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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Sydney_Iron 11:00 Sat May 20
ACF Fiorentina
Won’t be easy against this lot, 9th in Seria A and some decent results of late including a 1-0 win away to CL finalist Inter.

Do seem to lose games every now and then that they shouldn’t or you wouldn’t expect, Basel at home was one!

Some decent players including the CB Milenkovic we nearly signed a couple of years ago.


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Hammer and Pickle 3:43 Wed Jun 7
Re: ACF Fiorentina
Moyes: Remember lads, this is just another game

Antonio: Don’t feel like just another game, Dave

Moyes pretends not to hear while glaring at a spot above Antonio’s head

Hammer and Pickle 3:23 Wed Jun 7
Re: ACF Fiorentina
… as is Antonio

threesixty 3:21 Wed Jun 7
Re: ACF Fiorentina
The reality is tactics go out the window in finals. All it takes is one unexpected event and then everyone’s playing on instinct.

I doubt any of our team will be doing what they’ve been drilled to do. Hopefully it will be like our arsenal game where it seems the players just ignored the manager and went at it.

Hammer and Pickle 3:21 Wed Jun 7
Re: ACF Fiorentina
I expect he’ll instruct them to keep their shape and nullify their possession so the players best suited for that approach will start: Soucek, Cresswell and Benrahma are pretty much nailed on.

Vexed 3:12 Wed Jun 7
Re: ACF Fiorentina
Playing Cresswell tonight feels like a mistake to me. Gonzalez is quick and decent in the air. He'll throw himself at crosses. Whereas Cresswell is slow, not very good in the air and not the bravest. But we will probably be relying on his set piece delivery at the other end.

It's a poser for sure. Emerson is quick and experienced at this level but not an amazing defender or particularly good in the air either. Probably better going forward but doesn't cross particularly well.

It's a symptom of bad recruitment innit. No ideal options.

BigLump 3:03 Wed Jun 7
Re: ACF Fiorentina
This has been our achilles for years. Flighted diagonal ball when given space to cross it for a good aerial striker to get in front of a flat footed defender

I wince every time I see a ball going in. By all accounts, they use this a lot and are setup for it.

lets hope by 10pm tonight this is a post thats coated for being misplaced pessimissm.

Matthew Holmes 11:59 Wed Jun 7
Re: ACF Fiorentina
They like that sweeping cross to the back post/ edge of 6 yard box.
Cresswell son! Have it

Vexed 12:21 Wed Jun 7
Re: ACF Fiorentina
Their coach is widely regarded as a good coach but is prone to completely fucking things up with his cavalier tactics. The final against Inter recently was an example of this.

Let's hope he fucks tonight up too.

Matthew Holmes 11:59 Wed Jun 7
Re: ACF Fiorentina
They like that sweeping cross to the back post/ edge of 6 yard box.
Cresswell son! Have it

Matthew Holmes 11:55 Wed Jun 7
Re: ACF Fiorentina

From a forum of theirs if anyone's interested

Fuck em we can do this lot

Italiano’s working on some new stuff. This was a dead rubber match, so I wasn’t expecting much of tactical interest. Something that really jumped out to me, though, was how the front three lined up. Cabral spent a lot of time pulled towards the right, sometimes in the channel between the centerback and the fullback, while Kouamé slid across to play between the centerbacks and Ikoné pulled very wide to the right. In the second half, Ikoné and Cabral swapped spots at times, with the striker all the way on the right and Ikoné dropping off as an actual false nine.

This was clearly a rehearsed tactic and, in the final dress rehearsal before taking on West Ham, it was a wrinkle that Vincenzo Italiano wanted to add. The Hammers under David Moyes sit deep and soak up pressure, so it’s a matter of figuring out how to break them down. Putting a lone striker up against burly centerbacks Kurt Zouma and Nayef Aguerd and crossing is a bad idea. Add in the aerial ability of defensive midfielders Tomáš Souček and Declan Rice, and you’ve got a no-fly zone in the middle. For a team that likes crossing as much as Fiorentina, it’s a tough nut to crack.

By moving Cabal (or Luka Jović) wider, though, he’ll get the opportunity to attack the much shorter leftback Aaron Cresswell at the back post, while González (still an aerial threat) can use his quickness to challenge those big boys in the middle, taking them out of their comfort zone. This also opens up the entire left wing for a rampaging Cristiano Biraghi, who’s a much better crosser than Terzić at this point. I doubt this is how Italiano will set the boys out, but I’m expecting to see this variation at some point if Plan A doesn’t work.

Italian hammer 10:04 Wed Jun 7
Re: ACF Fiorentina
Viola merda.

Crassus 10:58 Sun May 28
Re: ACF Fiorentina
I noticed they like a long sweeping ball from one side, deep to the other
The FB's need be aware of the back post switch and the knock down to the area edge
They do look poor at the back mind, at least, vulnerable and may well struggle with set plays

Matthew Holmes 10:45 Sun May 28
Re: ACF Fiorentina
I suspect we might be better player for player?

But this Italiano chap is touted as the new Pep.
Maybe Moyes' play will counter him and enable us to play to our strengths?
God willing
Yahweh Yireh

Everything crossed

Manuel 5:05 Sun May 28
Re: ACF Fiorentina
nyc - Yea, agree, it's a waste of time. All being even I think it's about 60/40 in our favour, but yea most likely a ''on the day'' game.

nychammer 1:08 Sun May 28
Re: ACF Fiorentina
I don't think you can point to their Serie A league form and say they are better or worse.

Its a Cup Final - league form goes out the window. Anything can happen and whoever shows up the best on the day wins.

Lato 11:46 Sat May 27
Re: ACF Fiorentina
I think we have enough to beat this lot. The only worry l have is the dirty tactics the Italians alway use. The little digs, pinching, shirt pulling etc on the blind side of the officials. As hard has it is our players mustn't react and needlessly get booked or worse sent off. A good ref would be nice for a change too. Saying that the Slovenian we had in the 2nd leg against AZ was good l thought!

goose 11:46 Sat May 27
Re: ACF Fiorentina
Italiano is a fantastic coach.
Been heavily linked with the Napoli job if Spaletti walks.

Matthew Holmes 11:28 Sat May 27
Re: ACF Fiorentina
two goals from knock down from crossses

hope we can deal with that better than Roma


british is best 10:17 Sat May 27
Re: ACF Fiorentina
I think we have the better players overall. But they cannot be underestimated as they have good players . i suspect it will be won or lost by how well rice and pacqueta play . The fact they play a high line suits us as well . Style wise there pretty similar to Lyon .

The Ghost of Sven 10:06 Sat May 27
Re: ACF Fiorentina
Fielded a weaker team?
They have another game on June 4
LOST THEIR HEADS, will have players in the final who either play then or will not have played for 2 weeks

Forest Gate Ugly 9:46 Sat May 27
Re: ACF Fiorentina
They’ve got nothing. We win

Crassus 9:27 Sat May 27
Re: ACF Fiorentina
Both fielded weaker sides with an eye on Euro finals

Saw enough from Fiorentina to see they could cause us problems, and we them; the final will be a mirror of this one with hopefully a different outcome

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