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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Mr Anon 3:16 Sat Dec 10
Jeroen Boere
Was just reading about his life, can't say I remember his spell at West Ham other than recalling the name but was completely unaware of his bizarre demise, anyone know what really happened to him?

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Roby 11:06 Tue Dec 13
Re: Jeroen Boere
Cholo - yep we were certainly the striker’s graveyard around that time.

Don’t think the money was there and they just went for relatively big name strikers who were 32 - 34 and way past their best.

Clive Allen, Chapman, Speedie etc.

cholo 5:14 Tue Dec 13
Re: Jeroen Boere
Lee Chapman was a senior pro and probably someone the younger players looked up to, even though by then he was way past his best. Cant think of any other reason he was first choice.

Around that time we seemed to attract past it strikers like flies round shit.

Russ of the BML 5:07 Tue Dec 13
Re: Jeroen Boere
I notice he scored 124 goals in 323 pro matches. Good record that.

Pablo For Nails 4:28 Tue Dec 13
Re: Jeroen Boere
I recently found an autograph book from around this time signed by all the squad including Boere. I've got no idea if it has any worth?

Must be from the 1994/95 season with Redknapp in charge.

Boere wasn't given enough game time because of Chapman from memory - sad loss.

Roby 11:35 Mon Dec 12
Re: Jeroen Boere
From memory Boere barely got a chance in 93/94 as we got some mileage out of our knackers yard strikeforce of Morley and Chapman who were 33 and 34.

That second season back in the top flight both of those two were showing their age with Morley going the whole season without a league goal (!!!).

Redknapp gave Boere more of a chance and he did well up front with Cottee and banged in a few for us.

He was brilliant in the air but got moved on in a swap deal for Dowie which to be fair was decent business.

Sadly there were a few reports at the time that he killed himself, poor bloke was probably only mid 40s.

Mr. Burns 4:47 Mon Dec 12
Re: Jeroen Boere
Thanks and good memory Oh dear.

Oh dear 4:40 Mon Dec 12
Re: Jeroen Boere
Jeroen Boere was fucking one of my missus mates while he was at WHU, that she was married didn't seem to matter to either of them.

He was an absolute raving nutcase, also the son of an extremely rich man.

I thought he should have got more games for us, but then again I'm not a football manager.

The Wimbledon game was played on Thursday as there was no tubes to Upton Park on the Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. Burns 4:24 Mon Dec 12
Re: Jeroen Boere

I remember him getting one in the game above which was strangely played on a Thursday. Maybe it was rearranged, I can’t remember. Then on the following Monday he scored at Ipswich. We were in relegation’ trouble as usual.

Godwinson 11:24 Mon Dec 12
Re: Jeroen Boere
He was great with his head. We rarely got anything at Leeds back in the day, so I remember that game well.

I always thought he deserved more of a chance.

He made his debut as a sub at Newcastle. He got sent off for taking out two players. I still remember how shaken up Barry Venison looked after Boere set him flying.

When on holiday in Gozo once in 1994, I was chatting to this Dutch couple about the World Cup. It turned out they lived next door to Jeroen Boere when he was growing up. Small world and all that!

jooliandix 9:53 Sun Dec 11
Re: Jeroen Boere
I was at the 2-2 at Leeds,2 great headers if my memory serves

chevy chase 2:13 Sun Dec 11
Re: Jeroen Boere
That’s bizarre.

Stabbed in the eye by an Israeli gangster in a Tokyo restaurant who was later found dead in a Bangkok river. Moved to “Marbella” to become an estate agent then has an iffy car accident.

Oh and he owned a couple of pubs in Essex.

Netflix should be all over this

Lato 4:56 Sat Dec 10
Re: Jeroen Boere
Thanks for clearing that up Mr Anon........a sad end to his life by all accounts!

RIP Jereon

Leonard Hatred 4:45 Sat Dec 10
Re: Jeroen Boere
In May 1999, after dinner with his wife at a restaurant in Tokyo, he was stabbed in his left eye and arm by two unknown men; his attacker was reported to be an Israeli criminal who was later found shot through the head in a Bangkok river. Boere lost his eye in the incident, forcing his retirement from football at the age of 31.

After his retirement, Boere owned The Half Moon pub in Epping High Street from 1999 until 2004. He moved to Spain in September 2004 to work as a real estate agent. Jeroen Boere tragically died at the age of just 39, on 16th August 2007. Reports regarding the circumstances of Boere’s death are conflicting; some outlets reported that the Dutchman died in a car crash, possibly on Ibiza, while other media reported that he was found dead at his home in Marbella. The Ilford Recorder stated that Boere had committed suicide. Boere left his wife and child, as well as two sons from a previous marriage.

Steady 4:26 Sat Dec 10
Re: Jeroen Boere
Didn’t he score both our goals in a 2-2 draw v Leeds at Elland Road

goose 4:15 Sat Dec 10
Re: Jeroen Boere
Scored against Spurs at home.
I think we lost 2-1.

Capitol Man 4:09 Sat Dec 10
Re: Jeroen Boere
Another in the long list of our successful transfers.

twoleftfeet 4:08 Sat Dec 10
Re: Jeroen Boere
I just read about him on Wikipedia.

If ever a film or book about a footballer is needed it’s for this character.

So many unanswered questions.

Mr Anon 4:01 Sat Dec 10
Re: Jeroen Boere

He was stabbed through one of his eyes which forced his retirement, but his death a few years later is odd, seen it reported as car accident, found at home with no cause of death, and suicide! Seems odd there's no definitive story

torino hammer 3:53 Sat Dec 10
Re: Jeroen Boere
I am sure I saw him score in a league cup match away at Chesterfield on a dark miserable winters evening

Lato 3:51 Sat Dec 10
Re: Jeroen Boere
Wasn't he shot through one of his eyes?

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