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franksfat&slow&wank 11:08 Thu Jul 30
3 sendings off
Not acceptable
Cruising and the thick cunt does that

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icwhs 6:29 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off

Lewisham_Hammer 11:20 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off

Never a penalty, he never touched him, Miaga dived a la Alan Shearer...


Extended highlights on OS

TrevorSeader1980 3:34 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off
Astra,s no 9 was a dirty little git, constantly hacking WHU players and got nothing. The ref had the complete hump with WHU and carded at every opportunity.

Having said that, WHU survived for a good spell with 10 men, but still seemed intent on scoring more, exposing the defence, Astra picked up on this and were then all over us. We should have shut up shop.

Some really poor performances from WHU granted, but it could easily of been 5 or 6 all but for some poor finishing and good defending by us.

Sick to lose a 2 goal lead, but overall a useful exercise in weeding out those who need more time training (or on the transfer list) JOB being a prime candidate.

claretandbluedagger 12:24 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off
The thing that got me about Collins' second yellow, other than the fact that he only brushed the player's shorts, was that I think the referee only decided to get the card out as a last second thing. Usually he got it out quite quickly, but it was like this time he remembered late on that he could send Collins off.

But as said, some of the times he could have booked the Astra players but chose not to we're ridiculous.

SUM A DING WONG 11:57 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off
I can't but help but feel that we are being stitched up, for qualifying through fair play..

I am basing this on nothing more than a feeling.....if this was happening to any other team, other than us, part of me would be thinking 'good....you shouldn't be qualifing through fair play'..

dicksie3 11:40 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off
Tuck your blouse in, Queen Dancer son...

stirlinghammer 11:35 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off
die - the damage was done with his first challenge. after that, it was just a matter of time...

tick tock..

Lewisham_Hammer 11:20 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off
Dom 11:05 Fri Jul 31

To be honest I'd need to see a replay, but I was in that last block of the West Upper (next to the BM) at the front and had a view in line with play, I didn't even get up from my seat as I thought straight away it wasn't a pen but I could be wrong.

Grumpster 11:13 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off
Up the ammers and all that, but have found europe a bit annoying and frustrating with all of the play acting.

Biggest frustration is that the officials fall for it, when it really isn't hard to know if someone has actually been fouled or not by the way they fall over.

Modern football for you though and one of the reasons I have no interest at all in european competitions over the past 15-20 years since simulation has gone through the roof.

diehardhammer 11:11 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off
Too many people out to make collins a scapegoat here. The second booking happened directly in front of my seat, it was a shoulder barge/bit of a pull but it was never a yellow card. Free kick yes but no way would that ever got a yellow in the premiership.

The real issue with the Europa league games so far is the AWFUL refereeing. I thought UEFA is supposedly the best standard of referees yet so far I what I have seen makes me grateful for the Premier League refs. Not even Andre Marriner who hates us would have given a card for that challenge.

Dom 11:05 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off
Lewisham_Hammer 10:48 Fri Jul 31

i was up the other end, but looked a certain penalty to be

the old question of would it have been a free kick outside the area. i think it would

Lewisham_Hammer 10:48 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off
Yeah was probably a sending off but as said previously:

1) The referee gave Collins no "first warning" about his conduct or challenges, just two straight yellows.

2) Only about 2 minutes previously one of their players did a far worse late challenge hacking one of our guys down the right hand side as he laid the ball out to the wing - where was the fucking yellow card then you fucking cunt???!!!!! For him to then go down our end and give Collins a second yellow was a fucking disgrace.

Don't even get me started on the "penalty claim". No it wasn't a penalty but all Payet did was put his hands up and say "what the fuck?" as any player would do in protest so to then book him again was a disgrace. Of course Slaven then got annoyed at him easily dishing out cards to us but not them and protested only to then be sent off too!

Was the ref a fucking Spurs/Millwall fan?

Davenport 10:37 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off
I hate collins

Private Dancer 10:34 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off
Irony at it's best. Mug.

dicksie3 9:47 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off
Why don't you do everyone a favour and stick a fucking grenade down your throat, PD son...

You fucking pedantic screaming queen...

Mrkxxx 8:54 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off
What Dicksie said...i want out of Europe now, will fuck our season completely. The powers that be who are making it too easy for players to get sent off se to blame. The refs should be looking to keep players on the pitch, should only be sent off for violent or dangerous play, ie punching the fuck out of someone repeatedly or knee high Cantona/Keane tackles... haha

Mr Polite 8:47 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off
4 sendings off

Marston Hammer 8:31 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off

That might just be the dumbest thing you've ever posted.

Steve P 8:12 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off
I'd say the limitations of some players is being exposed. I think JOB and Noble also courted disciplinary problems in Malta.

The fact of the matter is that if you put yourself in a position where the referee can get involved, then you run the risk of getting carded.

Private Dancer 8:05 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off
''You know what?!... Fuck Europe... Fuck the cheating cunt pisspot wanker sides with their play-acting cunt players and fuck these wanker limp-wristed clueless cunt refs who fall for it and have no football knowledge and common sense...Yeah, I said it... Fuck Europe... Fuck it''

Well, if we are going to 'fuck Europe' then we may as well fold the club, as European football is what the club is targetting over the coming years. Depressing innit. Silly cunt.

Far East Hammer 7:38 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off
well, look on the bright side - should spare us "fair play" qualification to Europe come next summer!

normannomates 2:33 Fri Jul 31
Re: 3 sendings off
The amateurish behaviour and lack of savvy has been shocking.
Noble puffing his cheeks at Miccoli..what the fuck is that all about..the fat wop had just mugged him off with a bit of skill.

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