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Barty 2:39 Wed Dec 7
Peaky blinders
Talk to me...

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w4hammer 7:27 Thu Dec 8
Re: Peaky blinders
watched the first couiple of series then gave up it was laughably bad- some of the storytelling and continuity was like a teenage art school summer project. I remember one shoot up where it was supposed to be christmas day- it was clearly mid summer and looked about 30 degrees, bright sun and trees full of leaves...

Manuel 3:53 Thu Dec 8
Re: Peaky blinders
LT - You have to finish it. It took me a while to get around to the last series as heard it was shit, but didn't think it was too bad and liked how it ended.

Swiss. 3:30 Thu Dec 8
Re: Peaky blinders
Was alright to start with. Jumped the shark with the Mafia and Mosley stuff.

Tom Hardy well over the top Jew.

pulhampete 7:04 Wed Dec 7
Re: Peaky blinders
Great soundtrack.

the coming of gary 5:54 Wed Dec 7
Re: Peaky blinders
was hugely successful, so they had to make more series with little story left to tell - see also money heist, etc

Northern Sold 5:40 Wed Dec 7
Re: Peaky blinders
Totally ruined that series on the SAS

Chip Shop Charlie 5:35 Wed Dec 7
Re: Peaky blinders
mallard 3:39 Wed Dec 7

Mr Kenzo 5:06 Wed Dec 7
Re: Peaky blinders
Once it stared to getting political it all got a bit boring, First couple of series were a good watch

Lee Trundle 4:29 Wed Dec 7
Re: Peaky blinders
I agree with all the others.

I've watched the first 2 episodes on the last series when they came out, and haven't been bothered to finish it off, which is very unlike me when I've made an effort to watch every episode in the previous 5 series.

I'll watch the final 4(?) episodes over Christmas, probably, just to tick it off the list.

arsegrapes 4:25 Wed Dec 7
Re: Peaky blinders
Do people still wear those cool caps over the cesspit, should be left to the pikeys.

BRANDED 3:50 Wed Dec 7
Re: Peaky blinders
The reggae and blues felt out if place. I could see a much more gritty realistic version being fucking great.

Eerie Descent 3:47 Wed Dec 7
Re: Peaky blinders
I'm really glad you didn't put Tom Hardy in that list. Down there with the worst actors of all time.

Agree with the rest though, good first series, just went downhill after that, got really fucking boring.

El Scorchio 3:40 Wed Dec 7
Re: Peaky blinders
First couple of seasons were good but it got really silly after that as the stakes were raised exponentially and the storyline no longer fit the characters. I think aspects and traumas of Tommy's past in the war got hinted at a lot but never really went anywhere meaningful, at least for me. I never really saw a real impact of them on his behaviour and actions aside from a few silly scenes.

I think it got really overhyped because the BBC knew they were onto something good, but they tried to push it so hard through every available means and make out it was HBO good and turn it into a franchise when it really wasn't much more than a decent big budget action/drama series.

Stylistically it was brilliant though, and there was some top notch acting in it. Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson, Helen McCrory, Aiden Gillan, Paddy Considine.

I will say that I found the twist in the last episode quite well done.

mallard 3:39 Wed Dec 7
Re: Peaky blinders
Started off well, but got progressively worse as the seasons went on

Leonard Hatred 3:31 Wed Dec 7
Re: Peaky blinders
I was unimpressed with it.

Style over content.

The storylines are silly.

Kearley 2:47 Wed Dec 7
Re: Peaky blinders
The last season was shit.

Niblets 2:45 Wed Dec 7
Re: Peaky blinders
Took me ages to get round to watching it but was hooked when I did. Superb television.

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