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oioi 4:20 Fri May 10
Does he still set up outside Hackney Wick station before the game? Haven’t had a rib roll for ages, I fancy having a few beers by the canal in Hackney tomorrow then giving him a visit.

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Coffee 3:34 Tue May 14
Re: Ribman
Jiblets. A ghostly fall.

Niblets 3:30 Tue May 14
Re: Ribman

GoalLazio 9:31 Mon May 13
Re: Ribman
You seem to know all about him you ribman obsessed chutney ferret. Fucking hom, bore off

oioi 5:33 Sun May 12
Re: Ribman
Not any more, has got a new leg with some sort of microchip in the knee. No idea what it does.

Ron Eff 4:05 Sun May 12
Re: Ribman
Absolutely loves to kick the shit out of the metal in front of his seat every week

oioi 2:05 Sun May 12
Re: Ribman
Ribman was just up the road Hackney Wick station, outside a pub. Had a laugh with Mark, lovely bloke. Rib roll was superb. Same price as years ago.

Graec 7:13 Sun May 12
Re: Ribman
I've noticed the new labels for Ribman sauces have deleted the crossed hammers. Odd - I wonder if it was deterrent for potential buyers who support other teams.

Johnson 4:35 Sun May 12
Re: Ribman
Go to his stall in Brick Lane, he charges West Ham fans a few more quid in Hackney than he does random tourists in Brick Lane so you can save a few quid.

All whilst using being a West Ham fan as a marketing tool.


Pentonville 1:07 Sun May 12
Re: Ribman
i remember when he gave a fuck about local traders

El Scorchio 11:41 Sat May 11
Re: Ribman
He wasn’t in his usual place at the game today. Did you off him oioi?!

jfk 12:34 Sat May 11
Re: Ribman
RIBerto jeminez

oioi 12:16 Sat May 11
Re: Ribman
Just found this. Sorted.

mark gevaux
Morning all 🥰 Ribs have been cooking through the night and smell fucking amazing 🙏 Serving on #HackneyWick from 10am for the LAST GAME THIS SEASON

Gary Strodders shank 11:23 Sat May 11
Re: Ribman
I'm pretty certain I saw him set up by Hackney Wick before a game a few weeks back.
There was also a Rib man outlet at Euston station but i wasn't sure if it was him or some other franchise.

oioi 11:14 Sat May 11
Re: Ribman
GoalLazio 3:42 Sat May 11

I’ll take that as a ‘don’t know’.

Why the insult?

jfk 6:07 Sat May 11
Re: Ribman
Roy and his missus from Hull and the Danish Hammers would always be around early doors in the “Beer garden”opened officially at 10 but………
Disco’s upstairs were fucking legendary used to get a taxi back from the gaff in priory road/ green street back to Romford fot under 15 quid at half onish .
Brilliant times.

jfk 5:43 Sat May 11
Re: Ribman
Upstairs was well plush,

jfk 5:41 Sat May 11
Re: Ribman
Best burgers were about four and half quid in the supporters club ,and you could have a turn out in the”ladies” early doors no questions asked,
Sometimes bog roll was available.

GoalLazio 3:42 Sat May 11
Re: Ribman
Go suck his bell end you rib wanker

El Scorchio 3:37 Sat May 11
Re: Ribman
Don’t know about the stall but he sits (stands) really close to where my seats are in the stadium (no I’m not in the disabled section!)

mashed in maryland 11:15 Fri May 10
Re: Ribman

On The Ball 4:44 Fri May 10


Phall Throw 4:53 Fri May 10
Frank RIBery

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