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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Sniper 4:47 Sat Jan 24
View from the opposition - Bristol City
Short notice and a bit brief, but Thanks to my mate Paul at work, a former season ticket holder and avid all round football fan

Q What's your general view of West Ham as a club?

Paul - A good solid family club with good traditions and a great ethos. As an outsider, I agree with the view of allardyce not being right for your club. The two games we played in the championship showcased some of the worst football I've seen. Apart from when we play Rovers. So I get the frustration fans have had with him. But I'd happily swap places with you!

Q you mention the championship games - we've had a bit more interaction in the past few seasons than we'd had in a long time. What are your thoughts on the matches we played and the players we've traded?

Paul - Like I said, those two games were atrocious. The atmosphere was brilliant both times, but you guys had some decent talent at your disposal and were just so direct. It was quite eye opening. We were desperate, especially by the time we met at Ashton Gate, and the two draws were good results for us but it wasn't pretty to watch. But I do remember your fans being a good laugh and the atmosphere being great both times. I've always enjoyed going to games between us, even though we never seem to win!

In terms of players, the Baldock and Maynard deals ended how I expected them to. Maynard was never going to be the same after his injury, which was a shame because if you'd signed him 18 months earlier he would gave been good enough for the premier league. But he lost a yard of pace, and didn't look the same. And he's now a bit of an injury prone wreck, which is sad for city fans to see really.

Baldock flatters to deceive - on highlights you'll see him score some great efforts from outside the box and he'll look a handful and he gets in great positions, but he doesn't half miss a lot of easy chances and 1 on 1s. He's a sort of 1 in 4 chance taker, and really frustrating as some days he looks quality, others like he couldn't hit a barn door. I thought he'd be excellent fir us this year and maybe league 1 would be his level, but he's not done anything at Brighton and we haven't missed him at all.

Jordan spence was the real disappointment for me. When we first got him on loan, he was outstanding. I thought he looked top drawer - pacey, athletic, really skilful for a defender and good positional play. I was surprised we got him back on loan after you got relegated - I thought he'd walk into any championship team. But we changed manager and mcinnes clearly didn't fancy him - he barely played and there were often reports if niggley injuries that I don't think anyone believed. It was strange, and disappointing as it wasn't like were had an abundance of talent keeping him out.

And the less said about David James the better!

Q He left us way before joining you, we take no responsibility for that. How are you finding this season?

Paul - Emotionally a mixed bag. We're doing really well, obviously, but it's like that old joke about what's better than a gold at the Paralympics... It's great to be flying in this league but I'd rather we weren't in it to start with. I still find that tough, which sounds stupid. We shouldn't have gone down in the first place, but then last season was appalling so this seasons success is great but a little bittersweet, as I'm sure you guys appreciate. Promotion would be brilliant, but a relief too! But we're playing really well, scoring lots but tight at the back and I just hope we can do a Wigan/Southampton and carry that into next season if we do go up.

Q To the weekend then. Fancy your chances?

Paul - Honestly, I think we could nab a replay. We've played some really good stuff this year, and attack wise have some talented players. League 1 is a weak league though - and we really under achieved getting relegated, then had a terrible time adjusting last year. But we're high on confidence now and Emmanuel-Thomas is a real handful for anyone - he's built, but he's very quick and he'll run his nuts off. Your centre backs won't get any rest from him.

Q any other danger men for us to look out for?

Paul - Matt Smith is like our Andy Carroll - he's in cracking form too. It's a shame Wilbraham and Agard are missing though - they were exceptional at the start of the season.

Oh and make sure you acknowledge Shed Man...

Q which of our world class squad scares you the most?

Paul - Ha! Well Song is clearly quality, and everyone knows about Andy Carroll. But I really like noble and downing. I think we could struggle a little in midfield and those two would benefit - Downing is a whole different animal this year, he looks a constant threat. And I'm chuffed Sakho won't be playing. But I just hope you play a proper first team and not do what you did at forest last year.

Q cup run or promotion?

Paul - Promotion, every time. If we get that this year, we're in the third round draw next year instead of starting from scratch and a cup run would be easier although it's been 8 years acne we got this far! I want to see us play premier league football one day, I was there when we list the play off final to hull. We shouldn't be in league 1. Much as id love a midweek trip to the east end for a replay, I don't want our season running out of steam. And I'm not sure I'm ready for the play offs again!

Q we got 1100 tickets. You guys couldn't sell the rest. Now your club are stopping our fans buying home tickets even though you can't sell them to your fans. That's a bit shit isn't it?

Paul - In a word, yes! I expected all the general sale tickets to be gone in hours, it's quite embarrassing really as we've only got 3 stands to sell. I read about those 50 tickets being withdrawn. Seems a little harsh. But you've got to be bloody stupid to boast about your seat numbers online! Our fans aren't really that bad (unless you're rovers!) but no club is going to appreciate away fans boasting about how they found loopholes to sit in with the home fans. It's not worth the risk if anything does happen - it only takes one drunken idiot to kick it all off

Q and south Bristol is all a bit rough isn't it...

Paul - Oi!

Q well it is. It's a hole. But, all importantly, what are your favourite crisps?

Paul - What? Um, Frazzles I suppose...

Q finally, prediction for the game?

Paul - Head says 1-3, heart 1-1. So I'll go a glorious 1-2 defeat. With us to get promoted and you guys to pip Man U to the champions league spot at the end of the season

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HairyHammer 3:25 Mon Jan 26
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City
So we are simply " a good solid family club" are we, how very dare he we are a Great super kick ass power house of a club and Bristol City are a Good solid family club.
Joking aside Bristol city in that first half gave West Ham a lesson in how to be positive and show no fear, unfortunately (For them) the quality gap showed late in the second half.

Sniper 3:10 Mon Jan 26
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City
Five tide

Yeah, epilogue. If you read this one first it'll make no sense!

worm 2:40 Mon Jan 26
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City
Much better than Vinny ;)

WHUDeano 2:36 Mon Jan 26
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City
sniper, great work on this btw, much appreciated and a good read

Fivetide 2:29 Mon Jan 26
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City
Epilogue maybe?

Sniper 2:28 Mon Jan 26
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City
Update from today as a sort of prologue

Q How was that for you then?

Paul - encouraging and disappointing. We played so well for an hour or so. The first half was unbelievable. Those two goal line clearances were so close, but then that's what the man in the line is for

Q were you expecting any of that? Did it surprise you how good you were?

I thought we'd give you a good game, but I didn't expect to dominate so much. We swamped your midfield and broke quickly and positively all the time. I thought you were chasing shadows really. But defensively you just kept doing just enough - fir all our possession and attacking, Adrian didn't have to do much.

Q what about the mighty hammers?

Not so mighty! Against a 5 man midfield you need your 4 playing well. I can't remember the last time I saw someone play as badly or with as little effort as song. He was an embarrassment really - not because we did anything or gave him any special treatment, he just seemed to be sulking. And Nolan was just anonymous - it seemed like noble and downing were doing the work of about 5 people at times. I was pleased to see downing out wide - I thought we contained him really well. Haven't seen much of that amali-wotshisface before, but he looked really good when he came on.

Q so is it a case of 'if only' or 'what if' for you guys?

Not really - we didn't miss any chances, we just matched you. D bettered you for most of it and ran out if steam a little. We jacked that bit of quality or that final ball that you got for the goal and when Sakho hit the bar. Part of me us had there's no replay as we can do cliched things like take the positives from that and focus in the league. Players like Ryan, Flint, and freeman showed what they can do. We just need to keep that going in the league

Q who will you be cheering in in the cup now then?

Paul - anyone but Man U and Liverpool.

True to the original questions, he has Frazzles for lunch today

bruuuno 12:08 Sun Jan 25
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City

Sniper 1:19 Sun Jan 25
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City

Daps? Creps you mean

Sniper 11:09 Sun Jan 25
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City
I know norm, I know

They should parade the idiots round the pitch before kick off!

normannomates 1:30 Sun Jan 25
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City
Fancy telling all and sundry (ello ello)..not only that you have a seat in the home...but the stand..row AND seat number!
My life.

Sniper 1:19 Sun Jan 25
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City

That's a great ideal. What it is, right, my babber is I is wearing mi daps and getting down that there park to get on the slider

Etc etc

Ewan Whosearmy 12:31 Sun Jan 25
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City
Cheers, Sniper. In my head I read all the answers in a Bristolian accent. It were girt lush though.

holyhandgrenade 5:38 Sat Jan 24
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City
Excellent read thanks Sniper

charleyfarley 5:33 Sat Jan 24
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City
Good read thanks snipe

Sniper 5:14 Sat Jan 24
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City
Oh, and no worries everyone. I probably could have done about 50 - my office is all city, apart from me, 2 rovers fans, one Liverpool and 3 Man U!

Sniper 5:13 Sat Jan 24
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City

City and rovers have both been battling for years for stadium expansions/moves. City's was in place before relegation - it was aimed more at getting them into the top tier.

As for Rovers, I don't think non-league was ever their aspiration! And their new ground would really be in south Gloucestershire, more or less.

chim chim cha boo 5:11 Sat Jan 24
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City
Thanks Sniper, I enjoyed that read.

Romfordboy 5:01 Sat Jan 24
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City
Decent read.... Thanks for posting it

obv they are building something hopefully they are championship next year

Think our quality will show through

LAD 5:00 Sat Jan 24
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City
Got a few City fans as followers on twitter randomly,both seem to know their stuff.

Decent read, cheers.

crapnotshit 4:54 Sat Jan 24
Re: View from the opposition - Bristol City
Thx Sniper.

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