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jayjones 11:07 Mon Jun 29
Tree surgeon
Does anyone know of a decently priced gardener or tree surgeon to cut back a massive tree that is hanging over my fence from my fuckwit neighbours garden? I've spoken to them and they are crying lack of money to have it done themselves and its blocking loads of sun into garden etc, in the Hormchurch area, cheers

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DukeofDevo 12:50 Mon Jun 29
Re: Tree surgeon
I was going to say Keith Archer he's got a website and is a proper tree, garden expert. He does my trees once a year

One Johnny Sissons 12:41 Mon Jun 29
Re: Tree surgeon
I used Keith Archer Tree Care based in Upminster last year. Not cheap but did a good job.

Failing that Essex Tree Surgeons in Harold Wood are good but he's a bit picky about what he does these days.

SJS 11:42 Mon Jun 29
Re: Tree surgeon
Don't forget to throw all the cuttings back in their garden, or agree with them to dispose on their behalf. Otherwise, it might cause more hassle.

jayjones 11:36 Mon Jun 29
Re: Tree surgeon
Yeah I should have had it done a lot earlier but originally next door were saying they were having it done this year but now seemly can't be bothered and if had enough of it hanging over etc

Northern Sold 11:33 Mon Jun 29
Re: Tree surgeon
I got the same problem... think gonna have to wait until the winter as it's gonna make a right mess otherwise.. I normally wait until the come of teh local didakoi tree people do me a good deal... and to be fair they do a decent job (have take 5 conifers from my gaff that I wanted out)

jayjones 11:31 Mon Jun 29
Re: Tree surgeon
Cheers JAC

JAC 11:30 Mon Jun 29
Re: Tree surgeon

Top firm ,hassle free ,reasonably cheap and helpful.

jayjones 11:26 Mon Jun 29
Re: Tree surgeon
Was ideally looking for recommendations, otherwise I know how to use google

Mr. Burns 11:11 Mon Jun 29
Re: Tree surgeon

No idea if it's any good though.

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