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e. Well how's your luck this one is on Amazon Prime and I subscribe along with SKY, BT & Netflix I've got all bases covered, it may be cheaper to buy a ST but then I'd have to get out of the armchair, WHU through & through me

Clubfoot 12:15 Mon Feb 23
Anyone else catch the start of the new series on Amazon prime last Thursday?

Loved the first 2 series and not disappointed with how this first episode looked, fucking great TV. Naked blonde beauties...verywhere...shagging, loads of gratuitous violence, one mad bastard and (allegedly) relatively accurate to folklore/legend.

What's not to like?

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stomper 12:45 Fri Mar 27
Re: Vikings
Made a change from all the cgi

Hermit Road 11:32 Thu Mar 26
Re: Vikings
There's hardly any in the new series. The only problem I've got with it is that the scale is very cheap. In the first series they took on two whole kingdoms with about 30 warriors. I'm not buying that.

stomper 11:29 Thu Mar 26
Re: Vikings
Not that much blood and gore considering the subject matter. Spartacus it aint.

cuzoftheeast 11:27 Thu Mar 26
Re: Vikings
I love Katherine winnick

ChesterRd 11:26 Thu Mar 26
Re: Vikings
Not bothering to watch the Vikings new series, watched the first series but I can't stand all the blood and gore TBH.

Shin Chan 11:02 Thu Mar 26
Re: Vikings
it is very authentic.

Hermit Road 10:06 Thu Mar 26
Re: Vikings
I agree about Spartacus. All gets a bit boring. I'm sure Vikings used to present a bit more flesh.

WHOicidal Maniac 7:59 Thu Mar 26
Re: Vikings
Hermit Road 7:57 Thu Mar 26

Nope, a TV show that sells itself with good acting and storylines..No T and A required.

Hermit Road 7:57 Thu Mar 26
Re: Vikings
I don't think there's been one naked woman in the current series.

WHOicidal Maniac 7:56 Thu Mar 26
Re: Vikings
Got Renewed for a fourth Season...Good news all round.

stomper 8:40 Fri Feb 27
Re: Vikings
Rome is also incredibly accurate. If I could show it to the students without losing my job I would. Even the magic spells and curses are verbatim from the time.(yes I have a book of spells and curses from late republican Rome)
The scripts are excellent.
The acting is excellent.
Even the main characters are real soldiers mentioned in Caesars Civil Wars

Fivetide 7:47 Fri Feb 27
Re: Vikings
If you love this and fancy trying something in a similar key but far more disturbing, I recommend the Nicolas Winding Refn film 'Valhalla Rising'.

It's very weird and trippy, but if you are too, then you'll bloody love it. Mads Mikkelsen is superb in the main role.

Mr Anon 3:54 Fri Feb 27
Re: Vikings
"gratuitous violence"

Really? I thought it was quite tame in that regard, considering the subject matter.

Swiss Toni 3:48 Fri Feb 27
Re: Vikings
I agree Rome is the best of that genre.

Saw 'Hammer Of The Gods" last night. Sort of Viking in Heart Of Darkenss (Apocolypse now)...pretty shit though.

Clubfoot 2:24 Fri Feb 27
Re: Vikings
Cheers Stomper, i will take a looksy

stomper 8:33 Thu Feb 26
Re: Vikings
Mr John

Rome: Best of the bunch

WHOicidal Maniac 7:15 Thu Feb 26
Re: Vikings
stomper 6:39 Thu Feb 26

Agreed...Sometimes you can just see too much T&A and eventually you come to realise its there to hide that fact there is no decent storyline...

Mr John 7:12 Thu Feb 26
Re: Vikings
That's the one Swiss! Great stuff. Appreciate it ain't gonna get the grey cells working too much, but, there's not that much entertainment in the vein of Vikings/Spartacus on TV. Anyone know of any other similar series?

stomper 6:39 Thu Feb 26
Re: Vikings
Thats the chap. The thing is about 10 years ago the yanks discovered they could put nipples and knobs on cable TV. Since then they've been like a dog with two dicks and squeeze it in anywhere without reference to plot or mood.

Clubfoot 10:46 Thu Feb 26
Re: Vikings
Stomper, this one?


Swiss. 9:49 Thu Feb 26
Re: Vikings
Mr John "will Gods not remove c*ck from a*rse"

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