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Clubfoot 12:04 Fri Mar 20
Following on from the VIkings thread, Amazon keep telling me i should watch this show "based on my viewing preferences"

Now it's got Paul Giamatti in it, so obviously i'm tempted, but can anyone shed anymore light on the matter please?

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Mr John 7:36 Fri Mar 20
Re: Ironclad
I watched the first Ironclad film and was really disappointed. I love that type of film but it was just rubbish. Completely unrealistic and predictable.

I'm currently watching Sons of Anarchy, which I'm enjoying, up to season 4 and still not bored of it. Then going to watch season 3 of Vikings, which I'm really looking forward to.

jfk 3:59 Fri Mar 20
Re: Ironclad
Cloubfoot I hope your well mate, try watching The sopranos or the wire from the beginning .
If you've already seen the above two I'd suggest watching them again, nothing else comes close.
I wish you all the best.

clarky 12:39 Fri Mar 20
Re: Ironclad
It's fucking terrible!

DukeofDevo 12:23 Fri Mar 20
Re: Ironclad
That 'Battle for Blood' is a spin off, like Ironclad 3! the original with Paul whatsisface is worth watching!

Clubfoot 12:19 Fri Mar 20
Re: Ironclad

Grumpster 12:18 Fri Mar 20
Re: Ironclad
I watched a film recently called Ironclad: Battle For Blood, as it was on Sky and I've always liked a bit of medieval.

Whatever you do, don't ever waste 90 minutes of your life watching it as it's fucking atrocious.

Mr Kenzo 12:17 Fri Mar 20
Re: Ironclad
Rochester in Kent or the shit one in Essex ?

the coming of gary 12:16 Fri Mar 20
Re: Ironclad
based on the real life siege of Rochester castle. I enjoyed it

DukeofDevo 12:14 Fri Mar 20
Re: Ironclad
It's a film isn't it King John and all that! Lots of bloodletting takes place during the spell following the signing of Magna Carta, not bad for its ilk, worth a watch if you haven't got anything better to do

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