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pardsisalegend 10:33 Thu Mar 19
Mark Noble
Centre midfield - Mark Noble

In the team given Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s (7.28) hamstring injury, Noble’s consistency for West Ham has paid off. His rating of 7.07 is thanks in a large part to the fact that he has won possession in the middle third of the pitch some 74 times across just 20 appearances. Creating 1.6 chances per game, he puts effective service into the box, too.

Well done, son

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Eerie Descent 6:02 Wed Apr 1
Re: Mark Noble
Swiss-roll, the Fat Fantasist, coming up with an absolute BELTER of an April fools.

Well done porky.

whufcroe 5:54 Wed Apr 1
Re: Mark Noble
"Go bum your mate Lierie"


You're confused as you was when you thought the twin towers come down on 10 September the other day.

Swiss. 5:51 Wed Apr 1
Re: Mark Noble

That the reason is a double april fool you fucking retard. Go bum your mate Lierie. Its a internet forum not a place for stalking retards like you.

whufcroe 5:49 Wed Apr 1
Re: Mark Noble
Erm it's after midday you idiot

Swiss. 5:48 Wed Apr 1
Re: Mark Noble
Noble is world class. Can't everyone see that.

Oh what day is it?

Russ of the BML 2:23 Wed Apr 1
Re: Mark Noble
Mason. What a fucking joke.

pardsisalegend 1:35 Wed Apr 1
Re: Mark Noble

Mr Kenzo 6:13 Fri Mar 27
Re: Mark Noble
Let the MICKS have him

Eerie Descent 6:11 Fri Mar 27
Re: Mark Noble
IF England pick players like that?

There's not exactly a plethora of better players waiting in the wings.

under the thumb 6:08 Fri Mar 27
Re: Mark Noble

I would class Mason in the category of 'not good enough'
That is my point. Noble Cleverly Shelvey Livermore all not good enough for international football. And I understand the argument many people on here say that if they are good enough then why hasn't Noble been given a chance.

I'm stating that in my opinion none of them are good enough for England. Everyone knows my thoughts on Nobles place in the team at West Ham. It's my opinion and I make no apologies for that. That is why the England team will always under achieve if people like that are picked to play foe England. So this is not just anti Noble it's an opinion based across the board about the state of our national team.

Noone disputes Nobles commitment to West Ham. Good luck to the bloke for fulfilling a dream of playing for his boyhood club but to say he should have been picked for England because others have been given a chance is wrong..

The Mercernary 5:00 Fri Mar 27
Re: Mark Noble
The thing is, the gap between club and international football is not as big as it used to be.

In the old days players in the top division only played against other British players. Playing for your country meant you came up against different types of players and tactics.

Not true so much now as we have more foreigners here than British players and we also have continental coaches here with their various non-British styles/tactics.

Does anyone really believe it would be more difficult to play against Lithuania than Chelsea anyway?

Sniper 4:06 Fri Mar 27
Re: Mark Noble

Exactly. People often talk about players not being able to make the step up between leagues and then there's others who make the transition ok and keep the same level of performance consistently. Same with premier league and champions league.

I just don't understand why hodgson doesn't experiment more. The closest he came was recalling Downing, but he did that based on his performances in the hole and then shoved him on the wing where he's been no good for years!


theaxeman 4:03 Fri Mar 27
Re: Mark Noble
No level now mate just vets, got couple of former pro and 4 or 5 former semi pro

Norman 3:45 Fri Mar 27
Re: Mark Noble
Totally agree Sniper

Some players are suited to international Football more than club Football. The best 11 aren't usually the best option you need players to supplement the better players

Norman 3:43 Fri Mar 27
Re: Mark Noble
Under the thumb

And Ryan Mason is good enough?? Let just pick the Lampards and Gerard's when they have been terrible for England over the years. Matt Holland scored a goal in a World Cup and your telling me Noble isn't good enough for England. It's a disgrace that he hasn't got a cap. Same with Nolan when he was in his prime at Bolton

Eerie Descent 3:19 Fri Mar 27
Re: Mark Noble
They are the only available English players in and around the first teams for those sides, Thumb.

under the thumb 3:09 Fri Mar 27
Re: Mark Noble
Man City 2 players

under the thumb 3:08 Fri Mar 27
Re: Mark Noble
CCBB......Chelsea have one player and Man City work players in the squad.

The top two sides in the premier league have three players between them. So the point about playing for a big club doesn't always stack up!

The debate about Noble playing for England won't ever go away. When people compare him to other players who have had the chance then there is I suppose ground for debate. To counter that I would say where are the Cleverly Shelvey's Livermore now? Nowhere near the squad, as it should be.....so if you put Noble in that bracket then there's your answer why he won't ever get picked. He isn't good enough.

Rodfarts 2:56 Fri Mar 27
Re: Mark Noble
at what level axeman?

chim chim cha boo 2:32 Fri Mar 27
Re: Mark Noble
Sniper 1:48 Fri Mar 27

But don't you think it's one of the great compensations of being a West Ham fan when the wankers who support chelsea, the mancs, spurs etc crow about the England internationals they've got and you just say 'well that's why England have been such a dominant force since '66 then'?

whufcroe 2:09 Fri Mar 27
Re: Mark Noble
Sniper 1:48 Fri Mar 27

Pretty much spot on

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