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munkyfunk 12:43 Tue Aug 4
Laser eye surgery
Anyone here had it done?
Positives or negatives?
Any after effects?
I've read about a halo effect whilst driving at night.
Considering it myself just after some non knob wiping feedback.

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zico 12:36 Tue Aug 4
Re: Laser eye surgery
Looked into having it done but was told that if I did I would need reading glasses, whereas I don't right now. Weighed it up and felt that I'm probably happier wearing glasses all the time and reading without them than not wearing glasses and putting reading glasses on every time I need to read something!

Plus my optician and his wife (who performs laser surgery) both wear glasses which I must confess put me off a bit more!!!

Mr. Burns 12:29 Tue Aug 4
Re: Laser eye surgery
Ha Ha yep that went well as well.

JohnnyL 12:28 Tue Aug 4
Re: Laser eye surgery
Mr Burns .... what about the surgery !!!

Mr. Burns 12:02 Tue Aug 4
Re: Laser eye surgery
I had mine done the day Curbs was sacked. Not regretted it at all.

munkyfunk 11:59 Tue Aug 4
Re: Laser eye surgery
Many thanks gents...
Much appreciated...

The Current Pun 9:53 Tue Aug 4
Re: Laser eye surgery
Had it done last year (Lasik, Optical Express)
Should have done it years ago
Best 3K i evrereah spont

MikeHammer 9:01 Tue Aug 4
Re: Laser eye surgery
Had one eye done 16 years ago and it has worked perfectly. Agree with Bertie here. I came out of the clinic seeing perfectly with no pain and an hour or so later it felt like I had half a beach of sand in my eye! About 48 hours later it was fine and been great since. At the time there were less places and I went for slightly more expensive in Harley Street. They were great. I went in expecting to - and willing to pay for - getting both eyes done. They advised against it and said to come back later. As it turns out the combination is just right and I don't need any help even with reading glasses - which after this time can happen.

I even went back to the same clinic 5 years ago and it had changed ownership. They still had my old records, gave me a full check up and didn't even charge me! Even then I expected to need the other eye done but they didn't recommend. Bottom line is don't rush into having both done!

Ps. Your do have to read about possible side effects but I believe that is rare.

Lee S 7:18 Tue Aug 4
Re: Laser eye surgery
Had it done about 5 years ago.

Had -4.5 Vision in both eyes and hated the fuss of contacts and also wearing glasses.

I went to Vision Express in Bluewater and paid about $3,500 as I went for the Lasek (more expensive) option that means you dont get the halo effect as much at night. I had that for about 6 months after but it was hardly noticable.

I have better than 20/20 vision (apparently now!

Well worth it and as previous posters have said, swimming and sport in general is a lot more enjoyable!

joe royal 6:31 Tue Aug 4
Re: Laser eye surgery
Not had it done but I know 2 that have and they both only have positive things to say about it.

bondihammer 1:42 Tue Aug 4
Re: Laser eye surgery
had lasik laser eye surgery 10 years ago. absolutely recommend it. op at 4pm and woke up 6am next day with 20/20 vision. no side effects and even now my sight is still excellent (and i'm in my 50'S)

bertie 1:00 Tue Aug 4
Re: Laser eye surgery
Lasered not laddered, fucking eyesight

bertie 12:59 Tue Aug 4
Re: Laser eye surgery
Had it done 12 years ago, had crap -4.5 eyesight and I have nothing but positive things to say about it. Mum/wife/uncle all had it done.

Top is to have it done on the Thursday, take Friday off as well and you are good to go on Monday. Basically right off a couple of days to take it easy and follow the healing procedure.

Silly things like I can't swim with the kids without worrying about lenses make a difference. Would rather have my eyes laddered than go to the dentist.

Johnson 12:57 Tue Aug 4
Re: Laser eye surgery
Had mine done, best £3k I spent. Proper 20/20 vision now. 3 or 4 years ago, not had any problems.

Honest Hammer 12:53 Tue Aug 4
Re: Laser eye surgery
I know several people that have had it done that had very thick glasses and now don't need any, they said it was unpleasant for roughly a day and then brilliant.

If mine were bad enough I'd definitely have it done.

Annony 12:47 Tue Aug 4
Re: Laser eye surgery
Tip safer to do one eye at a time.

munkyfunk 12:47 Tue Aug 4
Re: Laser eye surgery
Fluffy dice hanging I hope nicey...

defjam 12:45 Tue Aug 4
Re: Laser eye surgery
dio89u c j;q /


Nicey 12:45 Tue Aug 4
Re: Laser eye surgery
I got it done for a bullseye in the backseat of a motor in essex in the 80s, it was blinding!

This was Capri Laser Eye Surgery

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