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LeroysBoots 1:16 Thu May 23
Vincent Kompany
According to the Guardian tonight, next Bayern Munich manager

Fuck me, that's sensational failing up !

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Fauxstralian 9:41 Fri May 31
Re: Vincent Kompany
The Premier league scoring record is a load of shit
Top division record … Div 1 & Premier league … Greaves has many more than those two

What Kane should have done is have a proper agent rather than his brother & had a buyout so he could have gone to Man C, Liverpool or Arsenal

Manuel 4:30 Fri May 31
Re: Vincent Kompany
Kane should have stayed at Spurs, a new era under big Ange and smash that cunt Shearer's record. Bad move. He can't be happy with a bloke who has just taken Burnley down rocking up as his new gaffer.

Mike Oxsaw 4:22 Fri May 31
Re: Vincent Kompany
8th choice? Blinky-flip!

If your first 4 choices all swerve you then, at the very least, you should have been looking at redefining/reviewing the role/deliverables before moving on.

It would be quite revealing to hear the reasons why the previous 7 potentials jogged on.

Wils 3:08 Fri May 31
Re: Vincent Kompany
Would loved to have seen Kane's face when it was announced.

lowlife 12:41 Fri May 31
Re: Vincent Kompany
“It already feels like home” says Kompany, in his first press conference less than 24hrs after signing. What a sap.

Really bizarre choice, the pressure will be massively on them to at least win the Bundesliga.

Balto 12:22 Fri May 31
Re: Vincent Kompany
Russ of the BML

Great behind the scenes overview of what goes on at Bayern. It is a Manager's graveyard for all the reasons outlined.
Other club's fans loathe Bayern with a vengeance because they suck the life out of the Bundesliga.
The club vacuums up the top Bundesliga talent and this includes managers.
If Kompany is there longer than a season it will be a miracle.

My German team is BVB Dortmund .. because I lived there for 10 years. A blue collar team in a working class city.

wansteadman 10:54 Thu May 30
Re: Vincent Kompany
It just seems that everyone wants someone who's worked with guardiola as if that a guarantee.
I wonder what next seasons pearl of wisdom they'll all be copying. Last year it was the inverted fullback. And managers like arteta were all over it within days

, 10:23 Thu May 30
Re: Vincent Kompany
Punching well above his weight.

lowlife 3:50 Thu May 30
Re: Vincent Kompany
Amazed that a major club like Bayern have taken Kompany on. Their 8th choice, apparently. Wonder how much he bent over.

Wonder how Kane and the other big name players feel about this.

Anyway, I don’t like him - massively arrogant with a touch of the Roberto Martinez.

RBshorty 12:39 Fri May 24
Re: Vincent Kompany
Fat Sam to England.?

Eerie Descent 12:36 Fri May 24
Re: Vincent Kompany
I suppose it'll stop some of the grifters from moaning for a while. Probably not, but it should do.

Has there ever been a less deserving appointment in the history of football?

Russ of the BML 11:56 Fri May 24
Re: Vincent Kompany
Ron Eff 6:05 Thu May 23

Fair enough. No doubt he is very impressive in the off-field environment because, as I said, he comes across as a very good bullshitter and talks a good game.

For me, I would be looking at a coach and seeing how he adapts and what are the results from that. So for me, I wouldn't employ him if I was Bayern for that reason and just that he is so inexperienced.

But if he has managed to bullshit his way through the interview and tell them that none of it was his fault and that if he had better players then it would succeed, then bloody good luck to him. If they have fallen for that then more fool them.

But ultimately, i think there is possibly a good coach somewhere in there. Just not yet sure what level that is.

I would also say that Tuchel has been up against it and has found the Bayern heirachy too much to work with. Bayern Munich are owned by Bayern Munchen AG (75% stake). AG's Managing Director is Oliver Khan. The two Chief Executives are Karl-Heinz Ruminegge and Uli Hoeness.

Between the three they rule Bayern with an iron fist and carry out the orders of the Bayern Munchen AG's board and the three other shareholders which are Adidas, Audi and Allianz. Huge players and massive companies.

If they don't like a coach then there is very little wriggle room and by all accounts Tuchel was quite vocal on how he wanted to change the club and move it in a different direction. This went down like a lead balloon and so he is gone.

As someone else said, alot of these younger coaches are now extensions of the board their shareholders. Its alot to do with image but more importantly to do with compliance. If Kompany has played that game correctly then it could also be why he is in.

lowlife 11:07 Fri May 24
Re: Vincent Kompany
Not a fan of Kompany. Always came across as arrogant when they lost, and self satisfied and arrogant when they won.

Was also an absolute cunt with the way he dealt with Townsend, and then how he explained it when they played Luton. Offering someone a contract, to the point they are moving house and getting their kids into a new school, and then saying ‘nah, we’ve got other players’ is an absolutely cunty thing to do in any situation.

Manuel 10:11 Fri May 24
Re: Vincent Kompany
No doubt he'll be telling the owner that he will take Plymouth out of the Championship, he delivered on that at Brum.

Fauxstralian 10:08 Fri May 24
Re: Vincent Kompany
Rooney talking with a gut full of Plymouth Gin when he reckons Man City v QPR (Agueroooo) should have been investigated as a fix

Plymouth finished a point of Birmingham & only stayed up because of Rooney’s BRUM TENURE
I guess they think they owe him

Manuel 4:16 Fri May 24
Re: Vincent Kompany
Rooney talking with Plymouth.

gph 2:28 Fri May 24
Re: Vincent Kompany
May well be a success when he has the players to go with his principles.

But there's no way he'd be given this chance after Burnley if he'd been a run-of-the-mill player

Oneard 1:27 Fri May 24
Re: Vincent Kompany
Vincent great player and man and learned of the greates of all will be top manager one day the best

Fauxstralian 10:18 Thu May 23
Re: Vincent Kompany
Any manager in a baseball cap … Pulis Klopp Kompany… is a nailed on PAEDO

Lee Trundle 9:04 Thu May 23
Re: Vincent Kompany
It's quite a prestigious job to be linked with.

I hope it all doesn't go to his head.

onsideman 8:35 Thu May 23
Re: Vincent Kompany
I seldom agree with anything Simon Jordan says, and this is no different. Kane went to Bayern Munich to win trophies and earn £1m a month and they were the ones prepared to pay £100m for him. No other reason at all.

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