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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Jimbo333 7:55 Thu Mar 12
Dislocated shoulder. Out for the season.

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Hugh Monteith 1:14 Fri Mar 20
He should take until next season with appropriate individualised treatment to gain for himself the best chance of a full recovery.

Hugh Monteith 7:21 Wed Mar 18
I recommend that he wears supportive strapping on the Recovering shoulder for the rest of his career

Fivetide 7:01 Wed Mar 18
Re: Tomkins

West Ham defender James Tomkins has surgery on shoulder

West Ham United defender James Tomkins has undergone surgery on a dislocated shoulder ****but should return to action before the end of the season.****

The 25-year-old suffered the injury after falling awkwardly in training.

He missed Saturday's defeat at Arsenal , a game the Hammers lost 3-0.

"We will now start his rehabilitation, with a view to him returning to fitness before the end of the season," said Stijn Vandenbroucke, West Ham's head of medical and sports science.

West Side Story 1:04 Wed Mar 18
Re: Tomkins
Hugh says he's out for the season.

Hugh Monteith 7:32 Mon Mar 16

Monk~koknee 2:57 Sun Mar 15
All because Terry Brown lacked ambition and was too tight to buy some lucky heather.

Billy Blagg 2:53 Sun Mar 15
NEVER SAY DIE 2:49 Sat Mar 14

Not at West Ham it's not. We have always had a hideous injury list. Not just in recent times but over decades. Reason? Seek out the old Gypsy who put the curse on the place is all I can suggest.

W6Hammer 6:15 Sat Mar 14
Henry gone off injured today.

terry-h 3:13 Sat Mar 14
Are you suggesting our CBs are fragile, NSD?

I don't know whether we still intend signing that Genk CB in the summer. Mbodj if I remember correctly.
We have Reid, Collins, Tomkins, Henry, with Burke On the verge of the first team squad.

NEVER SAY DIE 2:49 Sat Mar 14
Our centreback tale of woe this season.

Reid missed 4 games through injury, taken off in 3 other games with an injury

Collins missed 5 games through injury, taken off injured in 7 (seven) games this season

Tomkins missed 6 games with injury (16 if he's out for the season) taken off injured in 2 games as well

Now we all know players get injured but the above is way above and beyond your natural course of fitness issues.

NEVER SAY DIE 2:35 Sat Mar 14
WHU has just been a utter tale of woe in 2015 so far aside from Reid signing a new deal.

The club's form is horrific
The transfer window was a debacle
The injuries to Carroll and now Tomkins
The farce of trying to sign Lassana Diarra when it was never a goer from day 1

terry-h 2:33 Sat Mar 14
Latest news on Tomka : looks like there is ligament damage in his shoulder and an operation is likely. Out for season now 90% probable.

Hugh Monteith 6:13 Sat Mar 14
A match day squad needs three center backs

w4hammer 11:05 Fri Mar 13
Re: Tomkins
fucking hell.. I think Im going that in the twelve pins for the match.

The game will be over before most people will have made it to their seats!

danny dyer 10:56 Fri Mar 13
Re: Tomkins
AKA Ernie it looks like it...............pwopa shit news

Gruesome Dump 1:31 Fri Mar 13
Re: Tomkins
Regrettably, this is true. Out for the season.

Rossal 10:55 Fri Mar 13
Re: Tomkins
recall Henry and put him in as Burke and Oxford have recently had injuries i believe....

Kouyate IMO was very good at CB

mentor 10:53 Fri Mar 13
Re: Tomkins
Kouyate should never play in central defense again. The season's over, give the kids a chance.

Eddie B 10:53 Fri Mar 13
Re: Tomkins
Reid isn't fit yet. It'll be ginge and Kouyate.

Rossal 10:52 Fri Mar 13
Re: Tomkins
Club tweeted its true and he went off to hospital, doubt they will rush him back....season over for James, big loss

young woody 10:50 Fri Mar 13
Re: Tomkins
Reid and Collins it is.

Eddie B 10:49 Fri Mar 13
Re: Tomkins
Looks like it


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