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sand iron 10:39 Sun May 28
Fan zone in Prague
Heading out to Prague with the family next week so looking to book an hotel or air b&b, ideally we don’t want to be too far away from our fan zone, that’s providing we’re having a fan zone.

Anyone in the know on here if the club are having a fan zone or the likely whereabouts?

I wouldn’t normally be fussed about a fan zone but packed bars are out the question with 11 & 7 year old kids.

Been a bit dubious taking em but guessing fan zones will be mainly family types anyway so should be a great atmosphere.

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Mace66 11:57 Tue Jun 6
Re: Fan zone in Prague
met office suggests overcast with a 10% morning to 30% evening chance of rain on Weds

pleasantly warm at about 20 degrees

Not in Ted's (RIP) league but that's my best effort


slartibartfast 8:24 Tue Jun 6
Re: Fan zone in Prague
Czech weather sites have been saying all week that it would be sunny Wednesday ... My wife swears by them...

Now it says its gonna piss down...

Glad you enjoyed the pub lads!

fraser 2:52 Tue Jun 6
Re: Fan zone in Prague
Got in that bar about 12.30 flights were slow.. Decent place.. Need a canoe.. It's wet.

BRANDED 1:00 Tue Jun 6
Re: Fan zone in Prague
Weather in Krakow is balmy and dry.

Crassus 12:54 Tue Jun 6
Re: Fan zone in Prague
Just plotted up in your gaffe, nice place
Second ale is evaporating quicker than the first
Plenty of ours about , going to be hordes tomorrow

slartibartfast 10:03 Mon Jun 5
Re: Fan zone in Prague
been up to the fanzone today. It's big. It's right opposite the Sparta Prague stadium. There's one huge screen and a big stage alongside it. It looked to be in a fairly early stage of construction, so I can't say if there'll be more screens set up or not, but if they're expecting many thousands I can't imagine that one screen would be enough ... who knows.

Looks like they're going to set up a big beer garden there, saw loads of benches and tables. Looked alright actually - though the rain could make it interesting.

I reckon there's enough room for maybe 5-8,000 at a glance. I can't imagine them getting 20,000 odd in there. It looks like getting there early on will be the smart approach.

One thing to consider is it has been absolutely pissing it down all day, and the fanzone is not on tarmac, so there were already big puddles everywhere.

David L 10:03 Mon Jun 5
Re: Fan zone in Prague
Is it too late to ask Sullivan to bring out the old but trusty Beamback equipment ( as immortalised in an issue of Fortunes Always Hiding)?

Crassus 5:49 Mon Jun 5
Re: Fan zone in Prague
No problem mate, I'll stay in touch and let me know if you locate any ticket source locally

VickyPkVillageIdiot 5:44 Mon Jun 5
Re: Fan zone in Prague
Weather is complete shit

slartibartfast 12:25 Mon Jun 5
Re: Fan zone in Prague
Crass, no tickets either. Hoping they'll come down today and tomorrow. I refuse to pay over 800. Even then, I'm unsure.

My old man is coming over with a few of the guys we sit with at the LS. Initial plan was to book a boat in the afternoon but that's gone by the wayside now.

Most likely will meet up in the town centre around midday and see where things are happening. Head up to the fanzone at some point later in the afternoon, and stay there for the rest of the day. Post-game no idea.

Safe flight.

I'm not going to be able to get out tonight, but perhaps tomorrow. We'll see.

smartypants 11:39 Mon Jun 5
Re: Fan zone in Prague
You can get behind the goal in fiorintina end for £500, but don’t fancy that either. Still about £12/1500 on the sides, but seem to be loads still available so they may drop further. I can’t bring myself to pay more than £500

fraser 11:36 Mon Jun 5
Re: Fan zone in Prague
Fifth - definitely reads like small TV's... I will go scout it out tomorrow, but will definitely be looking for a better alternative.

Fifth Column 11:30 Mon Jun 5
Re: Fan zone in Prague

Yes I get back. It was the reference to "multiple" screens that made me think they weren't going to be that big.

But perhaps it's just years of WHUFC incompetence that makes me think the worst when I presume it's the Czech authorities and not the club organising things there.

Alwaysaniron 11:21 Mon Jun 5
Re: Fan zone in Prague
I intend to go there but will probably aim to get there by 3. Chesney is doing a 'full set' which is really putting me off to be frank. Should be a good crack though and if we don't get in there'll be loads of other pubs to view the match at.

Keep scouting the ticket sites and the prices are coming down if you fancy sitting in with the Fiorentina mob (fuck that).

Crassus 11:45 Sun Jun 4
Re: Fan zone in Prague
No tickets mate - yet, watching secondary sites, fluid, I'm inclined to go all in, my lad tells me to wind my neck and is happy to be there
My lad booked the club tickets, but I'm not spending 12 hours within walls, so will definitely be down the fan park at some point and going from there
What are you doing?
We are on a 17.25 out of Birmingham tomorrow - my arse is on fire!

slartibartfast 11:35 Sun Jun 4
Re: Fan zone in Prague
Fifth, I'm gonna try and get up to Letna tomorrow to check it out.

I think LED screens can be pretty huge though. A quick look online suggests they can be over a 100m2.

slartibartfast 11:32 Sun Jun 4
Re: Fan zone in Prague
Hi Crass.

Don't know U Kroka but had a look on the website and it looks lovely.

My wife has been to Mincovna and she says it's really nice.

Have you got tickets Crass? Or just going to spend the day at the fan zone?

Fifth Column 10:45 Sun Jun 4
Re: Fan zone in Prague
Website now says there will be "multiple Led screens" to watch the match on. So no big screen. Just TVs dotted around?

Crassus 9:36 Sun Jun 4
Re: Fan zone in Prague

Hiya mate
My lad has booked the U Kroka and Mincovna restaurants
Any good?

slartibartfast 9:21 Sun Jun 4
Re: Fan zone in Prague

Suggestions from Chesney that we should get down the fanzone early on. Not sure I want to be in the park for 12 hours straight really...

Maybe he's being genuine, but equally he could just be trying to ensure he's bringing in the punters for his bosses.

Any thoughts?

fraser 11:44 Fri Jun 2
Re: Fan zone in Prague
Crassus - cheers as long as no flight delays we should be in there.

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