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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

northbankboy68 9:08 Sat Dec 31
Europa Conference Bollocks
Given the state of the team is everyone chuffed about this meaningless distraction? Personally I hope we're knocked out at the first opportunity, better still do a Conté and say we don't have enough fit players and get slung out. That would be great.

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The Fonz 8:26 Fri Feb 17
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks
We had a great chance of winning and on paper it was very even.

I do not buy into us blowing it though as they were average. They turned over Barca at the Nou Camp. A huge feat regardless of their drop in level. Also, as Swindon mentioned they have previous in the competition unlike us. The occasion got to our players.

We blew it in a sense that we let a goal in too early in first leg and the red card away... but it wasn't a forgone conclusion we would have got through to the final if we kept 11 men on the pitch.

Anyway onwards and upwards, we are going to go far in this competition and I can't bloody wait for the games!

Sydney_Iron 8:19 Fri Feb 17
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks
“That Europa League semi-final could be the worst thing that's ever happened to the club”

Jesus wept Eerie?

Have a word with yourself ffs

Manuel 7:54 Fri Feb 17
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks
Lazio will get through no problem. Actually would be happy to play them in the next round, it would be a great tie and if we are to win the thing will likely have to beat them anyway, and I'd rather not beat more shit only to lose to them in the SF and then have Moyes living off of that for another couple of years!

Mex Martillo 7:47 Fri Feb 17
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks
Lazio with a 1-0 win in their first leg, typical Italian score line, but doesn't make them look very good.
Definitely up for grabs to a team with a few good games in them...

joyo 4:44 Sat Jan 7
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks
So now getting to the semi final is worst thing ever!!!
What an idiot comment
We ain't going down and the season is far from over

Eerie Descent 4:43 Fri Jan 6
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks
That Europa League semi-final could be the worst thing that's ever happened to the club.

For some reason, a SEMI-FINAL has made the man bulletproof, and could very possibly mean the club is relegated, from which I really think we wouldn't recover this time.

Russ of the BML 4:37 Fri Jan 6
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks
BTW - That's an amazing group of strikers you mentioned. You've got a good memory as they are all forgettable.

Russ of the BML 4:36 Fri Jan 6
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks
Westside 12:55 Fri Jan 6

Yeah, Your right. That was a bit harsh. Just annoyed with it all. To be honest though, since December 2021 Antonio has for the most part been absolute fucking dog-shit. Can't trap a bag of cement. Sick of seeing the ball bounce of his thigh and him trying to run through players ending up with him on the deck.

Its one of the many reasons we are in trouble as he should no longer be anywhere near the first team. Fucking terrible player now.

Side of Ham 1:56 Fri Jan 6
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks
Can't really knock Antonio for his striker role as he is clearly a winger that's been converted due to the club's lack of ambition.

Westside, clearly you can see the reason why it's been achievable for Antonio to be our Premier league top scorer.......IF we ever get a decent striker and they stay for long enough it will be easily passed again......

Westside 12:55 Fri Jan 6
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks
Antonio arguably one of the worst strikers ever

He may be past his best, but our Premier league top scorer, one of the worst strikers ever?

Clearly you weren't a supporter when we signed such luminaries as Mido, McCarthy, Jelavic, Maiga and the other 40+ dross strikers signed under the current ownership.

Russ of the BML 11:48 Fri Jan 6
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks
Lee Trundle 6:52 Thu Jan 5

Nah, not for me, mate.

The job for a new manager is far too big to worry about winning anything. The mess a new manager will find once Moyes fucks off will be more profound than they would ever believe.

No youth players ready for first team
Worst full backs in the PL
Rice - Our best player and captain leaving
Scamacca hasn't found his feet
Antonio arguably one of the worst strikers ever
Defence full of injuries
Kerher looking as good as my 9 year old daughter
Bowen looking as good as my 12 year old daughter
Better players not being played
Shit players being played
No proper system
Players not fit enough
A Chief Scout that doesn't scout
A board that are looking to sell up
A support that's had enough

Is there anyone out there even brave enough to take the job?

Lee Trundle 6:52 Thu Jan 5
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks
I reckon there might be a chance to relive that opportunity this year with the Conference, Russ, hopefully with a different outcome (yeah right!).

We're second favourites behind Villarreal, I think.

Russ of the BML 6:47 Thu Jan 5
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks
swindon hammer 6:21 Thu Jan 5

I'm not so sure.

Much better teams than ours with much better managers than Moyes never get to European semi-finals.

It was a golden opportunity that, in my opinion, won't come again in my lifetime. I hope I'm wrong. But I doubt it.

swindon hammer 6:21 Thu Jan 5
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks

I’m sure when we get a new decent manager in, it will come round again.

Manuel 6:00 Thu Jan 5
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks
Of course we blew it ffs, we should have won it comfortably if truth be known, we lost to a very average side. It won't come around again.

Lee Trundle 4:07 Thu Jan 5
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks
swindon hammer 6:35 Wed Jan 4
"So losing a semi final means we “Blew it” does it?"

I think we blew it in winning the whole thing, not just the semi.

Pretty sure we were favourites as well, so the bookies think that also.

Along with quite a few of us on here it seems based on the posts below.

Fifth Column 3:56 Thu Jan 5
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks

Spot on.

Russ of the BML 1:54 Thu Jan 5
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks

swindon hammer 6:35 Wed Jan 4

We blew it because in both legs of the semi-final we looked nervous, off-form and didn't play as a team. The exact opposite of how we played in every other game we had played in the Europe League. So yes, we blew it. I agree, we had no divine right to win it but we blew it.

And that's because by then the players were knackered as we'd not recruited in the January. But, more importantly, our manager is a loser. A born loser. He has never won one single cup in all his years as a manager in the top level. He drills his players not to lose and sets up not to lose. But in that Europa League he stepped out of his comfort zone and finally found out that if you play to your strengths and go at teams you can get results.

However, having never had any success and rarely reached any finals. When we got to the semi-final, Moyes, reverted back to type and his nervousness and naturally cautious approach forced him to set up to not concede in the first leg. Big mistake. Moyes nervousness and caution obviously filtered to the players as they played like kids who were over-whelmed by a semi-final. It left us clinging on and once Cresswell got red carded early on in Frankfurt the tie was over.

So, yes, we absolutely fucking blew it.

swindon hammer 6:35 Wed Jan 4
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks
Lee Trundle,

So losing a semi final means we “Blew it” does it?

Just out of curiosity but what made you think we had some god given right to think we should be beating Frankfurt?

They are a big club in Germany that have won more trophies than we have.

They won the German cup in 2018 beating Bayern Munich and the following year they reached the Europa League semi final and only lost to Chelsea on penalties.

It’s disappointing to lose at that stage and we had a chance but the delusion on your part to think we “blew it” just because we lost is ridiculous.

Westside 6:19 Wed Jan 4
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks
We finished 7th last season. Think Spurs did the season before also when they qualified for the Conference League.

From what I can gather of the four extra spots in each competition from 2024/25, two of which will be granted to the countries whose teams have performed best in Europe the previous season.

Assuming England is one of those countries, does that not mean there would then be an extra place for Premier League clubs in each of the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League that season as a result? If so, does 7th not in theory become 10th for a qualifying spot in the ECL?

Not sure if this could be lowered even further with other (albeit unlikely) outcomes such as a team finishing outside the top 4 (or 5) but winning the CL or EL.

Not from my reading of the 2024/25 "distribution."


But stand to be corrected

Mike Oxsaw 2:34 Wed Jan 4
Re: Europa Conference Bollocks
"Man Utd v Barca just to qualify for the knockout stages of the Europa League is ridiculous.

That would be a worthy final."

It would be if it were betwee the great teams from those clubs histories, but it's not - it's a couple of groups of players who are playing for clubs that once had (very) glamorous pasts.

The current shirt-wearers are exactly where change has deemed them fit - not that MSM would ever allow anybody to think, let alone accept, accept such changes are even possible.

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