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Junior-Hammer 12:59 Tue Feb 17
Maiga > Valencia
I think now we are all getting a reality check that we aren't THAT good it is time to come to terms with how poor Valencia has been in his last 10 games. He has scored 3 goals all season, he hit that 'one hit wonder' against Hull which I haven't seen him do again when apparently 'he does it all the time in training' clearly not.

This brings me onto my anger at how Maiga was treated by the club and fans. Fans that clearly know nothing about football ... In his first season at West Ham, Modibo Maiga played with a striker or on the right wing allowing him to cut in and shoot. Last season, Andy Carroll got injured and we had no back up but Maiga. BIG SAM, played Maiga up front all on his own, when he Isn't a target man he isn't the type of striker that holds the ball up. HE NEEDS A STRIKE PARTNER. That's why in games where Valencia has been on his we have looked pony and failed to create anything. Maiga is a good footballer and a good striker. Maiga isn't the same player Andy Carroll is. It looks like we are building fucking everything around Carroll and Nolan as the clubs role models to everyone.

Maiga would look in a 3 up top with Sakho and Valencia, however Valencia isn't good enough IMO. Have you seen how often he loses the ball each game? Sakho is a quality striker, similar to Defoe and similar to Demba Ba imo.

But I'm generally appalled at our attacking play at Southampton & West Brom it was dreadful and that has led me to think we NEED a new manager.

So our fans would get on Modibo Maiga's back when being forced to play as a target man with long balls lumped up to him, whereas Valencia plays alongside Sakho which makes him look good.

Bring back Maiga and Valencia out for £21 from Chelsea please.

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Hugh Monteith 7:47 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia
Its the way the team is told to play

rhysb16 7:42 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia
For me I think Valencia was class with Sakho upfront. It was a good partnership.

Then Carroll came back and Valencia was dumped to the bench this to me has damaged his confidence, no matter how hard he trains with Allardyce there he will always be second to Carroll/Sakho if they're both fit.

Hugh Monteith 7:30 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia
Play VAL to his strengths.and the goals will come.

OneAll 7:13 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia
This is bollox .. Valencia always gives it his all the only thing missing is his goals .. Which he clearly gets for Ecuador .. Sort your self out

kylay 6:35 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia
the OP is patently false.

that is all

ludo21 6:27 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia
I agree that Miaga has been badly treated and would probably look decent playing with a decent partner like Sakho.

I think that Valencia will come good... there is a reason why Chelsea are supposed to be interested.

Alex V 6:16 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia
But would we have bought Valencia on the basis that his first season was to be written off?

Obviously we all hope he improves over time, and I think he will, but I don't buy the excuses made for his inconsistency so far.

Don Ravioli 5:54 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia
Fucking clueless
The geezer has not even played a full season yet,has had no break in between the World Cup, has come from a completely different type of football league and most of the time is played out of position and you're judging him on his goals record.
Yeah there are things he needs to work on but I like it when he is played up top with sakho. The main problem is the wanker that is playing him out of position.
Judge him next season.

Glenn Rodent 5:47 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia
Valencia is going through a dip in form because he hasn't stopped playing football since the World Cup. Next year he will be even better.

The other thing to mention is that Maiga is utter shit where as Valencia isn't.

dolph 5:42 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia
1-0 Johnson

Johnson 4:57 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia

Trevor B 4:44 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia
you spelled computer wrong too.

Hermit Road 4:36 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia
And Maiga was a terrible console.

And Apple's predictive text is stocking.

Hermit Road 4:35 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia
Amiga was a terrible footballer, but he did suffer through being played out wide as a lot of strikers have suffered the same fate due to the sophisticated tackticks of our manager.

Rossal 3:35 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia
i remember that year the three below us were shocking, 4 goals in 11 doesnt keep you up

Parker was the only one in that side that could take some serious credit

MrCrowmanSir 3:24 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia
Rossal 2:26 Tue Feb 17

Ilan scored 4 goals in 11 games for us, kept us up that season.

Honest Hammer 3:20 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia
It really does make me laugh when forward, who isn't played as an out and out striker is judged on his goalscoring return.

If you take a look back at the season and judge him when we've played the ball on the floor, his contribution particularly in the big games has been enormous.

Liverpool & Man City in particular the guy showed what he can produce.

He is not without his floors, he needs to bulk up a bit and release the ball a bit earlier, but he can't be along Maiga realms if Chelsea are interested in him.

The biggest issue with Enner Valencia is the service he receives when we revert to the style of play that BFS likes, Song struggles in that kind of system as does Sakho. All are rendered fucking useless when we lump the ball.

terranceandphillip2 3:12 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia
Spot on, Maiga vastly underrated and finished by the Oaf. Valencia though is a dent player. Keep both.

Alex V 3:11 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia
>>> We were all gushing at how great the Sakho/Valencia partnership was when we were brushing teams aside and in the top four.

But we weren't all gushing. There were plenty of misgivings voiced on here about Valencia even then. For me the key point was not that Sakho or Valencia were god-like, simply that because they were simply not Carroll or Cole the team had to somewhat abandon their usual style to accomodate them. Clearly it's been hard to recreate that.

If someone thinks Maiga could contribute, then I'm interested to hear it.

Sniper 3:06 Tue Feb 17
Re: Maiga > Valencia
Calencia is simply not a wide player. Up front with Sakho with decent support from midfield, they are a handful for any defence as they pull them all over the shop and are both very good at finding spaces when tgey appear

The issues are that Sam keeps playing Valencia wide in a 451 negating him and Downing at the expense of nolan or up front in a diamond but with nolan and noble in midfield who are too slow to play together, so there's little support and the opposition can cut out supply easily

Re: Maiga > Valencia
Not even been here for 1 season and he gets cunted, this is why I hate being associated with some so called West Ham fans, let the boy settle for fucks sake and get used to the pace and physicality of the Prem, Maiga could also have done ok if had not been played as a loan striker by a totally tactical inept manager in BFS, am afraid gents the buck stops at that man as he cannot pick players to play in correct positions end of story

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