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PwoperNaughtyButNot 6:34 Wed Dec 27
Danny Ings
Now Moyes has stumbled across this formation that doesn’t require us to boot the ball to Antonio and hope he chases down everything until he is on his knees.

Will we see a resurgence in Danny Ings?

The above is not his game but if we are playing with this front three of Bowen, Kudos and Paqueta, sub appearances from Ings in the 9 role should start to become more effective.

Or am I mental and affording him too much Xmas spirit?

Merry new year

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Queens Fish Bar 11:21 Tue Jan 23
Re: Danny Ings
wansteadman 11:07 Tue Jan 23


wansteadman 11:07 Tue Jan 23
Re: Danny Ings
Moyes has ruined Benrahma
He's ruined fornals
He bought Vlasic as a no 10 and didn't play him there once
He bought Scammacca and he didn't suit his style of play
He bought ings and he doesn't suit his style of play
He bought cornet who was a left sided midfielder and he's played there about 10 minutes since he's been here
If he doesn't buy an Englishman who's played in the premier league for at least 10 years he's fucking clueless
And don't even get me started on the style of football we play with this cunt in charge

Pub Bigot 5:17 Tue Jan 23
Re: Danny Ings
I’d feel sorry for his predicament if Moyes sold him a way we’d play to suit him, only for Moyes to expect him to play the same way as Antonio.

One average performance isn’t enough to convince me of anything. He’ll need the manager to change the way we play to suit his game.

On the other hand, with Benrahma likely to have played his last game for West Ham, I’m happy Cornet will get a chance. Naturally left-footed, can score and has pace. Aside from injuries, when he has been back he’s never really been given a chance.

Manuel 5:11 Tue Jan 23
Re: Danny Ings
Yea he's been praising him a bit lately, modern day football where forwards don't need to score. Probably why he fancies Broja.

ludo21 3:31 Tue Jan 23
Re: Danny Ings
So surprise surprise Danny Ings ran about just enough for Moyes to think he is fantastic and well worth his £125k pw... still couldn't hit a barn door though.

Normal service to be resumed from 1st Feb.

, 8:24 Mon Jan 22
Re: Danny Ings
Both Ings and Cornet failed to convert chances that would have wrapped the game up for us.

The MoM btw was the ref because he had more influence on the result than anyone else by far.

El Scorchio 8:20 Mon Jan 22
Re: Danny Ings
Can't really argue with that. We were shit on the whole and it's not a huge compliment to say he wasn't a detriment in a shit team. I'm pleased we actually managed to get something out of him though. We'll need him there another couple of games I expect depending on when Kudus returns.

Moyes is never going to trust Fornals to play there and everyone else us seemingly unavailable for another game or two at least. Only other thing I see is Soucek or JWP playing there when Alvarez returns which is probably more liikely.

Lee Trundle 8:05 Mon Jan 22
Re: Danny Ings
I'm not saying he played badly, El Scorch. And you're right (regarding the pen).

It was more to highlight how badly we played against the shitist team in the league. We made them look good.

El Scorchio 8:03 Mon Jan 22
Re: Danny Ings
Well you'd hope he didn't score or assist half those goals for a start, but also he won us the penalty.

Lee Trundle 7:56 Mon Jan 22
Re: Danny Ings
I thought he had an average game.

To me it highlights how badly we played, when you had a striker who's bang out of form, playing as an attacking midfielder, who didn't score or assist in any of the 4 goals scored in the game, and was given man of the match by quite a few.

Playing Bowen up front isn't the solution to our striker problems, as well. He's a far better player on the right wing.

VirginiaHam 7:47 Mon Jan 22
Re: Danny Ings
I didn't know we had that version of Danny Ings available until yesterday, but I also didn't know we had a different version of Ben Johnson either; where's last week's Johnson come from?

lincslink 5:44 Mon Jan 22
Re: Danny Ings
Ings has been a player in the past, but only our manager expects to play him up top on his own. He is clearly never been a target man who runs the channels.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 5:38 Mon Jan 22
Re: Danny Ings
Well well well - seems there is a player in there after all

simon.s 1:33 Wed Jan 3
Re: Danny Ings
Antonio will be back soon, so striker worries will be over…

Moncurs Putting Iron 1:27 Wed Jan 3
Re: Danny Ings
it's worked out well...for the Ings Family.

Got a winners medal.
Got a hair transplant.
All with minimal risk of injury and activity.
Makes for being on a mere £125,000 a week. (Sometimes it's not all about the money)

brick_lane_batty_boy 12:46 Wed Jan 3
Re: Danny Ings
I class Danny Ings as being unfortunate tbh - same will happen with Mbuma. Not in every case - but in the main - it's tough to ever get any rhythm or form going - when you only get 15 mins - or conversely start - when the rest of the first eleven are being rested.

I see the same happens with Bowen for England - he never starts when Kane/Grealish/Foden/Saka are playing - only when the likes of Calum Wilson / Connor Gallagher are playing.

I guess people view it as it's on them to create something and force their way in. But last night, Mbuma put on for 15 mins to chase shadows. Never going to get an opportunity to score a goal in those circumstances.

All this whilst not ever really playing to Ings strengths

pdbis 3:25 Tue Jan 2
Re: Danny Ings
If there is any truth in Wolves rumour can see him going for about 5m.

Vexed 1:00 Tue Jan 2
Re: Danny Ings
Danny Dogshit was always a dreadful signing. The most obvious bad signing in a while. Was the polar opposite of what was required. No idea what Moyes was thinking with this one, possibly the same as when he signed Jordan fuckin Hugill. He just doesn't understand forwards in the slightest.

daveyg 12:37 Tue Jan 2
Re: Danny Ings
I remember that game ,somehow got up there .
Loved our line up.
Dickens,Van der Elst,Devonshire.
Think Paul Allen was at right back and Ray Stewart at left.
blimey and Sandy Clark along TC.

Willtell 7:12 Mon Jan 1
Re: Danny Ings
“ Ings was a Sullivan signing as a “gift” to Moyes. There’s a quote of him saying so”
I’d love to see that quote. I heard a quote from Sean Whetstone and wondered about this. Moyes has given Ings over 20 part and full games without him scoring or even looking likely.

If that’s the case why does Moyes blank Downes, Vlassic, Kral, Cornet etc? All were supposedly Sullivan gifts Moyes wouldn’t play so why does he play Ings who is by everyone’s opinion absolute shit?

nychammer 5:48 Mon Jan 1
Re: Danny Ings
the only thing that has been a success for Ings is his hair transplant, which we have funded.

I suspect whether we think it will work or not, expect Ings to feature because we could be light in this department for the next little while. I hope he can chip in with a goal or two but im not holding my breath!!!

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