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charleyfarley 7:46 Sun Jan 8
⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread


    Pride Park Stadium
    Mon 30th Jan 19:45 GMT

(18) Thomas Bramall 53 1

Wildsmith, Forsyth, Hourihane, Barkhuizen, Bird, Collins, Mendez-Laing, Smith, Roberts, Davies ©, Knight
Subs: Loach (GK), Rooney, Stearman, Cashin, Robinson, Thompson, Springett, Dobbin, Brown

Areola, Johnson, Kehrer, Ogbonna ©, Aguerd, Emerson, Souček, Downes, Fornals, Antonio, Bowen
Subs: Fabiański (GK), Coufal, Cresswell, Laing, Rice, Lanzini, Paquetá, Benrahma, Mubama

Derby 15/4: Draw 11/4: West Ham 8/13


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BillyJenningsBoots 4:39 Thu Feb 2
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread
Own up who is in this picture.... Coach from Hornchuch


ted fenton 2:07 Wed Feb 1
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread
I said a while back that Fornals was a poor player a bit like Anderson runs and runs but hardly ever makes a tackle !
IMO he's not a Premiership player but might do ok in the Championship.

Eerie Descent 1:29 Wed Feb 1
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread
I've held back on giving opinion on Formals of late, because he really does seem a good lad and it all felt a bit dirty, but he's an appalling football player.

New Jersey 1:23 Wed Feb 1
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread
Didn't realise Fornals was given MOTM, l thought he was going to be hooked at half-time!

After the match quite a few police vans were racing off somewhere, don't know if anything was kicking off?

BRANDED 10:59 Wed Feb 1
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread
It was job done on a monday night against an in form lower league side. There was a reason ITV put it there. They must have been gutted.

Lee Trundle 10:55 Wed Feb 1
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
It was McCoist that gave him MotM.

To be fair to Fornals, he was as baffled as everyone else when presented with the award. He thought he was given the trophy to give to Bowen who he was stood next to.

Fifth Column 10:51 Wed Feb 1
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
Absolutely loved the evening out, the match was OK. Like Norf said, it was actually depressing that we're approaching these matches with 5 at the back and two holding mids, they're in league 1. I know that Moyes is playing even more safe than usual so he doesn't lose his job.

Can't stand the man.

And Fornals was shit. I love him personality wise but he's not good enough. MOTM?!! Fuck knows how they gave him that.

Mex Martillo 8:01 Wed Feb 1
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
Thanks Norflundon, nice to get posts form those that go to the games.
I agree about Fornals, didn't realise he was MOM. I am a big fan, but he was terrible and did himself damage to get back in the first team.
Moyes is too cautious and I think he especially tells players to go for the safe passes and not risk losing the ball. Too many back passes and passing around the back. We do get forward though. I don't find it boring, but yes could be better. ManU will be difficult, you never know may be we pull it off.

Norflundon 10:56 Tue Jan 31
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
Was at the game so probably see it slightly different to those watching on Tv
Probably two ways of looking at last night sone will say professional performance and if you look at the game in isolation I think that would be fair.
But the way we’ve played this season sort summed last night up for me as we were playing a team miles below the standard of our team but we played with a back 5 and two holding midfielders that barely moved six foot away from the back 3, although the wing backs got forward when we countered they went straight into a back 5 when Serby got the ball. The few times we pressed them on masse they crumbled and gave us the ball every time. The manager seems totally incapable of thinking we’re miles better than this lot let’s just go after them. It’s just safety first football and it’s so fucking boring.
There were certainly positives Aguerd looks very accomplished Antonio and Bowen both scoring oggy getting fitter, Emerson and Soucek not looking completely shit. The keeper should be our No.1 by a mile I have no idea why he doesn’t get a look in. Downes frustrates me he does plenty well but plays it far to safe he needs to show far more bottle as he clearly has ability. A win and a clean sheet.
Negatives we Kehrer still looking completely shit 5 at the back against a really shit team fornals getting MOM when he’s our worst player on the night. Being 2-0 and cruising and the likes of Lanzini and cresswell coming on instead of youngsters.
Biggest negative was it taking an hour to get out the carpark then the M1 being shut twice and not getting in till nearly 2am absolutely fucked today

Tomshardware 4:18 Tue Jan 31
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
Thought we played well last night, Downes was excellent as was Antonio, defensively we look stronger with Aguerd and Ogbonna.

New Jersey 2:15 Tue Jan 31
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread
Lee - Maybe that's right as Soucek was the more forward of the two and he played much better than of late. I just thought at times he could be a bit more positive, funny how we all see things slightly different.

El Scorchio 2:11 Tue Jan 31
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread
Downes is very impressive so far. Really like the look of him. In a deeper position i am not that fussed if the majority of his passes don't go forward. He's there to recycle possession when we've got it rather than play the killer pass so would rather he played it simple than kept losing it trying to force something. Also our movement ahead of his position has been pretty terrible of late so it's not like he has a lot of options forward.

He will have a big part to play for us when Rice leaves.

Full Claret Jacket 1:53 Tue Jan 31
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread
I think Johnson needs a run of games and to get some confidence. He has started to look nervous, indecisive and timid going forward. This is what happens when players are afraid to play. He has two decent feet and can cross a ball. Put a lovely first time ball in the box for Bowen but needs to do it more.

His indecision is his undoing, gives the ball away cheaply misreading the play or worried about losing it. There is a good player there but he looks like a player under pressure.
Whatever the coaching staff are doing, they arent addressing the issue as he has gone from a solid defensive option to somewhat of a liability who should have given them a penalty.

Would not be surprised to see him sold.

Lee Trundle 1:40 Tue Jan 31
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread
Isn't he someone that sits back though? That might look negative, but isn't that his job in the side?

I'm not saying he played brilliantly and was a world beater or anything, but I think, especially his first half performance, was decent enough.

New Jersey 1:39 Tue Jan 31
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread
Maybe I'm being a bit harsh on him looking at those stats!

New Jersey 1:37 Tue Jan 31
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread
Fuck me, I must have gone for a piss when that happened, overall for the 90 minutes I thought he was a tad negative.

Lee Trundle 1:36 Tue Jan 31
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread
I just had to check I wasn't watching a different game.

Most passes in the game for us? Downes

Most "key passes" for us? Downes

Most passes in the game for us? Downes

Highest passing completion % of our starting XI? Downes

Lee Trundle 1:32 Tue Jan 31
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread
ITV literally showed highlights from Downes in the half time break of him breaking up their play and playing forward passes that set up attacks for us.

New Jersey 1:29 Tue Jan 31
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread
I was at the game last night and I would agree with those who saw it on TV regarding Downes, tidy player, keeps it simple BUT never looked for a forward pass to get us back onto the front foot, so I was a bit disappointed. I thought Derby would give us more of a game but in reality we were comfortable, still slow in the build up. Only when Benny came on did we start to show some urgency. Biggest downer was finding out we've got Man Utd in the next round and we all know how that will pan out!

Razzle 1:27 Tue Jan 31
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread
Sir Alf 12:06 Tue Jan 31

When Downes has played alongside Rice we have a high energy midfield. That energy in shutting down and recycling the ball creates the counter attack opportunities higher up the park.
We need that number 10 that can hurt teams with the final ball. So midield win quick lay off, through ball and on the attack....That 10 for me is Lanzini currently with Antonio and Bowen.

BRANDED 1:02 Tue Jan 31
Re: ⚽ Derby v West Ham - Official Match Thread
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