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Jimbo333 7:55 Thu Mar 12
Dislocated shoulder. Out for the season.

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Hugh Monteith 1:14 Fri Mar 20
He should take until next season with appropriate individualised treatment to gain for himself the best chance of a full recovery.

Hugh Monteith 7:21 Wed Mar 18
I recommend that he wears supportive strapping on the Recovering shoulder for the rest of his career

Fivetide 7:01 Wed Mar 18
Re: Tomkins

West Ham defender James Tomkins has surgery on shoulder

West Ham United defender James Tomkins has undergone surgery on a dislocated shoulder ****but should return to action before the end of the season.****

The 25-year-old suffered the injury after falling awkwardly in training.

He missed Saturday's defeat at Arsenal , a game the Hammers lost 3-0.

"We will now start his rehabilitation, with a view to him returning to fitness before the end of the season," said Stijn Vandenbroucke, West Ham's head of medical and sports science.

West Side Story 1:04 Wed Mar 18
Re: Tomkins
Hugh says he's out for the season.

Hugh Monteith 7:32 Mon Mar 16

Monk~koknee 2:57 Sun Mar 15
All because Terry Brown lacked ambition and was too tight to buy some lucky heather.

Billy Blagg 2:53 Sun Mar 15
NEVER SAY DIE 2:49 Sat Mar 14

Not at West Ham it's not. We have always had a hideous injury list. Not just in recent times but over decades. Reason? Seek out the old Gypsy who put the curse on the place is all I can suggest.

W6Hammer 6:15 Sat Mar 14
Henry gone off injured today.

terry-h 3:13 Sat Mar 14
Are you suggesting our CBs are fragile, NSD?

I don't know whether we still intend signing that Genk CB in the summer. Mbodj if I remember correctly.
We have Reid, Collins, Tomkins, Henry, with Burke On the verge of the first team squad.

NEVER SAY DIE 2:49 Sat Mar 14
Our centreback tale of woe this season.

Reid missed 4 games through injury, taken off in 3 other games with an injury

Collins missed 5 games through injury, taken off injured in 7 (seven) games this season

Tomkins missed 6 games with injury (16 if he's out for the season) taken off injured in 2 games as well

Now we all know players get injured but the above is way above and beyond your natural course of fitness issues.

NEVER SAY DIE 2:35 Sat Mar 14
WHU has just been a utter tale of woe in 2015 so far aside from Reid signing a new deal.

The club's form is horrific
The transfer window was a debacle
The injuries to Carroll and now Tomkins
The farce of trying to sign Lassana Diarra when it was never a goer from day 1

terry-h 2:33 Sat Mar 14
Latest news on Tomka : looks like there is ligament damage in his shoulder and an operation is likely. Out for season now 90% probable.

Hugh Monteith 6:13 Sat Mar 14
A match day squad needs three center backs

w4hammer 11:05 Fri Mar 13
Re: Tomkins
fucking hell.. I think Im going that in the twelve pins for the match.

The game will be over before most people will have made it to their seats!

danny dyer 10:56 Fri Mar 13
Re: Tomkins
AKA Ernie it looks like it...............pwopa shit news

Gruesome Dump 1:31 Fri Mar 13
Re: Tomkins
Regrettably, this is true. Out for the season.

Rossal 10:55 Fri Mar 13
Re: Tomkins
recall Henry and put him in as Burke and Oxford have recently had injuries i believe....

Kouyate IMO was very good at CB

mentor 10:53 Fri Mar 13
Re: Tomkins
Kouyate should never play in central defense again. The season's over, give the kids a chance.

Eddie B 10:53 Fri Mar 13
Re: Tomkins
Reid isn't fit yet. It'll be ginge and Kouyate.

Rossal 10:52 Fri Mar 13
Re: Tomkins
Club tweeted its true and he went off to hospital, doubt they will rush him back....season over for James, big loss

young woody 10:50 Fri Mar 13
Re: Tomkins
Reid and Collins it is.

Eddie B 10:49 Fri Mar 13
Re: Tomkins
Looks like it


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