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ray winstone 12:15 Tue Nov 22
Jews Don’t Count
Baddiel on Channel 4, a programme about racism where he’s having to apologise for being erm, racist.
But all is ok, cos he’s now suffering racism himself, fucking hypocrite.

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BRANDED 10:29 Fri Nov 25
Re: Jews Don’t Count
Birds love a wig too

tonka 10:25 Fri Nov 25
Re: Jews Don’t Count
I forgot to mention they absolutely love airconditioning in houses, tissues, and fluorescent light tubes. I do get the best pickles outside of NY though.

tonka 10:23 Fri Nov 25
Re: Jews Don’t Count
I live in Stoke Newington. I can confirm that the Jews do prefer a Volvo. They also love a battered white minibus, stopping it in the middle of the road without any notice. For the larger family, the space wagon is very popular. The more dents the better.

Northern Sold 6:11 Thu Nov 24
Re: Jews Don’t Count
We used to have a jewish (proper hasidic jew) video wholesaler … lovely bloke… he used to drive a Ford Sierra Estate

El Scorchio 4:21 Thu Nov 24
Re: Jews Don’t Count
Just watched this last night. Found it quite thought provoking.

arsene york-hunt 4:05 Thu Nov 24
Re: Jews Don’t Count
Pro Palestinian is a banner behind which anti semites hide

SnarestoneIron 7:36 Wed Nov 23
Re: Jews Don’t Count
Why do so many Jews drive Volvos?

Well they're not going to drive Audi's, BMW's Porsches, Mercedes or VW, so that's quite a few alternatives ruled out!

gph 2:31 Wed Nov 23
Re: Jews Don’t Count
Anyway, accountancy is mathematics with the fun taken out

riosleftsock 12:06 Wed Nov 23
Re: Jews Don’t Count
Margoyles is a fat, repulsive cunt. Always has been, with no redeeming features. Nothing to do with religion, she's just a cunt.

BRANDED 12:04 Wed Nov 23
Re: Jews Don’t Count
Oy corbs corbs corbs vey

swindon hammer 10:33 Tue Nov 22
Re: Jews Don’t Count
The most disturbing thing about this thread is BRANDED constantly referring to Jeremy Corbyn as ‘Corbs”

13 Brentford Rd 9:42 Tue Nov 22
Re: Jews Don’t Count
She gets on my nerves, attention seeker.

As I said earlier I don't think Corbyn was anti semitic but he is incredibly stupid & naive. Always there but not involved.
He has shared platforms with extremists who he claimed he'd never personally heard being extreme, been a member of 2 anti semitic FB groups claiming he was unaware of their anti semitism, and he went to Tunisia to attend a wreath laying ceremony for the Munich terrorists and then although he was present, denied he took part in it. Then wonders why Jews are offended by him.

He created a climate (purposefully or not) where the far reaches of his own party felt emboldened to come out of the woodwork.

That was his undoing.

twoleftfeet 8:38 Tue Nov 22
Re: Jews Don’t Count
Well according to Margolyes all Jewish people should apologise for Israel’s aggressions towards its neighbours.

She is mental though

solidbond 8:34 Tue Nov 22
Re: Jews Don’t Count
The fonz 8:09 Don’t be fooled he’s a tory and a friend of Israel …..money talks

13 Brentford Rd 8:21 Tue Nov 22
Re: Jews Don’t Count
What is"apologise for Israel" supposed to mean exactly.

BRANDED 8:09 Tue Nov 22
Re: Jews Don’t Count
Sure. I’m any ist you like. The idea Corbs is or encouraged racism is absurd. The smear campaign was impressive though.

The Fonz 8:09 Tue Nov 22
Re: Jews Don’t Count

Starmer said he wants to "tear out the poison" of anti-semitism from the Labour Party after he won.

He is neither conservative or of the jewish faith and acknowledged there was an issue.

Mad Dog 7:59 Tue Nov 22
Re: Jews Don’t Count
How are those rose tinted glasses branded?

BRANDED 7:47 Tue Nov 22
Re: Jews Don’t Count
Corbs is not racist and neither is almost all of labour. The story is absolute nonsense. Conservative Jews need to grow up.

twoleftfeet 7:44 Tue Nov 22
Re: Jews Don’t Count
I found it very interesting.

Few things -

David Schwimmer saying he looks in the mirror and says he doesn't see a white man. Trust me David you are.

Miriam Margolyes saying British Jews need to apologise for Israel, Baddiel quite rightly said no he doesn't have to because he has no affinity to Israel. Same way that we shouldn't have to apologise for the slave trade.

The complaint about the theatre using a Jewish name to represent an evil man in a play, would they have apologised if his name had been John Smith?

Stephen Fry using the abhorrent phrase " white privilege ". I would love him to travel back 80 years and knock on my widowed grandmothers door and tell her she had " white privilege " whilst trying to raise 8 kids under the age of 14 with no husband.

I thought the programme showed me that white middle class people are now the shit on the sole of the show of life. No one gives a shit about offending us or making us pay more in taxes.

The Fonz 7:37 Tue Nov 22
Re: Jews Don’t Count
Agreed Fo.

That's the point of the TV programme. There is no way Corbyn would have let that happen to any other minority when he was leader of the Labour party. The fact that Labour under his rule and the BNP are the only parties who have been investigated by The Equality and Human Rights Commission says it all.

He also did a number of questionable things which could infer he doesn't like Jews that much but there is no point getting into that.

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