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only1billybonds 12:39 Fri Dec 16
Brixtin (o2) Academy
A gig had to be cut short less than halfway through last night because of crowd problems outside. Seems that up to 1000 people tried to get in without tickets causing 4 people to sustain critical injury.

Iv'e been to that venue dozens of times aling with Hammersmith, The Roundhouse, Town & Country club etc and notseen anything of this nature. But then Iv'e never been to a Rap concert.

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billywhitehorse 8:59 Wed Jan 18
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy
And security who take cash bribes to let people in so the venue goes over capacity and dangerously overcrowded.

And venue owners not having adequate quantity and quality of security staff in place.

only1billybonds 8:42 Wed Jan 18
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy
Well whatever it was, those rushing the doors are still cunts!

nerd 8:39 Wed Jan 18
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy
It weren't hip hop, dear oh dear.

only1billybonds 8:29 Wed Jan 18
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy
Just been informed that the gig we are due to go to in April has been moved to Wembley arena as the Brixton Academy is temporarily closed.

Not sure what closing the gaff is going to achieve, pretty much a one off when those two poor souls died?

Thanks hip hop cunts!

Northern Sold 5:15 Mon Dec 26
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy
Daughter was meant to be going there with a load of her mates for her 21st on NYE... canned now... got her dosh back so now doing something local instead...

goose 9:44 Sun Dec 25
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy
Not ‘her job’, ‘their job’.

Claret Badger 7:47 Sun Dec 25
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy
Wasn’t a rap gig - it was Afro pop

Happened before with a similar artist apparently

The security at Brixton know what they’re doing - what happened was extraordinary circumstances- rip to the poor part time sec guard that died doing her job

. . 4:30 Fri Dec 23
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy
Trying get my head around this,

I saw The Prodigy there this year, it was sold out and very busy, but zero trouble and there was a fair few people on the Marching powder

Mike Oxsaw 11:14 Tue Dec 20
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy
Given that the BBC sees itself as a core part of the entertainments business, it's only natural that it tries to point the finger of blame elsewhere, lest somebody has a quick peek under Auntie's skirts and finds more "Jimmy Savile" strength wrong-doings in it's midst.

goose 9:13 Tue Dec 20
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy


Shame about the pronouns.

only1billybonds 9:14 Mon Dec 19
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy

Loads of footage out there that demonstrates where the blame lies for this clusterfuck that has so far cost 2 young women their lives.

It certainly isnt the police or staff at the venue.

Westham67 9:07 Mon Dec 19
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy

BEEB trying shit stir and blame the police without saying it

twoleftfeet 6:54 Mon Dec 19
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy
Second girl has died, 23 year old who was on security. Horrible news.

Toe Rag 5:30 Mon Dec 19
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy
Same for Happy Mondays and I think Armand Van Heldon and Fatboy Slim.

There was a boxing ring in the middle with them and some decks in it.

Fuck knows. Drugs init.

Toe Rag 5:28 Mon Dec 19
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy
I was at that Beastie Boys/Run DMC gig.

I can’t remember a single minute of it such was my state of batteredness.

Bit pointless me going really. Can’t imagine the tickets would have been easy to get hold of either.

only1billybonds 5:11 Mon Dec 19
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy

My daughter had a ticket for that gig. Luckily, her boss was being a cunt and refused to give her the day off.

Side of Ham 4:51 Mon Dec 19
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy
Guarantee Swiss was one of those numpties who nicked and wore a VW car badge.....

bruuuno 4:45 Mon Dec 19
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy
Fair play to you joe but I don’t see what your sex life has to do with all of this

joe royal 4:38 Mon Dec 19
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy
I was at the MEN when that cunt murdered 22 innocents.

Top Trump?

only1billybonds 3:55 Mon Dec 19
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy

I was at Hammersmith, as a 12 year old the night Bowie retired 'Ziggy Stardust'.

Come back when you can compete.

Swiss. 3:21 Mon Dec 19
Re: Brixtin (o2) Academy
I saw The Beastie Boys supporting Run DMC there. That was some night . Missed the beginning of BB set due to crowd trouble. Scary night but probably the coolest concert anyone on here has been to.

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