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Tanglefoot 7:55 Mon Jan 19
Me & the missus are planning to go to Vietnam in April/May for 2 weeks. Looking to do a mixture or sightseeing & relaxing. Was wondering if anyone has done similar & if so what tips/advise would you give? Thanks.

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kch 10:57 Tue Jan 20
Re: Vietnam
Saigon... shit; I'm still only in Saigon... Every time I think I'm gonna wake up back in the jungle.

JAC 10:52 Tue Jan 20
Re: Vietnam
Spent 2 weeks in Danang /Hoi An last August with the family.....great people and great food.
Loads of new developments ready to be built on the road from Danang to Hoi An so go before it ends up like Phuket and full of football shirt wearing Sun readers.

Tanglefoot 9:01 Tue Jan 20
Re: Vietnam
Thanks for all the feedback. Currently looking to go HCM (including Harlong Bay overnight trip), Hanoi & than Danang with trips to Hoi An. My only concern is going Mid-May which could be pretty humid??

weststandboy 7:18 Tue Jan 20
Re: Vietnam
so is Hoi an good for temps and generally dry in Oct & nov?

WHUDeano 5:09 Tue Jan 20
Re: Vietnam

Northern Sold 4:57 Tue Jan 20

Difficult to defend it but there are many dog owners. Each to their own, one mans pet pig is another mans bacon sandwich. An animal is an animal at the end of the day.

WHUDeano 5:05 Tue Jan 20
Re: Vietnam

Monk~koknee 4:28 Tue Jan 20

Fair enough mate - you know better than me, though nowhere this side of the world is enjoyable in the hot season! Think we are heading back to Hoi An for it again, some fresh air and ocean makes all the difference!

Northern Sold 4:57 Tue Jan 20
Re: Vietnam
Dog eating backward scum....

Remember.. Charlie Don't Surf...

Monk~koknee 4:28 Tue Jan 20
Re: Vietnam

My reply was based on my experience of the four years I lived in Hanoi and the last three in Saigon. The coldest prolonged weather I experienced in Hanoi was in Feb 2011 but would agree that Jan is normally the worst.

On the flip side Hanoi can get much hotter than Saigon in mid Summer and the temperature often hits 40 degrees.

WHUDeano 4:18 Tue Jan 20
Re: Vietnam

Monk~koknee 3:25 Tue Jan 20

Almost correct, month out - jan is coldest month in the north and warms up from here on. Was told they had snowfall in Sapa last week.

HCM is great at this time of the year, becomes more difficult after March leading to April/May where it is almost unbearable. We moved out of our apartment and into a hotel in the central region in May last year to avoid the electricity costs of having the AC on for most of the day. Lived over here for quite some time now but was still needing a few showers a day to cool off.

Hoi An is beautiful, Danang has some sensational sea food. The Bia Hoi is cheap but shite, tiger beer is trying to compete and can be found at prices that will blow your mind - been drinking 500ml bottles tonight in a nice little restaurant/bar for 30p!

Boris the Beard 3:31 Tue Jan 20
Re: Vietnam
Went with my missus, we hired an old Russian motorbike in Hanoi and went on a 5 day trip in the north with a guide. Was superb experience, was a bit tiring though as was my first time on a motorbike plus had her on the back. Only came off once although that was enough, saw some great sights.

Hoi an was also decent, found my cheapest beer there, worked out less than 10p a glass, food there was out of this world aswell.

Monk~koknee 3:25 Tue Jan 20
Re: Vietnam
The weather in Hanoi is generally quite pleasant in November but if you travel to the northern highlands it could well be quite cold. It doesn't normally get cold in Hanoi until Jan/ Feb.

Temperature in Saigon varies little throughout the year and will be somewhere close to 30 degrees.

Both Hanoi and Saigon should be dry but the centre (Da Nang) can get a fair bit of rain at that time of year.

weststandboy 3:18 Tue Jan 20
Re: Vietnam
Thinking of going November time with the missus. Am I better staying in the Saigon end of the country for the best weather?
Anyone have any general recommendations for that time of year?


fraser 4:51 Tue Jan 20
Re: Vietnam
Norwich- they really are, talk to the Vietnamese like shit.

norwich hammer 4:48 Tue Jan 20
Re: Vietnam
Delano what did you think of Broma? 🍻🍻🍻

norwich hammer 4:47 Tue Jan 20
Re: Vietnam
Bang on Fraser, we were the only English there at our gaff and it had 500 rooms! Rouskies everywhere but we believe it helped us because they are all ignorant cunts so the staff very much liked us 😉

fraser 4:34 Tue Jan 20
Re: Vietnam
As others have said Hoi An is very nice, though changed a lot now with quite high end restaurants (Relativity for Vietnam) and very touristy but definitely still worth a visit. Nha Trang is full of Russian tourists and not as good as it used to be.

WHUDeano 4:29 Tue Jan 20
Re: Vietnam
I'm living in Vietnam, have had 6 months in Ho Chi Minh, 3 months in Hoi An, and currently am living in Hanoi.

I have also travelled overland 3 times from all the way from the Chinese border to the Cambodian border so I am fairly knowledgable on things over here - happy to help where I can, send me a whomail and I'll see what I can do.

norwich hammer 4:15 Tue Jan 20
Re: Vietnam
I'm in Cambodia now and spent 2 nights Ho Chi Minh and 7 in Nha trang,heard Hoi an is the place but quite a way up the coast and you fly into Da Nang .we stayed in a complex just outside Nah Trang and it was the nuts. Great value for money too,book your flights and then you can decide where you go after Ho Chi Minh 👍

Monk~koknee 3:12 Tue Jan 20
Re: Vietnam

WhoMail sent.

lowermarshhammer 11:47 Mon Jan 19
Re: Vietnam
It's a big country, you won't see much of it in two weeks.

Hoi An as mentioned before.

They drive like fucking nutcases.

Got a motorbike in Hue , nearly got killed every two minutes for the week that I was on it. GREAT FUN.

mashed in maryland 11:37 Mon Jan 19
Re: Vietnam
I wanna go to Vietnam purely so I can use the phrase "when I was in 'Nam" over and over again.

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