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J.Riddle 3:25 Wed Jan 25
Josh Cullen
Always said he would be a very good premier league player, very committed, but ridiculed by know nothings on here. Who's decision to let him go for £1m is an idiot.

Burnley boss Vincent Kompany's high praise for 'ultimate player' Josh Cullen and why the midfielder is a shining example for fellow professionals
Josh Cullen's sporting acumen — and his willingness to put the team first — is what sets the midfielder apart from other professionals in the game, according to Vincent Kompany.

By Dan Black


The pair worked together for a couple of seasons in the Belgian Pro League at Anderlecht, with the Republic of Ireland international plucked from West Ham United for just short of £1m following a loan spell at Charlton Athletic.

The Burnley boss admitted that the former Hammer had been acquired as a squad player at Lotto Park, but made an instant impression before asserting himself as one of the pack leaders.

He made 55 appearances in the Belgium First Division A for the 34-time champions before becoming Kompany's fourth signing at Turf Moor having succeeded Sean Dyche in the summer.

"I can't be complimentary enough, but I think everyone can see what he does," said the Manchester City legend. "The team appreciates it; his strength is that he's the ultimate player that puts the team before himself.

"Football naturally always drives you towards being selfish, it just happens that way because you've got to look after yourself, and there are only very few players, despite all of that, who decide to make a conscious choice to put the team above themselves. You can't really scout that, you only know it when you work with players."

Kompany, a four-time Premier League winner, added: "The best way to describe Josh [Cullen] is that he came to Anderlecht, from Charlton, as a squad player and he became the most important player in my squad.

"Then he came to Burnley, back in English football in the Championship, where he was really going to help us out, and he became one of the most important players in the team."

The 26-year-old has proven to be an essential component in the mechanics of Kompany's Clarets, starting 25 times in the league as the Championship leaders slowly pulled away from the rest of the division.

The table-toppers have lost just twice all season in the second tier, they're the leading scorers in the EFL, they've won eight league games on the bounce, and they're now 18 points clear of third place Watford in their push for a Premier League return.

And Cullen, who was the recipient of the ROI's prestigious Player of the Year gong, has been central to that, according to Kompany, while painting himself as a shining example for others to follow.

He said: "If you set up a session, and you pass the first ball in that session, that's going to be at the best possible standard he can do it at.

"Then the last tackle he's going to make in every single session will be at the highest possible standard he can do it at.

"It's hard to ever predict how far these types of players will go because he has the attitude and resilience of a top athlete and any limitations he has he just seems to overcome and go above.

"He's an example for other players as well because some players with extreme talent would have tremendous careers with half of what he has in terms of personality and attitude."

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PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:47 Thu Jan 26
Re: Josh Cullen
I saw Rice in an interview, can’t remember where, but he was asked about Moyes return as manager.

Rice said that the first thing Moyes said to him was “fucking hell you got good”

I guess that means Moyes didn’t think he was good before so likely would have been another leaver to get a chance elsewhere if Moyes had stayed.

, 7:38 Thu Jan 26
Re: Josh Cullen
Cullen looks like he will be following the paths of ex WHU players Britton and Stanislas who played for-teams that were promoted to the PL.

claypole 7:05 Thu Jan 26
Re: Josh Cullen
Moyes has played some of the youths/Downes in Europe where a few of them did well only to drop down to the u23 and not feature in the main match day squad again, Which must be disheartening. The club must have thought Coventry was more likely to push on but I assume they will be looking to cash in on Coventry as well.

Annony 1:43 Thu Jan 26
Re: Josh Cullen
Burnley are flying 5 points clear at the top of championship looks like Cullen will be plying his trade in the premier league next year while we could be scrapping in the championship

easthammer 1:27 Thu Jan 26
Re: Josh Cullen
I agree that our development of young players certainly hasn't improved under Moyes. But I suspect that it is no better or worse than other premiership sides. The truth is that in a global market, the difficulty of young homegrown talent to break into the first teams of premiership sides is immense.

Really glad Josh Cullen is now doing well at the Championship level. In his prime at 27, he has probably reached close to his peak. Would he have achieved that sitting on a bench most weeks at the London Stadium or out on loan at a League One side? Answer no. West Ham did the right thing by Cullen selling to Anderlecht for a £1m as he now having a decent career and good luck to him.

Lee Trundle 12:13 Thu Jan 26
Re: Josh Cullen
I think his treatment of the youths is quite a big thing to dig him out for.

Especially as it's costing us money.

the straw 12:11 Thu Jan 26
Re: Josh Cullen
Don't you like Moyes then? At least you're not thinking too much about him! There's a few things to dig out Moyes about but I really don't think Josh Cullen is one of them.

Lee Trundle 12:02 Thu Jan 26
Re: Josh Cullen
He played quite a bit in the Championship when he was on loan, so someone was playing him.

We ended up spending £12m in the summer for someone similar, who MOYES doesn't play.

It would have been cheaper to have kept Cullen, but we all know RED BULL MOYES doesn't give a shit about the yoofs.

the straw 11:52 Thu Jan 26
Re: Josh Cullen
Wasn't Cullen already 23 when Moyes came back? Not like he's the only one who didn't play him!

Good to see him doing well though. Bit of a Leon Britton vibe.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:33 Thu Jan 26
Re: Josh Cullen
Massive props to Josh. He's one of our own and always will be.

However, he's going to be 27 by the time he's playing in the PL. Should we really be keeping young players on for 10 years on pro contracts on the off chance. It's not fair on anybody.

We sold him. The club got some money and Cullen got the opportunity he deserved at a lower level. A level where, apparently, he has further developed. It was best for player and club. Sometimes this can happen. It's not the fault of Moyes or Sullivan or anybody. It's just football. And it's OK.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:37 Thu Jan 26
Re: Josh Cullen
With Luton, Sunderland and West Brom sitting good in 7th, 9th and 10th you have to wonder how many players not deemed good enough by West Ham will be playing in the premierleague if we get relegated. And then how much money we have spent in all that time to end up where we are winning the grand sum of nothing:

Can we make a free 11?

GK - Adrian
RB - Ashby
LB - D Potts
CB - Burke
CB - Tomkins
RW - Fredericks
CM - Josh Cullen
CM - Ekwah
LW - Stanislas
FW - Diangana
ST - Perkins

There must be a good bench too if go to the championship current top 10 and spend a little cash:

G Baldock

I fully appreciate the argument that that team would site bottom of the PL but that is where we sit after spending hundreds of millions.

Mex Martillo 8:21 Thu Jan 26
Re: Josh Cullen
I guess it's still early, but looks like we'll see Cullen in the Premier next season, I'd like to see that.
We aren't good at bring our youngsters on, something wrong there. I'm disappointed that we have a bit of a defender crisis, but Johnson and others aren't getting opportunities. Why?

Takashi Miike 3:33 Thu Jan 26
Re: Josh Cullen
save your anger for moyes and sullivan, because it had fuck all to do with the 'no nothings on here' why he was sold, much like every other bizarre decision they make

PwoperNaughtyButNot 11:27 Wed Jan 25
Re: Josh Cullen
I haven’t played in the premierleague

But the fact I’m old, injured, available on a free, I’d happily sign with whatever agent the manager or chairman tell me to and id wear a suit on match days means there is more chance of Moyes signing me then playing our up and coming young players.

Lee Trundle 4:09 Wed Jan 25
Re: Josh Cullen
"he’s not proven himself in the Premier League"

"still yet to play in the Premier League"

Thank god we didn't go out and spend £12m on someone like that then, who MOYES never seems to play.

paulon 4:02 Wed Jan 25
Re: Josh Cullen
Like Bernie said, he’s not proven himself in the Premier League - loads have looked good at that level and never shine in the PL

Come back in 12 months time and then we’ll see who was right

Bernie 3:54 Wed Jan 25
Re: Josh Cullen
26 and still yet to play in the Premier League.

Lee Trundle 3:42 Wed Jan 25
Re: Josh Cullen
Little point him stay with MOYES in charge.

I'd have fucked off too.

cholo 3:36 Wed Jan 25
Re: Josh Cullen
Having to drop down to work your way back up is no mean feat, I wish him luck and hope he makes it back to the Premier league.

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