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Animal 3:26 Fri Sep 4
Taking up golf
It's come to that time of my life when I feel I want to take up golf. I've only played a couple of times using a mates clubs and want to get my own set.

I have a bit of money to spend, but don't want to pay the earth. Anyone got any good recommendations? I want a set that will be forgiving of my wild thrashing at the ball!

Also, I'm about 6'4, does that effect what clubs I should get?

Cheers in advance

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chelmsfordhammer 10:13 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
Far , it can be expensive or as cheap as you want it to be, mind you I'd recommend going for clubs rather than bats.

chelmsfordhammer 10:12 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
The art of it is putting all the different parts of it together on the same day, sadly it doesn't happen very often . I've had it happen once and went round in 75 , the next week I went out thinking I've mastered the game and hit an 89. When you're playing well , everything seems pretty simple, when you're playing shit , everything seems fucking hard. It's given me some of my best sporting moments and some of my worse , sometimes in the same round.

Far Cough 10:08 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
I'd like to get into the game but the bats are a bit expensive aren't they?

Takashi Miike 10:07 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
it's a strange one, and a strange game. on my day when I play well I can look like a single figure handicapper but I only need to be in a poxy mood, have slow cunts in front of me or a nightmare first couple of holes and I can look like a hacker who's just taken up the game. im not sure there's a game that's existed that's more to do with the mental side than golf

chelmsfordhammer 9:57 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
Takashi, what I find crazy is the amount of people that actually believe their handicap is lower than what it actually is. One of the blokes we play with swears he's a 17 handicap yet he scores about 95 every time we play , he's more like a 21-22 . All it does is guarantee him last place every time we play and costs him money. But I suppose if he's happy there's no harm done.

Zammo 9:55 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
I was better at 17 than I am now.

Play of 3 but if I didnt meet drink, drugs and women God knows I could of got.

Was up Woburn today, picked up around 200 pro v1. Saving

Takashi Miike 9:48 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
haha. that's me starting this with my moaning about wrinkly cheats. I apologise for causing so much grief and will stop shit stirring

chelmsfordhammer 9:45 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
Takashi, with my dodgey handicap he wouldn't stand a fucking chance :-)

Takashi Miike 9:42 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
you two should take part in an 18 hole play off :.)

chelmsfordhammer 9:37 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
West side, what is your fucking problem, I was told something, if that info was wrong, fine so what ?, all I've said is I'll carry on with what I was told as it doesn't really affect me anyway as I play with the same people every week , none of which obviously take it as seriously as you and I don't enter any competitions.

I'll carry on treating it as a game and a bit of fun , but if it makes you happy and stops you wrapping another club round a tree YOU ARE RIGHT AND THE INFO I WAS TOLD WAS WRONG. Now you can sleep easier tonight.

Westside 9:26 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
Because you are wrong and won't admit it. Not even faced with a link to to The English Golf Union, explaining the issue. You going to ignore that and go with what you were incorrectly told?

chelmsfordhammer 9:05 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
Oh and I didn't say you were or were not right, just said I'd go with what I was told. I'm not sure why that should upset you so much.

chelmsfordhammer 9:03 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
As I say you really seem an angry man. Probably the reason you need so many golf fittings as most your clubs probably end up wrapped round a tree.

Westside 8:36 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
My attitude Chelmsford? You wouldn't accept the truth and that your information source could be wrong.

I'm putting you straight so you don't repeat inaccurate information.

ted fenton 7:00 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
We've had a couple of WHO Golf days !!!

The first one ended in a massive punch up .

The second was fine as I wasn't there :-)

Just ask Kirky or Del or Northbank or Ramsgate :-)

Actually Ramsgate not much of him but I wouldn't turned up and said his handicap was 3 !!
We all laughed and he assured us ut was correct !

He pissed it of 3 !!!

What a f#cking legend.

Takashi Miike 5:44 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
*I've heard*

fucking premature posting, hahaha

Takashi Miike 5:43 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
.. 24 eh? I've that one before :.)

chelmsfordhammer 5:40 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
.., there used to be who golf day arranged every year. Don't think it's taken place for the last couple of years though.

. . 5:38 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
With the amount of golfers on here does anyone fancy a hack about.

I only play for enjoyment (handicap of 24)

chelmsfordhammer 5:29 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
West side, whats with the fucking attitude ?. I'm only saying what he told me, you seem a very angry man.

Westside 5:22 Sun Sep 6
Re: Taking up golf
Chelmsford - in that case you better come to my golf club and remove the supplementary scorecard entry book, from the competition entry section of the changing rooms.

Whilst your at it, tell the handicap secretary to ignore all the supplementary scorecards he processes and the resulting handicap adjustments.

Whilst your at it, tell the competitions secretary, not to let players enter competitions, who've kept their handicap active, by using supplementary scorecards.

If you have a minute, i suggest you contact the English Golf Union and tell them this area of their website is wrong:-


Lee Porter is fantastic club maker and teaching golf pro, but he's wrong about this. I'll tell him when I see him for a session later this month.

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