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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Sniper 11:58 Sat Oct 18
Gaby Logan
Just when you thought motd couldn't get much worse...

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martyboy 10:30 Mon Oct 20
Re: Gaby Logan
You just know she has a nicely manicured front lawn!!

worm 9:39 Mon Oct 20
Re: Gaby Logan
She's lovely. Gets better with age.

isolated hammer 9:09 Mon Oct 20
Re: Gaby Logan
I rats Robbie Savage aswell. I do think that Garth Crooks is quite ignorant towards him on bbc final score. Savage was very good at what he did as a player. One of those you hated watching when your team were against him, but you would love to have him in your team.

Shin Chan 7:29 Mon Oct 20
Re: Gaby Logan
looks like a bad drag act to me:


BRANDED 12:58 Mon Oct 20
Re: Gaby Logan
She's got a humongous head

Far Cough 11:52 Sun Oct 19
Re: Gaby Logan
Terry Yorath weren't no oil painting but she ain't bad

Pancho 11:49 Sun Oct 19
Re: Gaby Logan
She's awful.

A slightly butcher Tess Daly.

Mr Polite 11:23 Sun Oct 19
Re: Gaby Logan
She is blooming lovely and no mistake

Times I've spoken with her she has been nothing but very pleasant. Lovely hands too.

gph 10:08 Sun Oct 19
Re: Gaby Logan
I can't seen what's especially objectionable about GL

As I really can't, I'm tempted to think her lack of a dick is what's getting to some people.

Shropshire iron 9:23 Sun Oct 19
Re: Gaby Logan
I hate to say it but I really rate savage as a pundit

Alvin 8:51 Sun Oct 19
Re: Gaby Logan
chim chim
Thanks for putting this in perspective. Some people will just have a go at any one with a skirt.

David L 8:42 Sun Oct 19
Re: Gaby Logan
I just wish she - and others - didn't crucify nouns by turning them into verbs, e.g. "medal"

, 3:48 Sun Oct 19
Re: Gaby Logan
Be honest, when did anyone of us take notice of a pundit?

chim chim cha boo 3:47 Sun Oct 19
Re: Gaby Logan
I used to run her around when she did the ITV football show on a Saturday with Ali McCoist and John Barnes and she was a lovely looking woman and a really good laugh. Really friendly and self- deprecating. I liked her a lot.


bruuuno 3:45 Sun Oct 19
Re: Gaby Logan
Hasslebank was atrocious

Sven Roeder 3:37 Sun Oct 19
Re: Gaby Logan
It says something when Phil Neville is probably the best of the MOTD analysts.
When they did have someone decent like Lee Dixon they sidelined him for knobs like Shearer because he wasn't as big a name as a player and I think he has gone off to ITV now. Seem obsessed with foreign players who may be ok but don't have good enough English to be coherent.

Reality Cheques 3:30 Sun Oct 19
Re: Gaby Logan
I don't mind Logan & is professional enough as a Sports broadcaster.

Have to agree though with Billy's & Alex's comments. In general the so called experts they have on MOTD are poor for all sorts of reasons.

As for Shearer, he's an idiot & no he didn't have a point on BFS. Typical of him though as it was unthoughtful lazy analysis of why a large number of WH supporters were unhappy last season with the style & direction of the team.

Early days yet, but the latter seems to have addressed this season & long may that continue.

Unfortunately, Shearer will remain on MOTD but fortunately we've got the mute & or fast forward buttons. He's more suited to writing the Newcastle programme notes.

martyboy 3:23 Sun Oct 19
Re: Gaby Logan
Looks a proper my shit don't stink, snotty cow, but filth in the pit!! Bangs like a barn door in a storm!!

Hermit Road 3:14 Sun Oct 19
Re: Gaby Logan
She was the least worst person on there by quite some distance.

Eddie B 3:13 Sun Oct 19
Re: Gaby Logan
Why do footballers (current and ex) insist on saying 'them' instead of 'those'?

franksfat&slow&wank 3:11 Sun Oct 19
Re: Gaby Logan
Shearer is a boring arrogant wanker

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