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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

one iron 8:05 Tue Aug 1
Who is to blame at West Ham?
This will shock you. its us the fans for rolling over and letting this happen. if this was going on in say italy,south america, the fans would revolt.we just take it when will we wake up and fight for what we love. we all need to grow some balls.

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icwhs 3:50 Tue Aug 8
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
Won’t happen, the new breed of fan that spawned from the move were given smartphones and able to access social media.

They don’t care, in fact they are losing their shit as we speak on twatter because the level of player we are looking for isn’t good enough for them.

Older generation are too busy screaming at the clouds for it to stop raining.

joyo 3:32 Tue Aug 8
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
Oh link wasn't right,anyway article on bbc football site about West Ham answers some questions

joyo 3:30 Tue Aug 8
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
Interesting article on our current situation

Far Cough 11:56 Tue Aug 8
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
Hahaha, three Mini Mees

eusebiovic 11:53 Tue Aug 8
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
Herve Villechaize
Verne Troyer
Warwick Davis

RM10 9:59 Tue Aug 8
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
Poor management from the top, we all could see after the cup win we needed change and Moyes should have moved on to allow a new manager and DOF to spend the rice money.

Willtell 9:48 Tue Aug 8
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
It's clearly a problem at the very top and that means David Sullivan.

He might be an economist and a self made billionaire but, he couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery.

That's why he pays Brady a £1m a year as his part time 'Vice Chair' to sort out the contracts and paperwork from the mess his decisions create.

The latest example is the mess of having a Transfer Committee. We have a Sporting Director, a Technical Director, a Head of Recruitment and a dinosaur Football Manager form the committee. Yet Sullivan keeps control of it with his hand tightly restricting how much is paid for the players the committee decides to buy.

GBHammer63 8:21 Tue Aug 8
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
Joyo, you need to read what I said again.
Didn’t go Prague, did well up, was proud and pleased we finally won something, what’s your point?
Unfortunately the doom and gloom is here to stay under this ownership and management which cannot or will not see any of its short comings.

RoyalDocksGK 4:48 Tue Aug 8
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
Joyo, it's the standing still and enjoying this moment that will cost us and leave us behind the likes of Villa, Brighton, Spurs, Brentford etc that royally fuck this club over.

Why didn't we progress after the 2006 fa cup final ?
Why won't we progress after the Europa Conference league ?

We can't just stand still and hope Jo other clubs around us don't improve. The question should be is, why aren't we thriving to achieve more from last season ?

joyo 3:59 Tue Aug 8
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
GB 10.35..was you in Prague,did you go to the final,l saw so many older fans crying with joy leaving that shithole stadium,so please explain to me what you mean why we shouldn't feel part of this club after a wait of 43 years to win something
Why can't people enjoy the moment rather than this constant doom and gloom?

Capitol Man 3:41 Tue Aug 8
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
Wasn’t there a time limit after getting the stadium where he’d have to give a share of the sale back to the government. Has that expired now?

RoyalDocksGK 2:54 Tue Aug 8
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
Sullivan is the root of all evil at this club.

If you don't back your manager and the signings he wants to protect his reputation he has, sack him.
If you refuse to put in veesable offers for the player he knows will help him survive his last one year contract, sack him
You don't bring in another technical director or buy players and undermine the manager even .pre so after you decide to stick your whore in, sack him.
It would cost £4 measly million to replace him

If Moyes had two/three years on his contrac he'd probably welcome the future talents then at him by Steidten and co but why would he. ? He wants to not get relegated.

Sullivan had and always will be the downfall of this club and will always be the problem with us moving forward.

I like Moyes. I don't want him as manager. But he's being made to look like a cunt by Sullivan.

I don't wish harm or death on any person in this world. But Sullivan is that exception.

GBHammer63 10:35 Mon Aug 7
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
Every one of us lifelong supporters should ask themselves one question, and answer it truthfully, do you actually feel a part of this club anymore? Not do you love it, but do you actually feel a part of it?

For me, I haven’t given any of these parasitic cunts a bean, despite watching every single game for every second on TV.

Cannot believe that three thieving lying cunts have got to thirteen years and been tolerated for so long.

Moyes is just their puppet whose been taking the flak, but Sullivan can’t see what the truth is until he’s fronted out. The only reason there’s not been another Burnley is Brady has sanitised our game day fanbase and most ain’t old school anymore.

goose 5:21 Mon Aug 7
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
Souhbank I understand it’s not as simple as him being worth X.

But he’s had a very good year and is worth a lot more than he was a year ago. Saying he’s had a less positive year simply isn’t true.

ATHammer 4:16 Mon Aug 7
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
We are. The reasons for protesting a few seasons ago have not changed one Iota. Sullivan and Brady still rule the roost and real fans are treated like mugs who the owners cannot wait to replace with tourists.
The football is rubbish and we support a premier league team and now perennial European competitor trains in rented portakabins FFS!
But, with a few wins the protests fell away. More fool us.
The club is a three ring circus. Ring One presided over Dildo Dave means that we proceed with no discernible strategy, flip flopping between management styles; employing scouting talent only to ignore their input and let the second ringmaster Dithering Dave turn what little talent does tip up into money losing shite. Ringmaster 2 fails to recognise, endorse, adapt or manage any form of talented player without a bust up. Better still he is offered world class players which he dismisses. He doesn't limit his own skills to the playing staff. He can also fuck off his coaches including one who was his mate, but dared to suggest a less prehistoric manner of play. Which leads to the third ring presided over by the buxom Lady Knightsbridge. Working on the basis that the old skool will be either at or around pensionable age the latest wheeze from this harridan is to increase, at the drop of a hat and, so far as I am aware the only club to do so, the senior age limited from 65 to 66. Presumably this kills two birds with one stone. Disenfranchises a few more old skool moaners who decline to renew. In turn this frees up seats for more tourists, either via the EPL tout site or to "families" who do not have West Ham support in their blood for generations and probably buy a ticket so they can watch the "big 6". I have been going since 1963 and am fully afflicted with the West Ham disease. With full claret and blue optimism I still look forward to Moyes, Sullivan and Brady fucking off and, should the protest be resurrected, I will be there. I think one of the charlatans once said that they were the custodians of the club, well European success was at best a band aid which does not disguise the piss poor job they are doing of protecting a worthwhile legacy.

greenie1 2:56 Mon Aug 7
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
I think GSB have taken us as far as we can go. its time for them to sell.
As much as I don't like the thought of a foreign investor (Saudi's for example), all the other teams that have been heavily invested in seem to buying players. Its a case of if you can't beat them, join them.

I wonder what this up and coming season would be like if we had kept Rice for another year, but still brought in a few more players. Granted, we would have lost a few million when selling him next year, but I somehow think letting Rice go was the wrong idea.

southbankbornnbred 12:46 Mon Aug 7
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
Manuel - the clue was in the name, mate: Sullivan hammered out an option deal with Kretinsky on shares etc. It's still in place (not sure if it is time limited or not).

Which brings me to...

Goose - Kretinsky's financial position isn't as straightforward as "he's worth X". He's invested in a huge range of industries, some of which are more liquid than others if he wants to free up assets for a football takeover. Some of which also carry debt, and (on the flip side) more positive immediate cash outlooks.

We're all worth X. But when you factor in borrowing, loan repayments, revenue streams, other shareholders etc, it all gets far more complicated.

chav_corner 12:32 Mon Aug 7
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
You aint far wrong One Iron.The club treats its fans with disdain day by day, but it seems most of our fans will put up with anything as long as the team wins a few games.There is a petition going out calling for West Ham to reinstate the age for concession tickets to 65.That petition should be a must for every West Ham fan to sign.it should get 50000 signatures but it wont.APATHY mate.Glad we saw better days when the fanbase stuck together.

goose 12:15 Mon Aug 7
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
“Kretinsky's own slightly less positive financial position “

DK almost doubled his net worth in the last year, largely down to his investment in coal.

Lee Trundle 11:44 Mon Aug 7
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
I also thought we'd be sold in the summer, not to Kretinsky though.

What going on with the Man Utd sale? Is that still going ahead?

Manuel 11:41 Mon Aug 7
Re: Who is to blame at West Ham?
southbankbornnbred 11:39 Mon Aug 7

''I genuinely think Sullivan believed he was going to sell the club this summer.''

No he never, sell to who exactly?? Just made up nonsense.

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