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bruuuno 4:05 Wed Jan 25
Becoming a lorry driver
I’m considering a career change and feel like murdering some prostitutes while I’m at it.

Can anyone provide some advice on the different types of driving, training schemes, potential earnings, hours etc.

I’m sure all this stuff is available online but find WHO to be a good resource for ‘boots on the ground’ info.


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bruuuno 3:12 Sat Jan 28
Re: Becoming a lorry driver
@ tunwhu I accidentally deleted your whomail mate please could you resend. Cheers

bruuuno 3:02 Sat Jan 28
Re: Becoming a lorry driver
Cheers for the helpful info everyone

Tomshardware 9:29 Sat Jan 28
Re: Becoming a lorry driver
mashed in maryland 8:09 Sat Jan 28

Always fancied being a freight train driver, would love to be driving class 37's.

mashed in maryland 8:11 Sat Jan 28
Re: Becoming a lorry driver
Can also get a few months off work whenever you kill someone instead of having to hide the body and go to prison etc etc

mashed in maryland 8:09 Sat Jan 28
Re: Becoming a lorry driver
Anyone on here a freight train driver?

Saw an ad the other day, something £80k, plus £15k shift allowance.

Thought it was a typo at first.

I know its probably not a cushy walk in the park like people think but fuck me, not bad all things considered.

Required experience of train driving (guessing the pathway is a few years of normal passenger trains, which also ain't too badly paid)

If you're looking at retraining and "starting again" this might be something to look in to.

Beat Freak 1:33 Fri Jan 27
Re: Becoming a lorry driver
Good luck Bruuuno. I am in a similar boat - if you excuse the later pun .Work in IT and at the age of 50 I am bored shitless, struggling/not interested in keeping up with new tech but mostly I fed up with the corporate world, its woke culture and busting my arse off for a load of exec's that dont give a flying fuck about me. At the top of my pay scale so going to try and earn my money in a different way. Going to dip my toe into commercial rod and line bass fishing and taxi driving - pottering round town and airport runs. Certainly round my way companies are crying out for taxi drivers post Brexit. Plenty of work and money is decent too.

SecondOpinion 10:14 Fri Jan 27
Re: Becoming a lorry driver
I like trucking, I like trucking,
I like trucking and I like to truck.
I like trucking, I like trucking,
If you don't like trucking, tough luck.
On the road, you must be brave and tireless,
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You can throw it up outside.

The greatest kick in trucking comes from knocking down a biker,
Or swinging round a roundabout and picking up a hiker,
You're chatting up that piece of skirt who's sitting by your side,
Then pop the crucial question - a ride for a ride?

I like trucking, I like trucking,
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Perhaps the greatest laugh of all, that makes this life worthwhile,
Is waving on the car behind, giving him a smile,
With glasses and with gratitude, he revs his little load,
And meets another trucking truck, a-trucking down the road.
On the road, you must be tough and ruthless,
And the rumours that we're gay are truthless,
On the road, you can wear your shirtsleeves rolled,
You eat chocolate when it's cold.

From behind, we like to sneak up on you from behind,
Never mind, if you hit 'em never mind.

We like trucking, we like trucking,
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If you don't like trucking, tough luck.

joe royal 10:58 Thu Jan 26
Re: Becoming a lorry driver
Do not get a job doing farm deliveries under any circumstances until you have at least 2 years experience.

Backing up through narrow gates in the dark . Getting stuck . Narrow lanes.

I don’t do farm work, but some PA companies store their rigs in outhouses so I have been to a few.

Your best bet as a newbie is simple trunking work. One depot to another , usually just off the motorway and plenty of room to shunt about when you cock up the reversing.

If you do take lessons then make sure you drive a full sized 18tonnne lorry, not an updated 12 tonner

When it comes to the class one test, again full sized truck and three wheeled trailer. Not a wagon and drag.

Easier to pass the test in the uprated kit, but very few co’s use them.

Trust me on this. I went the wagon and drag route and really wished I hadn’t.

iphammer 10:18 Thu Jan 26
Re: Becoming a lorry driver
Yeah, sod that driving tankers. One minute you could be driving the next your head is coming off after some dickhead has crashed into you. Working in the agricultural industry driving trucks transporting grains would be better.

Crassus 10:01 Thu Jan 26
Re: Becoming a lorry driver
Running about all day with 44ft of explosive behind my nuts is not my idea of a picnic
Tankers deserve every penny

Eastside surge 9:22 Thu Jan 26
Re: Becoming a lorry driver
My brother in law is a tanker driver and while I'd gladly take his salary not sure I'd like the stress levels or the shift patterns that go with it

iphammer 8:41 Thu Jan 26
Re: Becoming a lorry driver

Have a look at these companies they might offer driver training followed by a job in Bristol

Culina group / Fowler Welch
Goldstar transport

Crassus 8:06 Thu Jan 26
Re: Becoming a lorry driver
You do that son
It's good for the soul to be on the bank watching the sun rise and the wildlife
Advice I would be well advised to heed, I have some great gear, love the sport and don't go through self imposed domestic priorities
Fuck that, I need get back, don't let lack of gear stop you, just shout

bruuuno 8:02 Thu Jan 26
Re: Becoming a lorry driver
That’s very kind of you mate. I did think that about how cheap gear is to replace , and I’m way past being a tackle tart these days but if I get stuck I will give you a shout.

Crassus 7:52 Thu Jan 26
Re: Becoming a lorry driver
Oh no
That's a disaster Bru
The only saving grace is that you can get acceptable gear at ludicrously low prices these days
If that precludes you by circumstance, I can dig out some gear for you
I have a pile of stuff that would be serviceable and I can drop it at our Avonmouth site for your collection
Won't be a latest full set up, but sufficient quality to net a few

bruuuno 7:37 Thu Jan 26
Re: Becoming a lorry driver
Sounds idyllic mate, tight lines. Had my gear nicked a few months back, took my armalites and gt6010s, been using them since 1993 so that’s my tench gear gone

Crassus 7:33 Thu Jan 26
Re: Becoming a lorry driver
No worries mate

It will be tench time soon and this season I have plans, access to the historic big lake at Stowe and real proper large crucians from a small Norfolk mere on Old Skool Crabtree tactics

Pin, Hexagraph, lifting quill, size 12, red worm and caster

bruuuno 7:08 Thu Jan 26
Re: Becoming a lorry driver
Much obliged to you Crassus , appreciate you taking the time to type all that.

Likewise joe, very helpful.

Iphammer im in Bristol


Crassus 12:39 Thu Jan 26
Re: Becoming a lorry driver

Hiya mate, trust you are well
Without going into the finer details, a few words of general guidance
First I'm not a driver, so direct experience is best sought from Joe/Hatred and I believe Ray

That said, I can put you in the right direction for clarity of thought - there is no one step to become a 'lorry driver'

In simple terms you will need a licence to drive a commercial larger than a regular van, an LGV (light goods vehicle) which you can upon a car licence

The licences graduate up subject to the size (weight capacity) of truck you wish to drive
These step through from rigids to 44t articulated

You will also need a CPC (certificate of professional competence)

If you take a look at the link, that comes from Trucknet UK, a drivers forum talking all things truck. The link will take you straight to the licence process. There are also threads of sound advice for aspiring/new drivers


Beyond that, the real money is made via specialisms once you hit a Class1 - be that via tankers/car transporters or specialist work like our lads that travel abroad - you will require specific further training to operate tankers/transporters or have experience to jump upon a Joe/Hatred type gig

Now the upside, based where you are you are in a transport hub, meaning drivers will always be sought. Additionally there is a national deficiency in Class 1's, so pay has been increasing
But, conditions are generally poor. You will have internal and external cab cameras recording you every move. The truck will likely be fitted with telematics that record precisely your driving style, so opening you to criticism of inefficient fuel consumption.
You will be chased to meet just in time delivery slots, ignoring traffic congestion and be bollocked if you miss a slot. If you speed or cut corners to meet them you will then be bollocked for that
There are pitiful facilities for our drivers for overnight and routine services like lavs, showers and food
And to ice the cake, an industry that keeps the country alive is much maligned by Rupert the Green even though the emissions from the exhaust are frequently purer than the ambient inner city atmosphere

Not trying to put you off, but provide a candid observation - it can be a rewarding career but it is far from the days of an independent knight of the road in a lumberjack shirt scoffing Yorkie bars - those days have gone

Good luck mate

BRANDED 10:41 Thu Jan 26
Re: Becoming a lorry driver
Do you have a big fat hairy arse and fo you take it?

iphammer 7:52 Thu Jan 26
Re: Becoming a lorry driver
Where are you based?

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