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1985 7:23 Fri Jun 5
Twitter trolls
The wife of ex-England footballer Phil Neville has hit out at Twitter trolls who have bombarded the family with abuse about their disabled daughter.

Julie Neville spoke out after Greater Manchester Police (GMP) revealed complaints about online abuse had almost doubled.

Mrs Neville said one Twitter user wrote about T-shirts with the slogan "Phil Neville's daughter is a spastic".

Others had threatened to rape her while her husband had received death threats.

Mrs Neville said the abuse directed at herself and her TV pundit husband, who played for Manchester United and Everton, was "an ongoing thing".

The abuse has included barbs directed at the couple's 11-year-old daughter, who has cerebral palsy.

She said: "I think the worst things are, Phil has received death threats through Twitter and I've had people threaten to rape me.

"We had one incident where two guys put on Twitter that you can buy T-shirts and the actual writing on the T-shirts was: 'Phil Neville's daughter is a spastic, she's a Cyclops and she has eight toes'.

There is banter and their is corwardly anonymous abuse. Are these trolls kids or do you think there are gown-ups who actually behave in this way?

What has the world come to? Nothing's been the same since Elvis died.

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Vexed 11:39 Sat Jun 6
Re: Twitter trolls
This is news why? Phil Neville needs to man the fuck up.

, 11:37 Sat Jun 6
Re: Twitter trolls
Do you mean what we would call an edited version of what was said?

Joke Whole 10:27 Sat Jun 6
Re: Twitter trolls
They could do with adding an "Expose" button on Social Media. When a person receives an unacceptable post they just click the "Expose" button.

After a predefined number of "Expose" requests against a certain poster, that posters full details are made public along with a redacted* copy of what was said/typed.

* Redacted to hide the identity of the recipient/person or persons who triggered the "Expose".

BRANDED 2:47 Sat Jun 6
Re: Twitter trolls
I think this is all part of the monster that is the internet. A wimp can be a bully. A bully can be a monster. If you have something like the internet and technology that brings so many benefits you need to accept the consequences and find technological solutions. I'm not sure its in Twitter's interest to stop it as they are essentially all customers.

Nurse Ratched 2:44 Sat Jun 6
Re: Twitter trolls
"...you don't have to y'know, it doesn't do anything does it!"

Spot on. Twitter is one of the aspects of modern life I just don't see the point of. I'm not 'anti' it. Just baffled why peolle want to do it.

Dapablo 2:30 Sat Jun 6
Re: Twitter trolls
If you don't want to get abused by small people don't do Twitter it seems to me, you don't have to y'know, it doesn't do anything does it!

The Cult Of Bob 2:09 Sat Jun 6
Re: Twitter trolls
Because I'm a particularly childish person, I'm fond of stealth mountain.


bruuuno 1:18 Sat Jun 6
Re: Twitter trolls
Pankhurst, Davison, who cares as long as she can cook and give a good blowjob

Nurse Ratched 1:14 Sat Jun 6
Re: Twitter trolls
It was Emily Davison.

bruuuno 12:55 Sat Jun 6
Re: Twitter trolls
But if they made trolling on WHO illegal I'd chuck myself under a race horse in defiance, Pankhurst style

bruuuno 12:54 Sat Jun 6
Re: Twitter trolls
Sad as it is I don't think you will ever stop these type of clowns. I think the way to deal with cyber trolling as we move forward is try and adopt a collective 'sticks or stones' attitude. Cos I don't think it's practical to be sending coppers chasing after bored teenagers with a laptop

chad sexington 11:32 Sat Jun 6
Re: Twitter trolls
Twitter is for cunts. These people are vermin, so likely scousers.

kirok1 11:09 Sat Jun 6
Re: Twitter trolls
I've regularly posted on the ineptitude of BFS but never about his family or about anything to do with his personal life. I've questioned his competence and lampooned his laughable lack of ability to take the blame.
Just been reading an article in the Mail about the SNP trolling Charles Kennedy. Vicious and unnecessary.
It does, however, look like only fashionable causes get the law in their side. Dull as dishwater as he is, what has Neville, or anyone else done to deserve this?

Chatham 1:15 Sat Jun 6
Re: Twitter trolls
Don't post that often but I try to conduct myself on the internet asI would in 'real' life. I find that too many people express their 'darker' side on the net , usually overstepping the boundarys behind a mask of anonymity afforded by the net.
I've had arguments and sent some abusive posts/ replies in the past. The moral compass I have is that if I post it I would be prepared to say the same thing if the person was standing next to me.
As for the Nevilles, they've both gone up in my estimation. Working class ( albeit ) northern lads who have done well for themselves who certainly have earned enough to never need to work but have the work ethic instilled in them that they have tried another career. Not somebody like Kieron Dyer who,'s made for life robbing a wage during his career.

Livingstone 12:49 Sat Jun 6
Re: Twitter trolls
So long as they stick to troll-ing that twat Collymore Im OK with it. Shit , is Elvis dead?

Hammer and Pickle 10:46 Fri Jun 5
Re: Twitter trolls
Ged 10:27 Fri Jun 5


It's murder on here son.

Roger Mellie 10:41 Fri Jun 5
Re: Twitter trolls
Everyone wants to be OUTRAGED these days.

MrCrowmanSir 10:30 Fri Jun 5
Re: Twitter trolls
The word spastic used to acceptable but times change.

Hammer and Pickle 10:30 Fri Jun 5
Re: Twitter trolls
Fwosted miwwa

Johnson 10:28 Fri Jun 5
Re: Twitter trolls


Ged 10:27 Fri Jun 5
Re: Twitter trolls
Banter is something you do with people you know, or in the case of WHO, people you presume to know.

On social media like Twitter or Facebook, it's generally spineless and spiteful.

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