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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

isolated hammer 9:07 Sun Oct 26
3 Points at Stoke
3 points at Stoke next week will put us on 19 points from 10 games. That is some going in the premier league. Still buzzing after yesterday. Love it when we do this. This is the West Ham of old. Giving the big boys a bloody nose. I love you West Ham.

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Alwaysaniron 11:45 Tue Oct 28
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
, 11:56 Mon Oct 27

Adams is a thick cunt. I was at the hotel when he got married a couple of years back and he decided to have £50k spent of fireworks. It was at 9.30 in the evening on the banks of Loch Lomond and it was broad fucking daylight....Pissed 50k right up in puffs of smoke

dazz 10:24 Tue Oct 28
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
If ... if we can keep our performance level up

Stoke wont be able to live with us.

Russ of the BML 10:22 Tue Oct 28
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
I think Sven is right. If Sakho is out then go one up top and slot Kouyate back into the midfield.

This would allow us to dominate midfield and get all over Adam. He is playing well this season and is really their only player that can create something from nothing.

Just tell Noble, Song and Kouyate to jump all over him as soon as he gets the ball. If Stoke want a fight then we have the players to do it now. And not just for part of the game they can do it all of the game.

If we can dominate the midfield battle then it should free up Downing to go forward with Amaltifano and help Valencia.

This will not be a classic. Stoke will be looking at us and thinking they are going to have to bully us. It probably won't make pretty viewing but I believe as much as Man City was a test as to how far we have come then this is just as big a test.

Stoke away is a tough, intimidating place and this will be a real challenge. Especially defending at set plays when you are going to get Nzonzi, Walters, Shawcross and Crouch grappling and swarming all over you. They hope for the ball to ricochet, bounce about and drop in the right area and they snap it up.

Also, need to ensure we don't get bullied when attacking them for set plays. It was good timing for us that Shawcross got pulled up the other week because he is the worst player in the game for it. He gets away with far too much and the first opportunity I would get in the ref's ear about the grappling. Get him on your side and get him watching them at every set play.

They are a cunt of a team to play. Very aggressive. They like to squeeze the life out of teams and intimidate them and in Adam they have one of the PL's hatchet men (for PL standards these days), he is a nasty cunt when he wants to be. But I think with Song, Noble and Kouyate we are, for once, more than capable of giving it back and more.

El Scorchio 6:56 Mon Oct 27
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
Carlton's alright.

Arko 6:48 Mon Oct 27
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
I don't get this vitriol directed at Carlton Cole.
Not the best striker the Premier League has ever seen, but he has scored some quality and vital goals for us.

He hasn't done that regularly though, but how could he have done with being isolated upfront most of the time and being surrounded by average players ?

As matters stand he is our joint second leading scorer with two goals (same as Amalfitano and Valencia) behind Sakho. Carlton should at least start the game, if things don't work out we'll have plenty of options to tweak things.

Surely I'd prefer to see Cole starting alongside Valencia than Nolan...

David L 6:23 Mon Oct 27
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
You're right there arko - it is amazing. Cole's a better illusionist than Dynamo

El Scorchio 1:24 Mon Oct 27
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
You might be right there Ludo. He will get stuck in, not take any shit from their lot, and give it back with interest. Wind them up and give them a bit of needle- especially at set pieces.

Probably do a good job helping the rest of our lot keep their heads and their cool if it gets feisty as well.

ooooh Morley Morley 1:22 Mon Oct 27
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
P doesn't like Cole because he is black (cole not P).

Steve P 1:20 Mon Oct 27
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
Yes, it is amazing.

Blunders 1:18 Mon Oct 27
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
I hope Kouyate the Beast kills Adam, Shawcross, Huth and Walters all in one crunching tackle.

Arko 1:18 Mon Oct 27
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
You're talking about the guy who has already contributed two vital goals this season (same as Amalfitano and Valencia), but with limited playing time this season ?

Don't know what Cole has done to you, but he has been nothing but a great servant to this club, showing the right attitude on and off the pitch and chipping in with goals as well.

And for a shit player it's amazing how long he has managed to keep his career as a professional footballer going...

ludo21 1:16 Mon Oct 27
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
Wouldn't be surprised if he brings Nolan in for injured Sakho.

Shame if he does but perhaps Stoke away is as good a game as any for Nolan.

Steve P 1:12 Mon Oct 27
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
Cole is fucking shit.

You can have that one for free.

Arko 1:10 Mon Oct 27
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
Kouyate in midfield is a good shout. I would still play with two strikers and start with Cole and Valencia.
Cole probably only has 45 minutes in him though.
So for the second half, depending on the scoreline at that point, Cole can then come off to be replaced by Zarate (if healthy and available of course), Amalfitano, Lee or, dare I say it, Nolan.

Either way we should have enough quality and pace even without Sakho to be too much of an ask for Stoke.

Sven Roeder 1:06 Mon Oct 27
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
Seems Sahko is out and I would actually think of just replacing him in the starting 11 with Kouyate and control the midfield and pass them to death.
Keeping the movement and passing is more important than putting Cole in.
That said he may do that to give us another big player at both ends of the pitch.
Either way Kouyate has to start to deal with their thugs in midfield.

El Scorchio 1:05 Mon Oct 27
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
Stoke is exactly the kind of team who might bring us back down to earth with a bump (or an elbow or two)

Would';t be surprised if they bully their way to victory over us although I think we've just got a bit too much quality especially in midfield for them.

However, if we can get the three points, that's us virtually halfway to safety after only a quarter of the season. That would be a great achievement! Lets get to that 40 point mark as soon as possible and see how far we can try and go beyond it by.

Sven Roeder 1:02 Mon Oct 27
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
I recall reading that when Hughes spent a season with Barcelona that Lineker and his wife felt sorry for him and used to invite him over a fair bit as he spoke no Spanish and was a SOCIAL INADEQUATE.

Arko 12:59 Mon Oct 27
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
Funnily enough Stoke's defence looks as stron as Man City's and we put two behind them.
But statistically they also score less than a goal per game on average, so they are pretty toothless upfront.

This game is definitely there for the taking, but we may have to be patient. Also a good referee wouldn't hurt protecting our players. The Man City ref was a disgrace in that respect.

Blunders 12:50 Mon Oct 27
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
Stoke are certainly there to beat. Their form over the last calendar year is pretty shit.

crapnotshit 12:44 Mon Oct 27
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
lol Jools

crapnotshit 12:42 Mon Oct 27
Re: 3 Points at Stoke
It's a matter of attacking the northern cunts. Just like have been doing to others.
In their faces and go forward in style.

That means. No Nolan or Cole FFS!!!!

VazTe or Lee in for Sakho if Carroll is still fucked.

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