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LeroysBoots 11:20 Wed Nov 30
Connor Coventry
Apparently been told he can leave

Thoughts ?

For me no great loss, though some on here would compare him to Pirlo because he's one of our yoofs !

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paulon 5:00 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry
I mean, who knew - apart from pdcwhu obviously - that a 22 year old who was playing for MK DONS in League One last season wouldn't make it with us?

the exile 4:01 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry
It's a shame. From what I have seen of him I would say he has plenty of talent but is a bit too passive - doesn't have the drive to really impose himself on a game. Sort that out and he might have a career in a lower PL club, but as it is he's probably right for a decent League 1 side.

Huggie 3:02 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry
I can't remember the last time we sold/let go a youth team player that wasn't already established in our first team that went on to play for a bigger club than West Ham on a regular basis or commanded some massive transfer fee later in their career. I certainly don't see that changing in the case of Connor Coventry.

Eerie Descent 2:50 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry

Lee Trundle 2:48 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry
Considering how Moyes lauded the REDBULL model, we probably couldn't be further away from that if we tried.

Takashi Miike 2:45 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry
dour dave must like some of the other youngsters coming through, hopefully they'll get a look in by 2027

Eerie Descent 2:40 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry
Stanislas is the only name anyone ever comes up with. And let's be honest, he's had nothing more than a half decent career. It's a poor argument to hold him up as THE example, who else can you think of that's a big regret?

I do think Ashby will be one we regret, but I actually do have a bit of sympathy with the manager on that one, as he's been very injury prone.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 2:18 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry
cholo the example I gave would have Junior Stanislas as one of our available wingers for the last 12 years and not having spent about £200m on wingers including £30m on Anderson, £5m on Barrera and £10m on Matt Jarvis

Lee Trundle 1:35 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry
Not sure how you can gain that information from the 1 minute of Premier League football he's played in his whole career, but there you go.

cholo 1:30 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry
Lee Trundle

Moyes is a cunt but what's that got to do with Coventry probably not being good enough for regular premier league football?

Lee Trundle 1:27 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry
I sometimes wonder if people know who our manager is, when I read the post below.

cholo 1:22 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry

Throughout his time here since joining as a young boy Conor's development and potential would've been assessed at every stage, considering the amount of kids who get rejected at 18 he's done well to make it well into adulthood still with West Ham.

He clearly has talent but has been deemed not suitable to further his contract, you can't keep kids on indefinitely in the hope one day they'll make it, it's not good for the player or the club.

Not only is he using up resources but also a space to further develope other up and coming talents. Rather than be bitter he's being let go I hope he's proud to have made it as far as he did. Clubs aren't obligated to to give first places to every kid that makes it past the age of 21.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 1:04 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry
The sad thing is, fans and managers will justify it as “they are not good enough” and then when their careers are stunted and they struggle in the lower leagues they will justify their statements.

The vast majority of multi million pound signings are not good enough either but they are bought because of past experiences in the hope that past performance predicts future success, which it rarely does.
The young players don’t have that benefit.

How much have we spent on players to play on our wing that have failed. For all that failure and all that money we could have just kept Junior Stanislas for example.

If a manager rotates a squad and takes each game on its merits then young players get chances and build experience.

If managers have their favourite players, formation and tactics and are too scared to make changes and being innovative then young players get screwed.

Rossal 12:42 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry
Not impressed enough when he has played, hasnt shown enough against lesser opposition to warrant him being given a chance in the prem

Get a fee and spunk it on a decent loan for the first team for 2nd half of season

cholo 12:11 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry
Probably not good enough unfortunately, hopefully will have a good career elsewhere.

, 11:53 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry
Boots, I agree with your sentiments. As for youngsters we have let go it’s a shame that we lost Rio, FLJ, Cole and Carrick Before the fully flowered.

Really surprised that we have managed to hang onto a Rice for so long.

Lee Trundle 11:36 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry
Hardly surprising we have the oldest squad in the league with the way Moyes treats them.

Johnson 11:33 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry
Continues the trend of youths leaving under Moyes.

Nothing to see here.

Pub Bigot 11:30 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry
He won't be a player we'll miss. I'm more concerned with other youth players wanting to leave like Ashby because there's no place for them in an underperforming team.

Lee Trundle 11:28 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry
Like many of our YOOFS under Moyes, he's barely been given a chance.

On The Ball 11:28 Wed Nov 30
Re: Connor Coventry
Always a shame, but he's not good enough. I'm sure he'll have a decent career and he may come good - who knows?

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