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LeroysBoots 5:57 Fri Jun 5
Hay Fever
Any of you lot suffer with this ?

Currently suffering from the worst I've ever had, chesty cough, phlegm, watery eyes, tickly throat

Cunt of a condition

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devonhammer 5:50 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever
Think `I`ve mentioned it before on the annual WHO Hay Fever thread.....but I`ll say it again.

KENALOG is the answer.

Generic name Triamcinolone Acetonide.
It`s a depot injection of a steroid....reduces the immune response.....lasts approx. 6 - 8 weeks so covers the worst of the season.
Its probably what Buster was referring to below.

Now the difficult bit......GPs don`t like giving it.
It was recommended to me by my uncle (retired GP)....but my GP on London shook her head when I asked for it.
Moved to Devon years ago.....same response.
They say they don`t like giving it because reducing the immune response leaves you more vulnerable to other infections.....and that antihistamines work just as well.
But as anybody with really bad symptoms knows....they just don`t.
I had it terribly for years....and all the usual tablets just left me feeling groggy and `thick` headed......and some days did nothing.

Some private GPs/walk-ins may give it....get googling.

I eventually tracked it down on a slightly dodgy Canadian website.....the ampoule turns up from Mauritius.....and I inject myself....but them being a paramedic I have the means to do so!

But I have to say,......the stuff is life-changing....I have barely a sniffle or a sneeze all summer now.
Wish I could import and sell the stuff!

Northern Sold 5:38 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever
Massive amount of gaydar on this thread

Northern Sold 5:36 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever
Been sneezing a bit this morning but that's mainly I spent 3 hours in the garden cutting back all the spring excess rubbish... Ilive virtually in the country... have fields all around us including a nice rape seed field... if you suffer from hayfever you don't live where I do

zanteboy 5:30 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever
Loratadine tabs do it for me.

Mr Kenzo 3:46 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever
Buy some local honey a few months prior to Pollen Time and use it right through the season, this will help you.

WHOicidal Maniac 3:44 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever
Dairy intake can have a big influence on you allergies. From asthma to hayfever, they are all heavily affected by Dairy. Knock the milk and butter on the head for a week and you should see an improvement...

bruuuno 3:39 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever
Loratadine works for me, have to take two or three at a time though. Couple it with phenylanine (sudafed) which clears the swelling in the nose and allows you to breath.

Anyone who takes brand name medication is a MUG

munkyfunk 12:18 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever
I'm limited what meds I'm.allowed to take because of my job, that don't help,

BetterthanKaka 12:17 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever
I'm taking some tablets, not touching the sides.

Giving me headaches and making me feel FATIGUED. Think I'm turning into Ronny.

Alan 12:16 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever
Asda 'Hayfever & Allergy Relief' tablets (the ones with Cetirizine, not Loratidine) work like magic for me.
£1 for 14 tablets.
Tesco do a pack with the same ingredient (10mg Cetirizine) - same price.

i-Ron 11:26 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever

Brussels Sprout 11:18 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever
Hate it - would really be nice to have just a little time with a nose that isn't blocked or running. I've resisted to rub my eyes so far... can't hold out for much longer, though.

Buster 11:15 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever
You can get an injection, can't remember what it's called though. Have it in April, you're sorted for the summer. Costs about £150.

TWe 11:14 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever
Beconase nasal spray sorts mine out.

worm 11:08 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever

Best tablets I've had

Try the Sudafed blocked nose spray for the blocked nose. Works for me.

Hayfever is a cunt.

leer34 10:16 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever

franksfat&slow&wank 10:08 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever
its getting on my fucking goat now

bruuuno 9:25 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever
Was murders yesterday

One McAvennieeeeee 9:21 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever
You nose blowing, constantly sniffing cunts are starting to really wind me up.

munkyfunk 6:34 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever
Mine eased up mid thirties, for some reason back with a vengeance this year. At 41 I thought I got shot of it.
Always been mid may to end June.
Tried the lot except jabs.

MrCrowmanSir 12:24 Tue Jun 16
Re: Hay Fever
My nose is blocked to fuck.

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