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alan devonshire 2:32 Sun May 28
Thank you Mr Moyes
I was at Heysel in 1976, my children, all grown up now, will be experiencing us in a European final for the first time. A long wait for me, a first for them

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SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:09 Thu Jun 1
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
Josh Cullen is now 27 and is still to play a PL game since leaving the club.

I sincerely hope, if selected, Josh rips up the division next year - except against us, of course*. But to suggest he wasn't given a fair crack here or that he has been a huge miss is ludicrous.

* He left on good terms, with huge dignity and with great respect to the club that made him. Thus, he'll always be welcomed at the LS.

Ashby can fuck off.

Russ of the BML 11:00 Wed May 31
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
I actually do thank Moyes. For his hard work. Because despite all of his short comings - Most of which have been eloquently spelt out by The White Horse in this thread - He obviously works hard and puts his all into the job.

But, it's not enough, we need a change.

Let's win this thing and move onto a manager than can then win us the Europa League and give us a decent league season and a run in a domestic cup.

Side of Ham 10:40 Wed May 31
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
Another thing I’d like to give Moyes thanks for is giving me perspective on West Ham and indeed football. I no longer need to dare to dream, instead I have full on predictability about what is likely to occur and if not then it’s a happy surprise like this cup final. Add in the owners and there’s a real feeling of grounded opinion and no need to get into the FOMO like I did previously. I’m actually enjoying the feeling of sitting back and taking it for what it is now…..a business…..and me a customer that at worse can be sent from pillar to post if I let them…..I finally have a bit of control when it comes to West Ham….and this site of differing opinions helps……

legrandefromage 12:32 Mon May 29
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
Fat Sam also lost 20 in 2013/14. An identical record - won 11, drew 7, lost 20. Makes you all nostalgic

Billy Blagg 11:31 Mon May 29
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
alan devonshire 2:32 Sun May 28

stats 11:18 Mon May 29
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
It's blatantly obvious that it's time for a change even if we do win the Europa Conference.

Thank you Mr Moyes and you need a change too.

The Ghost of Sven 11:16 Mon May 29
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
When we were relegated in last place in 2010/11 under Grant we lost 19 (NINETEEN) games

goose 11:12 Mon May 29
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
Thanks for the 20 (TWENTY) league defeats this season.

Without checking I’d guess that’s a record.

RM10 11:07 Mon May 29
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
Win or lose we are at an important crossroads.

Iron Duke 11:03 Mon May 29
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
If we lose in Prague he has to go.

If we win in Prague, I would still say goodbye if it was my choice, but I would gladly put up with another year if it meant we actually won something.

Worst case scenario would be us losing the final AND Moyes staying. So that’s probably what will happen.

Eerie Descent 10:58 Mon May 29
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
Thanks for producing one of the most weak, timid, pathetic, passionless, embarrassing, shit, BORING league seasons in the clubs history, after being the 3rd highest transfer spenders on the entire planet.

Steady 10:56 Mon May 29
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
I can’t face another pre season being linked with decent players, only to see Cresswell and Soucek starting again next season.

Thanks Mr Moyes for 2 cracking seasons, but after this season, it’s goodbye from me.

Vexed 10:38 Mon May 29
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
Embarrassing. Top your fucking self.

Niblets 9:03 Mon May 29
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
Robbed us of a Europa final and possible Champions League place last year with his negativity.

Yeah, thanks Moyesie.

GoalLazio 8:26 Mon May 29
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
Thank you Mr Moyes? You fucking wanker.
It is a tin pot cup - whilst I’ll take it who decent have we played? No one or we wouldnt still be in it given we nearly got relegated.

Browno22 8:20 Mon May 29
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
These moyes supporters are now a fucking cult. Hope they disappear when he finally does

Hammer Oz 7:54 Mon May 29
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
Agree, thank you and goodbye from me

fraser 7:19 Mon May 29
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
Some people are easily pleased, an abomination of a league season both results and style of play.

But we're only West Ham and we've always been shit so let's suck David's cock cause we've got to a final in a competition that if we hadn't would have been a bigger failure than our league season

BigDingus 6:12 Sun May 28
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
Yeah thanks and goodbye

The White Horse 6:10 Sun May 28
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
Deserves a statue - yeah inserted sideways -
you know where.

The White Horse 4:29 Sun May 28
Re: Thank you Mr Moyes
Yes Thanks for backing into our first Euro final in 47 years. Just think we could have the Europa already had we shown more enterprising tactics last year. We’d have been in the champions league too possibly next year had we bought the correct players and not spunked 180 million or so basically on 2 players and took three quarters of the season to blood them in. Oh and Thanks for utilizing our successful academy players - great job getting them much needed time.
Ashby, Cullen etc they also Thank you - you absolute master tactician. I can already see we’re going to beat Fiorentina 2 or 3-0 because of those tactics you deploy where
you come out guns blazing and try score from the off with two strikers up top - please keep this going Mr. Moyes.

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