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Come On You Irons 7:15 Sat Mar 4
A message.

Why the FUCK have you not sacked Moyes already? He should have gone six months ago. Most proper fans saw it and called it then.

Are you trying to repeat 2010-2011 when you sacked a failed manager AFTER he inevitably relegated us?

You're a clueless cunt.

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El Scorchio 6:00 Mon Mar 6
Re: Sullivan
If I'm Kretinsky, there's no way I buy at the agreed price until I know the club is safe and I'm not about to lose millions and millions. He'll be happy to buy at a revised price if we go down I am sure, but Sullivan and/or the Golds will never sell under those circumstances. No-one's ambitions align unless the club stays up and everyone is stuck in a bad situation, but Sullivan will have the burden upon him to get us up again as he has by far the most to lose.

No one will want the Golds' shares until then either because with them comes the burden of being responsible for getting us back up.

Willtell 5:41 Mon Mar 6
Re: Sullivan
Put & Call options are usually put there by someone like Kretinsky to protect his interests. They invariably have a time limit which could be 3 or 5 years for example. There is no obligation to complete a sale by the buyer or seller.

The assumption has been that a deal is done and Sullivan goes end of season with his £250m and Gold family about £160m.

What we do know is that unless there's a new agreement since Nov 2021 there is NO OBLIGATION to to buy for Kretinsky. And we know that Sullivan has first option on DG's shares.

Everyone loses if we get relegated but the richer directors will be desperate to get back to full control ready for the quick return (hopefully). It all depends on how Sullivan sees it but here's another article that makes interesting reading...

El Scorchio 1:53 Mon Mar 6
Re: Sullivan
Mike Oxsaw 1:42

Yup- agree, but only if the price and a date of transfer of shares is definitely locked in.

Mike Oxsaw 1:42 Mon Mar 6
Re: Sullivan
There could be an ownership conflict of interest here.

As the share sale price is already set, Sullivan could gain personally in the near term as the club crashes as he sells. He don't give a flying one about the longer term (as he won't be here) so long as the wad in his own sky increases.

Personally I can't see how - but I can't see how Moyes is still at the club, either; someone's got to be getting something out of the current situation, and it sure as hell ain't the fans.

RBshorty 1:17 Mon Mar 6
Re: Sullivan
A price has been set. When that happens. A date is also set. Especially when all parties are throwing around hundreds of millions. It may not happen this month. It may not happen after the last game of the season. But ownership of West Ham United is going too change in the near future.

Willtell 12:14 Mon Mar 6
Re: Sullivan
Do you have connections and know for sure that DS wants out stewie? I'm just asking because now that Man Utd is being talked about as a £4.5billion club the Kretinsky valuation of WH might have changed in an upwards direction in Ds's mind.

DS might be happy to wait to sell his shares to Kretinsky as a billionaire he doesn't need to or he might want out as you say. We don't know whether he enjoys the power games.

And here's a thought for you. Relegation might mean that the Gold family will be tempted to sell at the option price of around £160m for their 25%. As a Championship club that valuation would be slashed. Unfortunately for us it seems that DS has first option and Kretinsky only has the second...

stewie griffin 11:30 Mon Mar 6
Re: Sullivan
Willtell 10:17 Mon Mar 6
Re: Sullivan

Sullivan has wanted out for 2 or 3 years. The only reason he remains - and why the beardy idiot was still here - is because of their ridiculously over-inflated valuation of the club. No one, bar none, loses more than Sullivan if we're relegated. Hence the splurge in the summer, hence the signing of Ings.
If there's any comfort anywhere in the current situation, its that no one has been let down more by Moyes than Sullivan, and no one stands to lose more.

Russ of the BML 11:14 Mon Mar 6
Re: Sullivan
This situation is all Sullivan's fault.

If a dog constantly shits on a persons front garden, its not the dogs fault, its the owners for not being in control of the dog.

lab 10:50 Mon Mar 6
Re: Sullivan
No clearer than where a certain fund went .

Fo the Communist 10:45 Mon Mar 6
Re: Sullivan
Given his narcissism, I am not sure Sullivan will fancy rattling around in a half empty stadium next season. His New Gold Dream in tatters and the bowl a constant and highly visible reminder of his failings. Nor will he relish the grief he will get between now and then if we don't clear pull clear of relegation. Don't underestimate how spooked he was by the events of the Burnley game.

Talking of which, this weekend is the fifth anniversary of that. Are we any nearer understanding exactly what went on with that aborted protest?

Willtell 10:17 Mon Mar 6
Re: Sullivan
I think you'll find that it is a fixed price option arsegrapes. It's announced on Companies House filing but lacks exact details of time frames and prices etc.

However, £150m would be right for Gold's 25% as I think the price was fixed for a few years at the price Kretinsky paid for his 27%.

It all depends whether DS or Kretinsky wants control of WHU alone if we go down. And will either pay the equivalent of £700m for a Championship club?

It's possible DS sees relegation as not so important if he wants to carry on and be majority shareholder! I'd be chanting DS out at games rather than Moyes Out

arsegrapes 2:36 Mon Mar 6
Re: Sullivan
I read Golð left his shares to his daughters provided should they sell Sullivan gets first option to purchase at market rate. I don't think his daughters are interested and Sullivan wants to purchase them. Sullivan would have arranged this before entering agreement with Kretinsky.

I think Sullivan will sell IF we stay up, but Kretinsky will wait until we come back up IF relegated. The agreed fixed sale price is for a premier league club not a championship one.

Bernie 1:39 Mon Mar 6
Re: Sullivan
Or Kretinsky buys all the shares but makes Sullivan Director of Football until his DEATH

El Scorchio 12:58 Mon Mar 6
Re: Sullivan
As I said on the Moyes out thread- this could be a wonderful gift from beyond the grave from Gold. Kretinsky saves 500mill and still gets control, Sullivan is lumbered with his shares and has no power. Poetic justice.

Bernie 12:51 Mon Mar 6
Re: Sullivan
Reports doing the rounds that Kretinsky is about to buy Golds shares for £150m to take him to 52%

Hopefully its true

Yorkammer 12:07 Mon Mar 6
Re: Sullivan
More threads and louder ones will really have Sullivan quaking in his size 3 boots.

nychammer 12:03 Mon Mar 6
Re: Sullivan
"there aren’t enough Moyes out or Sullivan is a cunt threads"

right you are, and the bigger the cunt sullivan makes himself there will be yet more threads and the louder they will get.

Pub Bigot 10:12 Sun Mar 5
Re: Sullivan
One Iron, that's exactly what Sullivan AND the board are saying.

This whole scenario makes no sense. The half-pint Napoleon is a businessman, so he has some common sense, and it makes no sense that the Scottish Avram is still here.

Fuck David Sullivan. The cancerous little cunt with links to certain underworld undesirables and fuck David Moyes, the stubborn failure cunt.

Rusta 10:02 Sun Mar 5
Re: Sullivan
Needs a reminder of his responsibilities

twoleftfeet 9:56 Sun Mar 5
Re: Sullivan
This is a much needed post, there aren’t enough Moyes out or Sullivan is a cunt threads.

Thanks COYI

one iron 9:25 Sun Mar 5
Re: Sullivan
If sullivan dont sack moyes, hes saying to the fans i dont care and fuck you lot.

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