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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

OneAll 6:56 Mon Apr 24
Rice Rice baby

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Manuel 8:46 Sun May 21
Re: Rice Rice baby
If he does leave it's not easy to pick his destination at this point. If he is hell bent on winning things then apart from maybe the odd cup here and there it's only City that will guarantee that, but there have never been any overtures from City, or not that we know of anyway, then they have their FFP issues which could curtail things anyway.

Rice has been quoted as saying he wants to play in the CL, Man Utd will very likely be able to offer him that regularly as they will have new owners, and have a good manager, so are on the way back it would appear, and it looks like they want him, so that could be a goer, and they can afford him. Would Rice fancy them though?

Ref Newcastle, Howe was quoted just recently saying they won't have silly money this summer, would Rice fancy going up there anyway? Doubtful.

Liverpool don't have silly money to spend, which is why they pulled out of the Bellingham race, plus like City they have never really been linked with Rice.

Chelsea can afford him, but they are a mess right now and Rice will surely be very wary of that. Plus there is the history of them breaking his heart and releasing him when he was 14.

Arsenal - Rice isn't stupid and knows his stuff, and would likely worry that this season is a flash in the pan, but I think they would be able to stump up for him though, now that they have the CL income, etc.

I don't see him going abroad.

Will be interesting.

OneAll 12:38 Sun May 21
Re: Rice Rice baby
if uefa ban him from competitions next year maybe hell stay for abit long haha

The Mercernary 11:33 Fri May 19
Re: Rice Rice baby

Jaan Kenbrovin 3:19 Fri May 19
Re: Rice Rice baby

The Mercernary 8:11 Thu May 18
Re: Rice Rice baby
Enough with this tinpot nonsense. 5 million euros just for winning it.

“Literally no one” - aside from thousands of your fellow West Ham fans.

Iron Duke 7:29 Thu May 18
Re: Rice Rice baby
When Tottenham were playing in it last season, their matches were getting the main coverage on BBC.

They love Spurs and hate us.

Manuel 7:22 Thu May 18
Re: Rice Rice baby
''If Arsenal, Chelsea or Tottenham were playing Alkmaar instead of us, would there be at least another 12 articles on there?''

There wouldn't be fuck all about it, it's a tin pot shit cup that literally no one gives a fuck about. Yes, we want to win it, but as discussed it's a second rate competition, get over it and stop with all the victim bollocks. In the final we are likely playing the side currently SIXTH in the Swiss league.

The Mercernary 6:00 Thu May 18
Re: Rice Rice baby
Who's buying Rice is bigger news than the trophy he might win - says it all really.

Scorch - there is stuff on the BBC about tonight's game. They have regurgitated the Soucek and Moyes pre-match interviews into articles.

If Arsenal, Chelsea or Tottenham were playing Alkmaar instead of us, would there be at least another 12 articles on there?

El Scorchio 5:11 Thu May 18
Re: Rice Rice baby
Haha well exactly- that's the real news!

Alongside 8 articles and a live ticker on how brilliant Man City are, and several articles on how Chelsea women beat West Ham women.

ironsofcanada 3:58 Thu May 18
Re: Rice Rice baby
But Scorchio...

You must care that

Four players are leaving Liverpool at the end of the season.

El Scorchio 3:34 Thu May 18
Re: Rice Rice baby
Yup, not a fucking peep on the BBC website about our game today.

Then again not a fucking peep about Newcastle Brighton either.

Jasnik 3:27 Thu May 18
Re: Rice Rice baby
Papers really do try to push things .. So arsenal supposedly putting in a 90mil bid next day 92m

Big club bias again trying to sell our top asset.

Waiting for all day they will be tlking about our semi final on bbc website.

ironsofcanada 10:26 Wed May 17
Re: Rice Rice baby
Watching Real Madrid the last couple of game, Rice has been trained well for them. Soaking up pressure and looking to hit back hard.

I am sure its not like that with most La Liga games. But then again they lost that league to Barcelona by a fair bit this year.

RBshorty 8:52 Wed May 17
Re: Rice Rice baby
I see Yunus Musah. (Valencia) And Konstantinos Mavropanos. (Stuttgart) Have both been linked with us today. Both ex Arsenal. You think maybe the goon want to pay us as little as possible. And then forgo any sell fee coming their way for either player. So we don't have too pay as much.?

Sir Alf 7:25 Wed May 17
Re: Rice Rice baby
This conference league’s value is that it is a gateway to the Europa League and a day out. Shame the stadium chosen means our fans getting so few tickets.

Rice? I see talk of Ward Prowse. Perfect for Moyes set piece game but no way a replacement. Need a player who’s got an engine, can pass accurately over varying distances and is athletic / reasonably quick. Rodri and Kante etc are the template but there aren’t many of those about.

Moyes doesn’t see the need for pace, and physicality or top percentile passing as it’s not key when you sit deep and let the opposition keep it. No need for pressing as a unit just stay in the shape and wait for a counter after 70 mins when hopefully still 0-0 or losing by 1.

Ward Prowse will be this summer window’s Lingard. He will try for Phillips too but he won’t be interested Imo

Be prepared for transfer frustrations as always with the likes of Moyes and Sully involved.

I will be amazed if we get the replacements right.

Side of Ham 7:01 Wed May 17
Re: Rice Rice baby
Razzle.....the cunt that is the football media....won't let West Ham be written into Rice's footballing history.....I cannot stand the way the game has gone.....you've literally got lefty cunts like Neville preaching elitist shit when it comes to Manchester United.....he picks and chooses his 'for the people' act.....

Razzle 6:57 Wed May 17
Re: Rice Rice baby
The thing with the ECL is that the standard is quite poor and it is a shot load of fixtures on top of all the domestic cup and league fixtures.

That all said we have won fuck all for too long (i put that down to slippy G in 2006). So to get to a final where a select 5000 fans can go and the rest of can witness joy or heartbreak on the box. Hopefully we can do it and Dec lifts the trophy, at least he would have achieved something in his time unlike that of Noble, Ferdinand, Lampard, Cole, DiCanio, DeFoe, James..... never did at West Ham.

He will be written in history

british is best 6:54 Wed May 17
Re: Rice Rice baby
SOH I'm not disagreeing with what you said . We all know they want a closed shop . The speed there Painting the Geordies as a giant purely because of their owners wealth says it all . And I can't even remember man city reaching a semi final . Let alone a final after 1981 until they struck lucky with their owners. We've always had terrible owners that's our Achilles heel .

Fo the Communist 6:46 Wed May 17
Re: Rice Rice baby

El Scorchio 5:14 Wed May 17

"If we were in a position to win trophies, he wouldn't be going anywhere. We aren't, so we can't match his ambitions. It's as simple as that."

That's the reality and the tragedy of it, right there.
Cheers Sullivan.

Side of Ham 6:41 Wed May 17
Re: Rice Rice baby
british is best, sorry for that kick in the nuts.....it's this modern elitist football that is doing the kicking.....what irks me more is that I don't fully know if I want us to join this elite club.....as the elitism doesn't stop.....just look how Liverpool and Manchester United and the fellow cunts in the English football media subtley look down upon Chelsea's and Manchester City's achievements......just because they used actual money instead of snidey tapping up to get their best players.....

Lee Trundle 6:34 Wed May 17
Re: Rice Rice baby
Capitol Man 6:25 Wed May 17
"Still better than the Intertoto!"

This will likely get swindon hammer on here to bore me to death, but both are/were UEFA's 3rd tier competition with both leading to entry into the Europa League.

So not much difference part from the length of the competition.

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