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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

toadinthehole 3:43 Sat Feb 14
BFS out
ridiculous performance today
picking Nolan
JOB on for Song, Sakho off/


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Iron Filings 2:20 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
So you would've played O'Brien there bearing in mind how well Kouyate had played at centre back against Man United and Soton?

Personally yeah I would have to prevent us getting overrun in midfield, but failing that the answer to your question would be the Chelsea, Arsenal and West Brom games in Dec/Jan

Mr Kenzo 2:19 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out


BigJohn 2:19 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
serious fellas who we gonna get ?? Simeone u say ? No chance. Klopp can get a bigger club. Bilic done alright with croatia but has done nothing else, eddie howe unproven.. None of these have managed PL level so tell me son who we gonna get fella FFS

Glenn Rodent 2:02 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
Rossal 12:46 Tue Feb 17

He won't play Lee, Oxford or Burke because Lee isn't good enough and Oxford & Burke aren't experienced enough and if he risks throwing them in at this stage then it could destroy their confidence. He only has them on the bench as he has no one else. No Carroll and no Reid and Collins.

I admit it was a massive blow and error not to get new blood in January. If the transfers of Diarra, Mbodj and Adebayor had come off then no one would be moaning right now and we probably wouldn't have lost at WBA.

Willtell 1:05 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
For once I agree with this from the Daily Mail

"West Ham United is a football club ready to burst onto the big time. That’s the direction they want to head in.
They need a manager who shares that ambition, and whose skills reflect the extraordinary salary he’s receiving (at the last count Sam was the 13th highest paid manager in the world, earning more than Joachim Low and Diego Simeone).
What West Ham don’t need is a manager who moans about the squad size.
The Hammers are heading to a world class stadium, and they need to go there with a world class manager. Time for West Ham to let Sam go.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2956686/West-Ham-verge-big-time-Sam-Allardyce-s-lack-empathy-fans-holding-back.html#ixzz3S09TCEFS
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Willtell 12:57 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
ironsofcanada 8:41 Tue Feb 17
Willtell 11:51 Mon Feb 16
"I am not really sure what he wants at this point, to be honest, but Will, the quote you give seems to be in direct contraction to this idea of giving up. Don't you think?"

The quote was from 11 years ago where he left Bolton expecting a top job where he could win silverware. The sack at Newcastle and Blackburn before a Championship 3rd place play-off final hardly counts as silverware so I don't raelly understand what kind of point you're making?

Willtell 12:51 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
Billy Blagg 11:59
Yes I agree with your all your comments about how far West Ham could go. The point I was making though is that SA left Bolton 11 years ago after 8th; 6th, 8th and 7th place finishes, so that he could win some silverware.

He reached a glass ceiling at Bolton and that is understandable to some extent but he failed at Newcastle and Blackburn from disgruntled fans and owners. They are two sides that have won things in recent memory but SA got thrown out. All this before joining WH. My point is that SA has failed to win any silverware.

Southampton are showing that with a decent manager and astute buys a club can compete for Europe. After all the player sales they made and a major injury to young striker Jay Rodriguez too...

But let's not undersell ourselves. Soon our ground capacity will be 54,000. Bigger than most other clubs including Chelsea, Citeh, Liverpool and at London seat prices....

Rossal 12:47 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
Also his lack of connection with the fans and writing the game off on Saturday with 30 mins to go and 5,500 fans to the right of him was unforgivable

oh yeah almost forgot.....


Rossal 12:46 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
He moans about squad depth yet he got rid of two in Jan.....failed to replace them and can not rely on youth players to do a job as he has no interest in integrating them into the first team set up.

I'd be amazed if he is offered a new deal, especially as the games ahead mean we could go on a very shit painful run of results unless he can change things around.

His only saving grace is that there might not be anyone else available who is more attractive and as much of a banker as BFS

brick_lane_batty_boy 12:27 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
So you would've played O'Brien there bearing in mind how well Kouyate had played at centre back against Man United and Soton?

Iron Filings 11:00 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
He had the option of playing O'Brien there as he did against Hull

brick_lane_batty_boy 10:57 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
Please don't get me wrong, I'm not even a lover of Big Sam - but the bashing he gets, in my opinion is at times unjust.

brick_lane_batty_boy 10:56 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
Iron Filings 10:40 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out

See this is what we're dealing with

Kouyate is playing centre half because we've got no Collins or Reid !!! So no, he couldn't have played his first choice midfield.

Glenn Rodent 10:50 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
Does he? To be honest I have never seen it that way. I always assumed Allardyce has only picked Nolan when he is squad rotating or only put Nolan in when Noble had a spell out injured.

If everyone was fresh and fit I'd be gobsmacked if Allardyce started with Nolan. A diamond of Noble, Kouyate, Song and Downing are our best 4. Diarra would have replaced Noble if he'd signed. Poyet isn't ready and Amalfitano is better from the bench. Jarvis can't play in the centre. So like it or not Nolan is going to get game time.

brick_lane_batty_boy 10:49 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
We don't have enough depth to our squad despite signing quite a few players in the summer?

Hermit Road 10:46 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
But he picks him no matter who is available.

Glenn Rodent 10:44 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
In response to the original post, I agree Nolan isn't up to it. But tell me who else he can pick from what is available?

Most Managers want one or two impact players on the bench just in case the game doesn't go to plan. They can then make a change if necessary. Amalfitano & Jarvis are impact players, they don't tend to start well. Nolan is the opposite, he is not an impact player.

So based on that, tell me who else could he pick other than Nolan. I agree that Nolan shouldn't be there but at this moment in time there is nobody else. I do hope that we bring in a couple of new midfielders in the summer and have put Nolan and Noble as back up players.

goose 10:40 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
brick_lane_batty_boy 10:34 Tue Feb 17

my point is that the season isnt over. there is no point having a great start if you are going to tail off.

our current form is most relevant - and what does our current form tell you??

Iron Filings 10:40 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
From what I can see - He knows Nolan isn't a first eleven player - When was the last time he had the chance to pick Kouyate, Song, Noble and Downing in midfield, and didn't?


The Kronic 10:39 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
brick_lane_batty_boy 10:34

See, all of his rimmers are at it. 'You sound like a Tottenham fan'

goose 10:39 Tue Feb 17
Re: BFS out
Parris St the Man 10:29 Tue Feb 17

how is last season at WHL relevant?? we could talk about the team talks before the record equaling number of home defeats - but that aint relevant either.

RE Soton, whats the excuse for the shite that preceded the red card?? what about liverpool?? what about west brom??

what about 1 win in 9 (?) league games??

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