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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

COOL HAND LUKE 1:21 Tue Sep 12
Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
This fat, stupid, useless bastard has popped up on Kuntsberg's utterly Biased Bullshit Corporation show, pissing and moaning about Brexit. Apparently, we've ALL 'changed our minds' and think it's a catastrophe... he presented this as a FACT, and of course the Kunt' did little to deter or correct him...
Barclays like Fry give air to their brainwashed views and never seem to get challenged - perhaps she knew he would be struck dumb if she'd said, "Okay, and what exactly do you base that comment on Stephen?"
And of course, that's his live appearances shot to shit - he's just alienated around 60% of any fanbase likely to attend them. Mug.

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Willtell 9:25 Wed Sep 27
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
Ag ag ag!

goose 11:27 Tue Sep 26
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
You mean semi-literate?

Hammer and Pickle 11:11 Tue Sep 26
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
Can’t help it if you’re a semi-illiterate, Pointy.

No wonder you can’t really discuss the issues in any sensible manner.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:06 Tue Sep 26
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
Hammer and Pickle 10:59 Tue Sep 26

'By educated standards we tend to mean a certain minimum of substance, Pointy.

And you lack it even more.'

That doesn't even make sense, you high-falutin' half-wit.

goose 11:05 Tue Sep 26
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
Karen has had their pants pulled down so many times by Griffin, I’m not sure they bother putting them on anymore.

Hammer and Pickle 10:59 Tue Sep 26
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
By educated standards we tend to mean a certain minimum of substance, Pointy.

And you lack it even more.

Now piss off again for a month, there's a good fellow.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:47 Tue Sep 26
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
Hammer and Pickle 2:30 Sat Sep 23

'By any educated standards, CM has dissected his man here,'


'Dissected his man' = been humiliated by for several days

Hammer and Pickle 2:30 Sat Sep 23
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
What like the ship with all your useful, witty posts, Fat Ron?

By any educated standards, CM has dissected his man here, and of course you have bugger all to say about it.

Yet there is so much going on in the world you could be commenting on. Like all those New Jersey DEMs calling on their party colleague Robert Menendez to resign as he faces corruption allegations. So, if you’ve got he capacity to focus on it enough, do you think the GOP would behave in a similar way if it was one of them? Come on - a simple yes or no will do.

Kaiser Zoso 12:55 Sat Sep 23
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
On the evidence, colly, that ship has well and truly sailed

collyrob 11:07 Sat Sep 23
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
Fucking hell get a life

Capitol Man 11:04 Fri Sep 22
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
stewie griffin 11:33 Fri Sep 15
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg

I can only aspire to your too cool for the Tories charisma Stevie.

On BLM you clearly fall the hysterical right wing nonsense that riddles much of the other nonsense you post.

And yes, I did call them racist on it, because they were. Their posts clearly looked to avoid the issues involved entirely. I'd have thought someone with your sparkling wit wouldn't have devoted the time to search back through old threads anyway. I didn't call everyone on the thread racist, just those that so clearly were.

I do wonder where a lot of your bullshit comes from Stevie- it's rarely well-supported. But as long as YOU believe something then it must be true.

Like you projected "Your" view on the success and failure of Biden from the start of your post on this thread rather than responding to the points being made.

It's why you fucked it up from the start and then continued to dig as you're not able to accept you fucked it up and move on.

Couple of basic points for you Steve before you attempt to initiate the flow of sparkling prose contained in your lectures that you could perhaps address. I'm sure you're finding it boring that they are being repeated but your arrogance seems to make your brain incapable of taking them in on the first go.

1) I don't believe Biden is a failure, that's your projection. I need to both think he was a failure and be blaming someone else for you to have been right.

2) Not sure why you think you have me cornered on BLM as I made a clear distinction from the start that I supported the cause of justice for all and equal treatment by law enforcement. So why would my knowledge of the history of BLM matter in any way shape or form?

Mike Oxsaw 9:54 Fri Sep 22
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
Claret Badger 9:47 Fri Sep 22

So are you saying that I should don sack-cloth and ashes over Brexit while you go about your daily business of being cool, hip & trendy?

What's MY motivation?

Claret Badger 9:47 Fri Sep 22
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg

Mike Oxsaw 12:00 Wed Sep 13
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg

doesn't affectmeism

love it

no war - who mentioned war? Victory isn't a prequisite of conflaguration merely a struggle overcome

But nothing as, you confirm. has affected you

this layer of bureaucracy you critisize is now replaced my an internal layer of inefficient admin - and we've lost the freedom to travel and goods and touring bands struggle to cross borders

but as long as nothing affected you - BREXIT was a victory and you overcame the struggle

good on you

stewie griffin 11:33 Fri Sep 15
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
nope... you're just genuinely dull.

Its not so much that you would need to think that Biden is a failure, just that you'd have to expect the President of the US to be able to speak. Too much to ask, evidently.
On BLM, you don't know your subject matter - proven countless times below - and you seem to be claiming a win for coming to a realization that everyone else came to several years ago. Bizarre, but standard fare. Sadly, the George Flpyd thread has been deleted so i can't put your posts up from that, but mercifully, you concede below that you called a bunch of people racist on it, for saying all the same things you are saying now.

I often wonder where these productivity level studies come from - while personal experiences can only ever be anecdotal, i don't know anyone who thinks that working with the US is easy. Its typically over-engineered, requires committee decisions for everything, and they manufacture jobs out of nothing. Always made me laugh during covid when people talked about that bloke at Pfizer who was a VP, citing it as some kind of importance. There's roughly 1000 VPs and 250 SVPs in my business - utterly fucking meaningless but not a problem, given the size of the population they have to crate jobs somehow.

I'll confess to being mildly interested on hearing more on your thoughts on immigration.

Capitol Man 11:20 Fri Sep 15
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
By "a bit bored" you mean you've made a bit of a twat of yourself from the start of this then kept digging.

Come on, you can admit it - I'd need to think Biden was a failure for any of your first point to make sense and I'd have to have said I supported all of BLM for your points there to work.

His track record is pretty good in term of substance against many of his predecessors. You focus on the fluff and your social media feed too much.

Yep, 86 he'll be too old at the end of term 2. I don't think he'd be running again if Trump wasn't the likely candidate - but that's the reality unfortunately. I think the GOP would slaughter him if they run someone like Nikki Haley, for all her faults.

I'd like there to be a decent GOP candidate to be honest, but they've gone completely mental.

You won't get an ambulance bill like that with decent insurance btw,. Not sure where the 5-1 comes from as the US has higher productivity levels.

Immigration - reasonable reform needed that's somewhere in the middle. Sending people who came here as kids isn't humane, and a path to citizenship is needed. I don't think we'll get to a solution because the GOP needs a "crisis" as an issue. They've got close to deal in the past, but then they get scuppered mostly because of GOP infighting. Many can't be seen to be "soft" on immigration and they have this "majority of the majority" thing.

stewie griffin 11:18 Fri Sep 15
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
by your own admission, those standards seem to have been in decline since 2008. That encompasses the whole of Obama's presidency, Trump & Biden - its a pretty big leap in the space of 10 minutes to pin it all on the 4 years in the middle.

If it helps. all 3 of them have been laughably bad. Much like our last few...actually more than last few on both sides... Blair & Bush were a fucking disaster as well

Hammer and Pickle 11:07 Fri Sep 15
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
Glad we agree the US is facing massive living standard issues. Let's focus our minds on those and which of the main political parties are actually trying to address them. I agree that Biden is not a giant of charisma or magnetism but the problems he faces are ones created by the GOP as the Dems try to resolve the real nasty stuff.

stewie griffin 11:05 Fri Sep 15
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
i think, pickle son, that there's a very real situation in parts of the US where the xtreme right exists, it would be foolish to deny it, but in a country of 330 million people, the 1% extreme isn't really a big deal.

For many ordinary americans, you can read 'general malaise' as common sense - folk are a little bored of being the worlds police....and to see their country piling in excess of 100 billion into a foreign war while incredibly wealthy neighbouring countries like germany do very little, while their own infrastructure is crumbling and failing, doesn't sit particularly well. Its not a difficult vote winner to say they'd stop doing that and spend that money at home. Nothing especially nefarious there, in truth. It is, unfortunately for some, also an issue that Biden's kid has declared millions in earnings from Ukraine & China (source - CNN...via Washington Post). Whether there's any wrongdoing or not, its the exact opposite of what his dad said in the televised debates, and that's a problem whether people want to admit it or not.

Its a very fine line they have to tread so not easy to navigate. But, which you won't like, the GOP don't stoke divisions any more or less than the other side. Many of the woke ideologies we now see are a step backwards by 30 years and actively highlight our differences rather than our similarities.

Side of Ham 11:03 Fri Sep 15
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
That’s a long post for very little response….she’ll be livid in her car…..may have even set off the airbag….

Jaan Kenbrovin 11:02 Fri Sep 15
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
'If you take a critical look at his presidency.... I think he's done remarkably well'

That's not what the majority of Americans think according to polling conducted by his TV network cheerleaders.

You can deny any importance to polling but it's pretty ignorant to think he isn't a figure of ridicule, and more importantly of corruption.

stewie griffin 10:54 Fri Sep 15
Re: Stephen Fry on Kuntsberg
bit bored of you tbh, trying to have a conversation with Pickle - although your attempts at counting are sufficient to amuse.

but in the interests of being civil:
- you think Biden isn't failing, but you concede you think he is too old to run. To be clear, he can barely string a coherent sentence together...if that's good enough for you, fair enough, i can respect that...i just have slightly higher expectations for the leader of the free world

- Biden doesn't vex me in any way - he performs the same comic value that Trump did, just in different ways. I don't live there yet, so i don't have to pay 3 grand or whatever it is now to call an ambulance. As for jobs. the US will always have low unemployment - because they employ 5 people to do the work that one person in the UK does. In part because of the litigation culture so that everyone is terrified of making a decision, in part because they're clock watching 9-5 lazy cunts, and in part because everything requires a 'process' because people are too dense to think critically for themselves.

- his speech in vietnam wasn't fine. Not even close. That's why they stopped it.

- the political party you support doesn't promote the rights of citizens. That's the whole point. Whats your stance on immigration?

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