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Pub Bigot 4:34 Fri Jul 7
Loyalty Points
I know they deduct them every other season, but going from 35 to 22 kicks in the cock!

Anyone been bent over for a higher number?

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On The Ball 1:57 Tue Aug 1
Re: Loyalty Points
Possibly the Leeds one that we all lost (for a reason I don't recall)?

Pub Bigot 1:28 Tue Aug 1
Re: Loyalty Points
I had 35, down to 22 and checked last night they'd taken a point off and no communication explaining why.

Same old West Ham taking the piss

Chairman Alf 2:01 Mon Jul 17
Re: Loyalty Points
I went from 56 to 27, that was a right kick in the nuts!

The Fonz 7:05 Wed Jul 12
Re: Loyalty Points
22 should see you get a ticket for the europa league final considering how low it went to for prague and our small allocation....

DaveT 7:00 Wed Jul 12
Re: Loyalty Points
I'm the same Fifth
I've said that any team being promoted should have to allocate 3,000 minimum for away fans. If they have small capacity, tough.

Niblets 5:35 Wed Jul 12
Re: Loyalty Points
'but understand its become a bit of a closed shop with those in the CLIQUE buying tickets and selling on when they don't go to maintain their position.'

Yet you knobs only moan about this so called CLOSED SHOP when it comes to the likes of Chelsea and Spurs away, but never anything north of Birmingham when it's on TV.

The Ghost of Sven 11:30 Wed Jul 12
Re: Loyalty Points
As said I dont have a problem with it and its entirely right that those that go to some dismal Northern hell hole on a January Tuesday deserve to be at the front of the queue for the 'easier' London games.
Am always impressed that people front up and keep going away in the face of the cost and some dismal football.
Our away support always stands out

Mad Dog 10:40 Wed Jul 12
Re: Loyalty Points
It's something to do with you percentile not how many actual points you have

Fifth Column 10:16 Wed Jul 12
Re: Loyalty Points

You're right in everything you say. I go to 2/3 of aways. My boy has taken three years to build up points and he's now on only one point fewer than me.

However I'd say it's literally impossible to get up to the top 2,000 so to speak. I can never get tickets for places like Bournemouth or euro aways with under 2k capacity. That is not a complaint. Just an observation that over time you can build up points to have enough to get tickets for matches where we've got about 3k allocation but beyond that it's not really possible. I'm happy with the situation.

On The Ball 10:06 Wed Jul 12
Re: Loyalty Points
Sven - not so. It's been shown repeatedly that it's doable over the course of a couple of seasons - you just can't miss a home Cup game, you have to apply for every ballot, then go when you get lucky even if it's inconvenient.

Too many cry 'it's a closed shop' when really it isn't. It's generally just very understandable bitterness that people can't get away tickets. It is more closed than it used to be of course, but demand is higher. And whether people like it or not, points/ballot is the best system. It's what England have used for years and it's been debated endlessly, but no-one can ever come up with anything fairer because someone ALWAYS misses out.

I don't personally think that the selling on of tickets is THAT big a thing, but it's tough to tell. The only way around that is collection in person lke we do with European away games and England games - but that isn't very practical.

It can also be laziness, like the bloke last week on Facebook going mad about it all, about how unfair it all is, how imposible it is to get tickets - he'd never heard of the ballot. So that to me isnt someone who has done everything he possibly can to get tickets, that's a bloke who decided to go to Tottenham away and was shocked he couldn't get a ticket.

hammer205 - no point for Prague. It's a Final, considered to be the 'point' of points. Same as no England 'caps' for World Cups/Euros.

Hello Mrs. Jones 9:26 Wed Jul 12
Re: Loyalty Points
Cheers Bubbles for explaining it.

The Ghost of Sven 9:18 Wed Jul 12
Re: Loyalty Points
Fair play to those that go away as they deserve priority but understand its become a bit of a closed shop with those in the CLIQUE buying tickets and selling on when they dont go to maintain their position.

Dont think there is an easy solution .... apart from away teams giving more tickets to the MASSIVE West Ham

chav_corner 8:58 Wed Jul 12
Re: Loyalty Points
The number of priority points is only important in relation to the total available.
E.g. if you have 10 priority points and the maximum any supporter could have is 10, you hold 100% of points available and are at the front of the queue.
If you have 10 priority points and the maximum any supporter could have is 1000, you hold 1% of the points available and are at the back of the queue.
Your position in the queue changes on a season by season basis - ensuring that people can’t simply ‘bank’ their top spot if they don’t continue to buy tickets. This means someone may have had 20 years of attending every away game, but if they stop attending for a season it means other supporters move up the queue. The system means that any new season ticket holder has the ability to become a season ticket holder with away priority if they are willing to travel to the less attractive fixtures and buy the home cup games in the first instance.
If you purchase enough tickets to increase your percentage of the overall total available in that season, you move up the queue after the previous seasons points disappear.
For example, if you started a season with 50% of the total points available but purchased 51% of tickets / points that season you move up the queue. If you purchased 49% of tickets available that season, you move down.
You have to purchase a greater percentage season by season, which is always possible, to move up. It would take 3 seasons of doing this (for a supporter starting from 0 points) to be in a position where you would be eligible for almost all away games.
From there it takes a little longer to break into the very top bracket, who are eligible for the smallest allocations.
In 2021-22 38 points could have been earned.
In 2022-23 38 points was also the maximum that could have been earned.
Take the points that you had at the start of 21-22 and calculate them as a percentage of 38. Then take the points you have now and calculate them as a percentage of 38. The change in percentage tells you your movement up / down the queue.
A comparison between the amount of points you had last week and the amount of points you have now, without working out percentages of the total available, doesn’t give any context. Everyone has had their points from 21-22 deducted.

hammer205 8:09 Wed Jul 12
Re: Loyalty Points
Should a priory point be added for the Prague final. It seems this has been overlooked for a game that’s still an away game after all

Huffers 7:18 Wed Jul 12
Re: Loyalty Points
It makes no difference as everyone has points from 2 seasons ago deducted. I believe the maximum is now 38. I was on nearly 80 I think. Now 37 as I didn’t go Viborg.

eswing hammer 12:09 Wed Jul 12
Re: Loyalty Points
Same as the first team 21/22 56 points,
22/23. 40 points !

On The Ball 12:00 Wed Jul 12
Re: Loyalty Points
Everyone 'suffers' the same, so it really doesn't make a difference.

Fifth Column 11:57 Tue Jul 11
Re: Loyalty Points
It's every season they take off season that was last but one. Eg now, they remove all points from 21/22 season.

It was only during covid they didn't deduct for a season.

I've gone from 48 down to 24. So I must have gained 24 points in 21/22 and exact same amount in 22/23. Consistent at least!

slinger 11:49 Tue Jul 11
Re: Loyalty Points
28 points to 9 JOKE

brundal 7:56 Fri Jul 7
Re: Loyalty Points
The whole points system needs to be changed / revamped, you need points to buy tickets but can’t buy tickets without points. And you could have brought an away season ticket without any points. To many buying tickets to build up points and not going to the match.

Yorkammer 5:26 Fri Jul 7
Re: Loyalty Points
These are the rules. I believe it's always been like this though there may have been a Covid exception.

"For the 22/23 Season, supporters will have the points from the 21/22 season remain on their accounts, any point that is accumulated prior to this will be wiped.

What this mean is, any priority point that was accumulated in the 20/21 season will not be included. Priority points are always based on the previous season, and the current season, therefore, next year any points carried over will be from the 21/22 season and then any points from the 22/23 will continue to add on throughout".

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