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GreenStreetPlayer 10:15 Wed Feb 4
Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
All being well, hoping these two are selected to start the game Sunday with Carroll a doubt.
Since Carroll returned from injury in November, these two have never played together. Considering we have played our most entertaining football with results included with them, find this very hard to believe it has not happened sooner.
The Christmas period would have been a good opportunity to rotate the squad and rest Carroll for a game, but no Allardyce decided to play Carroll throughout and he was fucked by the West Brom game.

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Eddie B 12:32 Wed Feb 11
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
chad, agreed. Both thrive off each other and Song and Downing must prefer those two up front, than the geordie lampost.

stomper 12:30 Wed Feb 11
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
Coz it feels so good?

stomper 12:25 Wed Feb 11
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
Coz its understood?

chad sexington 11:06 Tue Feb 10
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
Valencia is a different player alongside sakho. Looks lost with Carroll.

franksfat&slow&wank 9:06 Tue Feb 10
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
More of these two please, fucking great together

daveyg 7:52 Tue Feb 10
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
I agree with you in using all 3 strikers. Carroll has worked really hard lately in coming back to defend, as much as Valencia or Sakho. He also set up Valencia for a great goal against Valencia.
Think how defenders would react against those 3 on the team sheet !!!
We could then use Song,Kouyate and Downing in central midfield.Downing played excellent, against who I forget ,earlier in the season. I reckon we could experiment against Palace at the end of Feb.

ironsofcanada 7:33 Tue Feb 10
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
threesixty 5:50 Mon Feb 9

I think a real 433 would work against at least against weaker teams (Sakho and Valencia tend to work off the wings and cut in anyway and Andy Carroll has show some great vision and hold up play since he has been back.) But there is no place in there for Downing unless he can really play central midfield, not wing or at the time of the diamond, with say Song and Kayoute.

I think you need another engine in the middle though against better midfield teams.

Start Sakho and Valencia especially since Caroll is coming back from an injury and then use him to batter them late on hopefully to shore up the lead.

Honest Hammer 7:18 Tue Feb 10
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
Gutted that Carroll is definitely going to walk straight back in tomorrow

Alex V 6:44 Tue Feb 10
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
threesixty 5:50 Mon Feb 9

Excellent post - food for thought. The only thing I question is whether you need a special level of midfield player to keep possession of the ball. Teams like Swansea, West Brom and many more did it/do it it very well with scraped together squads. The problem with Song imo is that he is very much used to players coming short to receive the ball and keep possession, which gets him into trouble in our system.

It's good that there are different working options at the club right now. But both main approaches with the ball seem to depend on getting the ball forward very quickly. It puts intense pressure on either Valencia/Sakho or on Carroll with a more physical approach. I think we risk burning out whoever is used in those forward roles, one way or another.

Eddie B 6:36 Tue Feb 10
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
Keep them together for tomorrow and bring on Carroll in the 2nd half if needed.

threesixty 5:50 Mon Feb 9
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
Modern football at the highest level means you play the ball on the floor.
If your doing that nowadays you need speed to open up defences. Unless you have a midfield full of Barca level tiki taka players you wont be able to keep the ball in the final third against 90% of prem defences (who are now so used to sitting back in 2 banks of 4).

So as talented as Caroll is, he just isn’t fast enough to play the counter attacking type of football that sides like us (not blessed with tiki taka players) need to play. Sakho and Valencia are just too fast for most defences. They stretch the play and also mean that our midfielders (like Nolan and Noble) get more chances to score coming in for second balls and rebounds (as they will often be unmarked by the time they get to the area).

People have called me nuts on this before but I really think Caroll could make a great attacking midfielder. He knows where the goal is, and had good feet and accurate pass. It’s just that he isn’t that fast, which wouldn't matter if he played a bit deeper. Rooney’s doing it now for Man U and they’re paying him 300k a week for the role! I don't see what the problem is…

ludo21 4:54 Mon Feb 9
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?

Well I would rather we played with Sakho & Valencia up front and used Carroll as a very effective impact sub but if BFS is going to carry on insisting that Carroll is in the starting line up then I would rather Valencia played on the flank rather than Downing... and Downing then in his proper role rather than Nolan.

Seasar 3:55 Mon Feb 9
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
ludo21 3:39 Mon Feb 9

is this a new tactic?

ludo21 3:39 Mon Feb 9
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
I'd play all 3 as well but with Downing in his favoured position at the tip of the diamond and Valencia out wide, where he has played much of his career.

Firkin 3:33 Mon Feb 9
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
Id play Sacko, Valencia and Carroll. Take out Nolan. Put Downing back on wing and play valencia just off

theaxeman 3:07 Mon Feb 9
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?

they showed numerous clips on motd where they linked as opposed to their 2 who didn't

DaillyShaggedMyWife 2:46 Mon Feb 9
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
I think Carroll is our best striker based on individual talent, but Sakho and Valencia is our partnership. We look so much better on the break with those two in the team, and our best run of the season was when they were playing together (and we also had a settled, Nolan-free, midfield). For me, they have to be starting, but I reckon Carroll will be straight back in as soon as he's available.

Eddie B 2:35 Mon Feb 9
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
I really reall hope that yesterday has made BFS realise that S&V are the preferred choice for a front two, and to bring on Carroll later on. don't think it'll happen though.

Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
I love it when the two play together. Bring Carroll on with 20 minutes to go and give him the odd start.

Disgrace Sakho and Valencia been broken up for so long.

fraser 4:49 Mon Feb 9
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
Again I think they play far away from each other a instructed, running the channels and pressing the full backs, with Downing coming through the middle and pressing the centre backs

Private Dancer 4:14 Mon Feb 9
Re: Sakho & Valencia - Reunited?
We clearly get from one end of the field to the other quicker and stretch sides better with these 2 playing and it's a real asset on the counter. But I would like to see more evidence of an actual partnership if they both stay in. I don't recall a passage of play last night where they linked up and ceated a worthwhile chance between them, when either of them was in a good position for it to happen the final ball wasn't there or the wrong decision was made. They also seemed to be playing too far away from each other, which goes somweway to explaining why they didn't link up too often. Hopefully that can be worked on.

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