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Leonard Hatred 2:59 Mon Sep 18
Jive Bunny


Me going to a kibbutz in Israel

Collapse of communism

Devil dogs

Kevs and Sharons


Jethro Tull release Rock Island

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Jaan Kenbrovin 2:34 Thu Sep 21
Re: 1989

Air Jordan 4. White and military Blue.

Weekend at Bernies

Naf Naf Puffa jackets

Back to the Future Part II

A Bit of Fry & Laurie

Side of Ham 11:38 Wed Sep 20
Re: 1989
Soul Weekender Flavor Flav ‘Yeah, boyeeeeee’….Lisa Stansfield and the immensely good live EnVogue….

Cony Tottee 10:58 Wed Sep 20
Re: 1989
1989, the number, another summer

bruuuno 2:45 Wed Sep 20
Re: 1989
My first West Ham game home v Bradford we won 2-0. Still remember the brilliant green of the pitch under the dazzling floodlights, the smell of the turf

bruuuno 2:41 Wed Sep 20
Re: 1989
What a brilliant time.

Millwall v West Ham - my dad uncles and older cousins all heading off like they were going to war, kids had to stay at home. Mum fretting all day listening to commentary and news bulletins on the radio of it all kicking off. At football the next day a few dads and elder brothers turning up wired full of stories and sporting shiners

Life will never be as carefree as back then

Niblets 1:58 Tue Sep 19
Re: 1989
George BUSH
Michael THOMAS
Tiananmen SQUARE

marty feldman 8:30 Tue Sep 19
Re: 1989
West ham relegated
Lyall sacked
Tyson Bruno 1
Desert orchid Cheltenham gold cup
Jive bunny
Boiling hot summer
Marchiness disaster
Sky television launched in the UK .

Darlo Debs 1:09 Tue Sep 19
Re: 1989
Stone Roses
Soul.II Soul
A great summer, my first proper boyfriend
Great year

zebthecat 11:19 Mon Sep 18
Re: 1989
RBshorty 4:31 Mon Sep 18

Absolutely! A total classic - "Hello Mr Fish"
Fear of a black planet

I love FNM and Mike Patten's stuff in general. The Real Thing is excellent (Surprise you're dead is may favourite) but Angel Dust is where they really, really nailed it.

joe royal 10:40 Mon Sep 18
Re: 1989
89? Probably taking loads of E’s and shagging anything that moved.

36 years later I live a lonely life - great memories tho.

Gonch 10:20 Mon Sep 18
Re: 1989
“It’s up for grabs now!”
The Jolly Boys Outing
Eddie Hemmings vs Essex
BAC Windows

Kaiser Zoso 10:13 Mon Sep 18
Re: 1989
Gary Abletts

yngwies Cat 9:04 Mon Sep 18
Re: 1989
Shalom Len

BAC The Windows People

Kings X - Gretchen to Nebraska
Skid Row - Skid Row..

Got me hair cut :-(

kylay 7:51 Mon Sep 18
Re: 1989
The Simpsons debut

smartypants 6:38 Mon Sep 18
Re: 1989
Pump up the jam
808 State
Kickers, chippie, chevignion, soviet
West ham v millwall, large scale disorder, I repeat large scale disorder

Moncurs Putting Iron 6:27 Mon Sep 18
Re: 1989
Beer in bottles (with lime slices)

Milli fucking Vanilli and Black Box getting models or dancers to mime because the vocalists were too old or fat or ugly tor their image

Relegation and Johnnie Lyall sacked :-(
Franks Broken leg
We hate Paul Ince

Somehow getting my end away in the back of my 1978 Beetle 1303S (Which I doubt I could even get into now without needing the services of a chiropractor)

BRANDED 6:27 Mon Sep 18
Re: 1989
Second Summer of love ( second year obvs ), rave, acid house, ecstasy,

joe royal 6:24 Mon Sep 18
Re: 1989
"Me going to a kibbutz in Israel"

Where else would you find a kibbutz?

Everyone I know (2 people) that have been on one just treated it as a bit of an orgy. Said the food was pretty crap as well.

hammer205 6:15 Mon Sep 18
Re: 1989
McKnightmare in goal!

Vexed 6:06 Mon Sep 18
Re: 1989
"Me going to a kibbutz in Israel"

Talk to me about this. Don't they tell you all sorts of shit on these things.? I knew someone who came back from one of these that had been told that 'they' can prove the existence of god - and she believed it the, the silly slag.

eastend joker 5:57 Mon Sep 18
Re: 1989
Relegated at Anfield !

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