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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Ron Greensward 10:21 Sun Mar 29
Europa League
According to press we are top of fair play league and England are likely to get a place in Europa League for team in that position. Would mean a very short summer break with the first game very early in July as a pre qualifier. Would this be a good thing? Would mean no meaningless friendlies and perhaps us starting the premier league more match fit than usual but would mean if we go on to play in Europa League potentially up to 60 games next season. So extra revenue but a more tired squad come seasons end. May mean we could also attract better players?


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dicksie3 7:11 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
I hope our club folds and dies...

JustAFatKevinDavies 7:01 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
on the ferry id imagine 85? take the gaff with you?

busheyhammer85 6:59 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
I honestly believe we'd be in trouble if we had Europe to contend with next season under the current regime.

He'd be resting players left, right and centre.

Can't imagine the owners would be too keen on it either.

*Gets passport ready*

One McAvennieeeeee 6:57 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
Surprised the piss taking cunts aren't asking for down payment already for potential European trips in the future.

, 6:53 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
You might but the owners would not.

BulphanIron 6:51 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
I'd take relegation next year as long as we get a couple of decent European aways...

13 Brentford Rd 4:52 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
Why not Sold, why bother with football at all?

Trevor B 4:51 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
Fucking hell, people are bothered about people being bothered about playing in Europe next season....talk about desperate to have a moan about anything. ;-)

Northern Sold 4:47 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
Fucking hell are people really bothered about this... talk about desperation

13 Brentford Rd 4:46 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
As results haven't mattered since Xmas we as may as well try to get a few of theirs booked / sent off when we play them soon.

Knowing us we'll now lose our discipline and end up 2nd, it's the West Ham way.........

Trevor B 4:31 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
I don't think they can actually opt out as I'm pretty sure the rule is that another team can't take their place if they refuse to participate, but there is a way around it when they just decide not to apply for a Uefa licence and therefore cannot enter the competition. I'm not sure if there are other downsides to that for them though.

Hammers1993 4:24 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
What is the situation if Burnley finish above us, get relegated and decide to opt out? Would it then be offered to the next team, i.e us?

Trevor B 4:08 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
And in the premier league fair play league it's the score you need to look at, not the points. We are currently 2 ahead of Burnley.

Trevor B 4:07 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
England are third, the Uefa fair play rankings are released on a calender yearly basis.

B6NY B 4:03 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
Where were we then?

BulphanIron 4:02 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
End of the day England have to finish in the top 3 within Europe.

The last table was released in December so if England have dropped since then we won't be in Europe!

B6NY B 3:42 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
I'd even take BFS to be our manager if it meant getting into Europe. Germany and Braga were superb in truth.

HIYA!! 3:25 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
MALKY would guide us well.

scott_d 2:57 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
The Europa League is the perfect opportunity to experience European Football, something that I personally think would be good for the club. It's also good preparation for any club with Champions League ambitions.

It annoys me that clubs like Spurs and Liverpool think they are above the Europe League already. Spurs has 1 or 2 season in the Champions League and all of a sudden they consider themselves too good for the Europa League. Liverpool have been shit up until last season and Europa League is about the right level for the both of them.

With that in mind our aim should be to compete in the Europe League as that is the next level for a club like West Ham. The only concern is that perhaps it's too early if we aren't able to achieve a top 6/7 spot in the League.

However, the chance to see some decent European teams at Upton Park might draw in some bigger names.

Far Cough 2:10 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
You get points for a lot of stuff, like helping an oppo player up after injury or collecting a ball to speed up the game

SullyHammer 2:07 Tue Apr 7
Re: Europa League
What's the difference between us and Burnley (9 points), a booking?

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