Nov 18
Re: Gravesend
Sarge 4:12 - No worries mate.
Oh wicked so that's why you're invested, literally.

Ha ha, I guess paybacks a bitch then.

I have quite a few WHU mates that go there now rather than the OS, I might have to join them.
If we play you cunts away then I'll try pop down, call ypu a pub team :)

Sarge 4:12 Fri Nov 18
Re: Gravesend
Ha - forgot I opened this. Fair play Def!

We* won there a couple of years ago only for one of their bench to call us a pub team.

For years G+N were always those local rivals just out of reach in the league structure - maybe will be the same again if they keep their form together - by all accounts we stole that one with some heroic defending in the second half.

Would have had more fun there than at the OS last week...................

*We = Tonbridge Angels - I'm a community shareholder....

joe royal 7:11 Thu Nov 17
Re: Gravesend
Looks like I’m moving out of Ilford soon.

defjam 12:30 Thu Nov 17
Re: Gravesend
I'll give it a go.

Searlo1966 10:52 Wed Nov 16
Re: Gravesend
Well worth a look defjam. It's like the man City of non league.

defjam 10:44 Wed Nov 16
Re: Gravesend
Searlo1966 7:57 - Yes mate still in the big 'G'

Lots of mates (Leave it NS) go to the Fleet, I might pop down now they've lost, I didn't want to be a Jonah!

Browno22 8:55 Wed Nov 16
Re: Gravesend

Searlo1966 7:57 Wed Nov 16
Re: Gravesend
Are you still local defjam? The Fleet have a hell of a team atm.

defjam 7:00 Wed Nov 16
Re: Gravesend
Searlo1966 5:59 - First time i've heard it called that! :)
That's cool, I know what you wrote.

Chinkey Weasel 6:23 - I probably wouldn't have been in there then?
It went a bit ravey for me, I was still a hip hop head back then.
The Slammer started in the Red Lion pub, Pete Tong and Gilles Peterson etc started there, I used to sell tickets.
It then moved to the High street and was actually voted the best club in England at one time, Westwood did a monthly slot.
It was amazing back then in Gravo, most of the ravers met here at my local (The Globe) before heading off to the raves, my best mate Damon (RiP) did all the flyers and artwork for World Dance, NASA, AWOL etc
I'm still mates with Micky Finn, was round his house a few weeks back.

Chinkey Weasel 6:23 Wed Nov 16
Re: Gravesend
The Slammer 1992/93. Had some top rave nights in there :)

Searlo1966 5:59 Wed Nov 16
Re: Gravesend
Apologies gor the typos. It's what I get typing on a train!

Searlo1966 5:57 Wed Nov 16
Re: Gravesend
Born on Greenhothe Defjam. As I'm sure you know, you can walk the length of Gravesend high street and not hear a British voice. I was being ironic with the league table thing. Up the Fleet!

Hammer and Pickle 5:12 Wed Nov 16
Re: Gravesend
That bad is it?

I’ve been to Clapham, Felixstowe and all the way up to Norwich.

But Gravesend is clearly those made of sterner stuff like yourself, Edward.

Eerie Descent 5:08 Wed Nov 16
Re: Gravesend
Hammer and Pickle 5:43 Tue Nov 15

Definitely not for a coward like you.

defjam 4:50 Wed Nov 16
Re: Gravesend
mallard 6:24 - Ag ag ag.

Ha yes I do actually, I went to Gordons exhibition a couple of months ago, Marc was dj'ing, both top blokes.

mallard 6:24 Tue Nov 15
Re: Gravesend
Is this a Defjam Q&A?

Def - do you know Marc and Gordon from Whitstable?

defjam 6:02 Tue Nov 15
Re: Gravesend
arsegrapes 3:42 - Ag ag ag, Yes that would be a hefty drop in status!

Searlo1966 12:15 - Oh cool! *Bumps fist!*

That's not a good thing though going up in that table?
Pretty sure it's like any other town really, I was born here and I'm pretty sure I'll die here, in between I've travelled most of the world!

Hammer and Pickle 5:43 Tue Nov 15
Re: Gravesend
Never been, not even by mistake.

Is it safe?

frank marker 4:13 Tue Nov 15
Re: Gravesend
defjam 11:19

Charoo 11:04 - Ag! (Although the Nelson is still a Maccy D's not a curtain shop)

Not all of what I say on here is necessarily true.

frank marker 4:11 Tue Nov 15
Re: Gravesend
Charoo 11:04

I almost rose to the bait there, and then I saw what you did. Very good, :-)

arsegrapes 3:42 Tue Nov 15
Re: Gravesend
defjam 11:19 Tue Nov 15
Re: Gravesend

Leonard Hatred 8:51 - Probably wouldn't be worth me doing mine as apart from me being born here my family is from India through generations but you never know.

Def, yep best leave well alone mate, the last thing you need is finding out your one of the untouchables! No thank you please ;-)

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