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iphammer 2:01 Fri Feb 17
US Chemical Leak
All in a short space of time

At least five hazardous chemicals released in East Palestine train crash, as residents fear long-term effects

Arizona highway closes after nitric acid leaks from tanker truck crash

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RdUeSpSrEeLsLsed 11:54 Sat Feb 18
Re: US Chemical Leak
Capitol you love to use the word conspiracy theories yet most turn out to be true over time. Which mean it’s pointless reading anything you write you just support evil.

Mike Oxsaw 10:59 Sat Feb 18
Re: US Chemical Leak
The issue (for me here) is that they get/encourage us "little people" - and YOU are a little person th the scheme of things, no matter how much of an affront it is to you - to "do our bit" to help combat mankind's (pathetic) contribution to cyclical global warming, then big business rocks up with an incident like this, probably completely undoing millions of people's sacrifices for "the common good - our planet".

Not a word on the impact of the incident on the environment compared, say, to a herd of a week's cows farts, which suggests to me what I've stated above is exactly what has happened.

Start again, everybody - but it is all YOUR fault for wanting these chemicals shipped in the first place.

Mike Oxsaw 10:02 Sat Feb 18
Re: US Chemical Leak
'Merican pollution f' 'Merican residents, innit?

Time for the rest of the world to fuckin' BUTT OUT of 'Merican issues. We da man! We will 'andle it like men.

Capitol Man 1:06 Sat Feb 18
Re: US Chemical Leak
So is the chemical leak a conspiracy to deflect fro the balloon or is the balloon a conspiracy to distract from the chemical leak.

What exactly are they trying to sweep under the carpet with the wall-to-wall coverage.

Tricky to know where to plant those conspiracy flags.

iphammer 12:22 Sat Feb 18
Re: US Chemical Leak
A match may do the trick with this

RdUeSpSrEeLsLsed 12:21 Sat Feb 18
Re: US Chemical Leak
Yeah, it seems to be happening in other countries now. There’s something very sinister in this world since 2020. Evil is alive and kicking.

riosleftsock 11:34 Fri Feb 17
Re: US Chemical Leak
This is how you know the whole green scam is exactly that. No outrage from any of the usual suspects.



Massive environmental damage, fucking scary what they get away with.

Remember how the Obama regime creamed billions of BP?

iphammer 9:57 Fri Feb 17
Re: US Chemical Leak
Lee Trundle where is this picture taken from?

Lee Trundle 10:25 Fri Feb 17
Re: US Chemical Leak
They surely can't sweep this under the carpet?


goose 9:37 Fri Feb 17
Re: US Chemical Leak
Greta not rocked up yet?

Far Cough 8:58 Fri Feb 17
Re: US Chemical Leak
99 Red balloons?

RBshorty 5:13 Fri Feb 17
Re: US Chemical Leak
Yeah. But ain’t the Red balloons more of a threat.?

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