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pardsisalegend 6:33 Sat Aug 22
We had the 7th best defensive record and best disciplinary record in the league last season.

We spend circa £10 million on a defender and concede 4 at home to Bournemouth.

They're not bad defenders; its inept management.

Bilic has never done well at any club in his club career so far, no reason to expect him to do well now.

But for the West Ham connection of one season before fucking off to Everton we would never have hired him.

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stirlinghammer 10:47 Sun Aug 30
Re: Bilic
He will also win one of the cups this season.

VirginiaHam 1:00 Sun Aug 30
Re: Bilic
Bilic yelling at Oxford when he decided to press instead of dropping back into the defensive shape...loved it.

jammydee 12:23 Sun Aug 30
Re: Bilic
' We parked the bus, but we didn't pull up the handbrake '

Ha, love it.

VirginiaHam 12:15 Sun Aug 30
Re: Bilic
What was the average age on the bench today? 18?....that's with Jarvis sat there.......

VirginiaHam 12:14 Sun Aug 30
Re: Bilic
I'd love to hear what the cunts in the media, who earlier this week said we were a relegation candidate think now?

Arse and Scousers away = 6 points.......1 cunty ref (Leicester) and a mare by our two fullbacks=0.........but we can put that right; it's fixable.

If we weren't scoring goals I'd be very worried.

Buster 11:44 Sat Aug 29
Re: Bilic
I fucking LOVE Slaven Bilic.

Norflundon 11:40 Sat Aug 29
Re: Bilic
Although we've won today you usually want the next game to come straight away, this international break has come at the perfect time. We can try and get some players back from injury and it will give Bilic time to work with the players and work as there was no time in pre season with all the European games

Hopefully we'll have a different performance against the barcodes from the last two home games

Buster 10:14 Sat Aug 29
Re: Bilic
Rodfarts 6:58 Sat Aug 22
Re: Bilic
When concede as many goals as we have under him you have to have a good luck at the way he sets us up to play.

And in truth......WE ARE A FUCKING MESS

His decisions are fucking bizarre

What's his IQ again??


BRANDED 10:12 Sat Aug 29
Re: Bilic
Hes a bit of a cunt but hes our cunt and as we're all cunts its a marvelous thing. If you know what I mean?

Buster 10:07 Sat Aug 29
Re: Bilic
MrCrowmanSir 8:09 Sat Aug 29

LeroysBoots 10:07 Sat Aug 29
Re: Bilic
Loved the fact how he said we need 2-3 more players directly after a famous win, shows the board not to get too complacent with what we have

Did you see our bench today !?!

MrCrowmanSir 10:03 Sat Aug 29
Re: Bilic
I like what he says, how he comes across and think we have a really good manager in charge, and I was backing him after last 2 games unlike some kneejerk wankers on here.

JohnnyL 10:00 Sat Aug 29
Re: Bilic
NSD ... I read that quote and loved it ... Well done as that is what it is all about

jfk 9:50 Sat Aug 29
Re: Bilic
Well done SLAVEN and the players.magnificent victory.
Long may it last.

NEVER SAY DIE 9:43 Sat Aug 29
Re: Bilic
"We parked the bus but didn't put the handbreak on"

Good Old Slav

Ridikzappa 9:33 Sat Aug 29
Re: Bilic
Bilic is awesome!!!!!!

geoffpikey 9:28 Sat Aug 29
Re: Bilic
Andy H. wise words.

This was the Bilic I was expecting. Total passion and quite literally kicked every ball. Tactics were superb today.

We have some very talented individuals in our team, and games like today are a reminder of why we love football, players that get you off your seat. There was a spell in the 2nd half where we took total control and outpassed Liverpool on their own patch, it was a joy to watch after the shite served up over the past few year's. Today you really saw what Bilic is trying to do, it will take time, but at last we're playing football and passing the ball again.

hornchurchsteve 9:11 Sat Aug 29
Re: Bilic
Takashi Mike
Totally agree.

jools268 8:45 Sat Aug 29
Re: Bilic
He's not a genius,but he seems to learn from his mistakes, and that is priceless.

Takashi Miike 8:45 Sat Aug 29
Re: Bilic
time for the owners to step up and back him. the wages are there, so no more excuses. help slav out and show some ambition

Nigel Khazi 8:37 Sat Aug 29
Re: Bilic
It's simple really, don't start thinking he's a right cunt when we lose, and don't start thinking he's a genius when we win. Level par start or thereabouts in terms of points gained. Good luck to him in the next game, and the one after, etc.

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