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diehardhammer 11:07 Mon Jun 22
Stuart Downing
Apparently Sunderland want him, would you sell? personally if we get Payet signed I would let him go.

one thing to take into account is sunderland may lose Adam Johnson to Prison FC and will need a replacement midfielder

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Darby_ 3:52 Tue Sep 15
Re: Stuart Downing
He was a good player for us but with the money we've saved on his wages we've been able to bring in younger players like Lanzini and Moses.

The squad as a whole is better off.

Keep dreaming 2:01 Tue Sep 15
Re: Stuart Downing
eastend, maybe because he is fucking digging westham out on every opportunity?

eastend joker 1:57 Tue Sep 15
Re: Stuart Downing
he done a good job for us his moved on , why keep fucking digging him out !

Sxboy_66 1:55 Tue Sep 15
Re: Stuart Downing
I think you're confusing him with Jarvis Andy.

dealcanvey 1:46 Tue Sep 15
Re: Stuart Downing
not quite sure about that Andy.

andywestham 1:43 Tue Sep 15
Re: Stuart Downing
hope he was watching Moses last night. Did more in one game than Downing did for most of last season

Sarge 10:56 Sat Sep 12
Re: Stuart Downing
decent goal this afternoon.

still couldn't tackle my daughters homework though

Texas Iron 9:20 Mon Jun 29
Re: Stuart Downing

60k a week...3million a year...

7millionquid Fee...

Stats say sell...

Hammers1993 4:58 Mon Jun 29
Re: Stuart Downing
Of course we would replace with that.

It's his wages as well, and for 31 year old on the decline £7m is great business. Especially when you consider what we paid.

That £7m plus his wages could go towards getting Remy, I think I read they are looking for £8m.

franksfat&slow&wank 2:50 Mon Jun 29
Re: Stuart Downing
cant see him going tbh, if we sold him for 6 or 7 would we easily replace?

he isnt an effective winger anymore is he thats for sure?

i-Ron 9:33 Mon Jun 29
Re: Stuart Downing
Downing was decent up until Allardyce reintroduced Nolan and pushed him on the right. Then he reverted to cutting back, going side ways, spraying passes to Cresswell instead of going forwards. He played well against Chelsea in the second half when he played left wing and could whip crosses properly.

Allardyce made a comment later in the season about wingers asking to be played on the wrong side like he had no choice.

Unless we want another winger, to play alongside Payet, Valencia and Sakho, for me he is first choice on the left.

Eddie B 9:23 Mon Jun 29
Re: Stuart Downing
Is he going to be played up the middle next season?

Norflundon 7:28 Sun Jun 28
Re: Stuart Downing
The few times I saw cabaye when he was at the barcodes didn't really see what all the fuss was about looked a decent player but a 25m pound one

Mart O 7:18 Sun Jun 28
Re: Stuart Downing
Another thing about Cabaye: I keep reading comparisons on here with attacking players such as Downing.

I didn't see that much of him at Newcastle (except against us, the cunt), but have seen the majority of his games for Lille, PSG and France.

While he's gifted with certain flexibility as a player, he's virtually always played as a midfielder, not a winger or a number 10.

For Lille, he played on the left of a midfield 3 in a 433. For France, his best perfomances have come sitting in front of the defence, notably the qualifier against Ukraine.

Norflundon 7:17 Sun Jun 28
Re: Stuart Downing
He's on big dough he's 31 and I'd bite they're hand off for 7m

Mart O 7:05 Sun Jun 28
Re: Stuart Downing
Denver Hammer 6:49 Sat Jun 27

I have seen pretty much all Cabaye's games for PSG and can confirm he has been utter shit.

HOWEVER, for the first time in his career he is not first choice. He's a replacement, doesn't enjoy it and, as Deschamps has said, needs more game time.

Most observers feel he doesn't really fit in at PSG. In summary, not sure we can conclude much from his time at the club.

jack flash 6:47 Sun Jun 28
Re: Stuart Downing
7m seems a lot of money for a 30yo midfielder

I never rated Downing until he was switched to a central role at the beginning of this season, when he was superb

Whether it was his form that dipped or opposition managers worked out how to deal with him there & were able to counter him, is open to debate

As we are rebuilding (hopefully with younger players) I would have thought 7m too good an offer to turn down

We need to be looking for a more permanent solution at RB

I would be delighted if we get Song & Jenkinson & even more delighted if we got Austin

Crumpet 4:01 Sun Jun 28
Re: Stuart Downing
Rob Shepherd is alluding to something wrong that's unknown as for the reason Downing was pretty shit in the second half of the season.

When asked about it he started going on about not working for free...

AKA ERNIE 4:00 Sun Jun 28
Re: Stuart Downing
Downing was excelant till november then reverted to type and was fucking shit

GingerNut 3:55 Sun Jun 28
Re: Stuart Downing
Hmmm. Would we bid £7m for a 32 year old, if decent player? Me thinks not. If we can get £7m for him sell - Amalfitano step up.

Gentile 6:57 Sat Jun 27
Re: Stuart Downing
Why are people talking about one of our best players last season as 'cover' this season.

Wake up.

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