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tricky trev 2:08 Wed Oct 7
Tips on California
Flying to San Fran then looking to drive down the coast to LA. Going to spend around three days in SF not aiming to Vegas and before you say I know this is in Nevada. Any places to visit or tips would be appreciated.

The Hoff!

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Northern Sold 12:01 Thu Nov 5
Re: Tips on California
Pebble Beach is superb... we popped in there for a beer and a sandwich... nice to sit in the clubhouse with me shirt out and no one gave a flying fuck... unlike the golf snob cunts in this country... fantastic course with some of the best views ever

ray winstone 11:57 Thu Nov 5
Re: Tips on California
I wrote a song about California......


Pop Robson 11:28 Thu Nov 5
Re: Tips on California
I recommend Zion NP if your heading over the Monumental Valley.

Driving around MV in a mustang will be fun ! That said MV was fantastic we drove around stayed the night and then did the 3 mile walk early doors. Sunset and sunrise from the hotel

LAHammered 3:07 Thu Nov 5
Re: Tips on California
Take Hwy 1 down to LA, its slow but scenic. If you take 5 you will die of boredom. First stop head down to Carmel and Pebble Beach ya gotta see 17 mile drive and the golf course, then have dinner in Carmel.

After8 12:09 Thu Nov 5
Re: Tips on California
Another great place!

DukeofDevo 11:51 Wed Nov 4
Re: Tips on California
Has anybody mentioned Hearst Castle just off the PCH

Absolute wealth all over the place

After8 11:45 Wed Nov 4
Re: Tips on California
I just goggled it, apparently it is moving into a shopping centre?


Nutsin 11:44 Wed Nov 4
Re: Tips on California

Haven't heard about HOB moving from Downtown Disney. But that doesn't mean you're not right.

I looked at the upcoming events. Psychedelic furs Nov 14th.. Sublime Jan 15-16th.

After8 11:30 Wed Nov 4
Re: Tips on California
I thought House of Blues was moving from Downtown Disney too?

Nutsin 11:26 Wed Nov 4
Re: Tips on California
Actually Ruths Chris is off the 405 fwy at Jamboree not the 5 fwy... No real Jazz clubs but there is a house of blues at Downtown Disney for live music... I saw Paul Weller at the House of Blues in L A before it closed... They have some good musicians play there, definitely worth a night out.

You'll find there's plenty of Sushi restaurants out here.. Crunchy roll, California roll are safe bets.. Fresh water eel is delish!!!

Might not be on the menu but order yellow tail cheek, they grill it, it's fucking delicious, lil bit of lemon is all you need on it.

If you do go to Cheesecake go for either the bang bang chicken n shrimp or the Chicken Fettuccinni Alfredo! Luverly Jubberly!

After8 11:12 Wed Nov 4
Re: Tips on California
Another place to stop at between San Fran and LA is Harris Ranch.


The portions in there are incredible.

I also like the Winchester Mystery House. It's this mansion a rich widow built but she was obsessed with the occult and apparently ghosts told her to never stop building so she had building work going on every day.


Nutsin 11:08 Wed Nov 4
Re: Tips on California

Check out Napa and/or Sonoma valley for wine tasting.

Drive down Pacific coast hwy, thru Big Sur. driven it myself, beautiful coast line, great drive! (There's also the 17 mile drive that is extremely popular) If you want to break up the drive down Pacific Ciast Hwy you can stop at Hurst Castle. A lot of people take this excursion..

Would recommend at least one dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak house, there's several of them, one in Irvine just off the 5 Fwy at Jamboree exit....Best Steak you've ever had!

Newport Beach and Laguna Beach are nice coastal towns in Orange County. Mid way between LA and San Diego...

Las Brisas in Laguna Beach is a nice Mexican Restaurant. Sit outside on the patio and watch a sunset over the pacific, sipping on your strawberry blended Margarita with a couple of fish Taco's... A couple of shots of Patron (silver) wouldn't go amiss..

Cheesecake Factory is a chain of restaurants out here that are good value for the money, nice environment great menu, fairly priced!!

If you get home sick there's Ye Olde Kings Head in Santa Monica LA for British pub and British pub food.

Lots to see and do.. Hope this helps!

DukeofDevo 10:24 Wed Nov 4
Re: Tips on California
Northern Sold 1:53 Wed Nov 4

I'm pretty certain that the furnace creek inn is the only place in Death Valley to stay, if not it's the best, well worth a stop over.

The pool is a brilliant experience, looking out over the valley with the mountains in the background. Got a bit of history to it as well as the Hollywood stars like Clark Gable used to fly out there for a getaway. Good base to drive around the valley from as well.

Charoo 5:38 Wed Nov 4
Re: Tips on California
Sold the Mustang will be to small. 2 is ok, no more. Me and my mate went to a mates wedding in Arizona so drove there and back from Vegas in a Mustang.

When we met up with another mate we changed it for a Yukon truck and went to California.

Can agree with others about San Diego - but wear over sized clothing and a hat backward, anything that actually fits seemingly makes you a "faggot" according to the sceptics that live there.

Northern Sold 5:30 Wed Nov 4
Re: Tips on California
Yeah I had a charger about 5 years ago.... was ok

Just looked up about Mustang boot sizes... app' new model (2015) they are smaller and people have been struggling getting in 2 cases... I'm going SUV

Mr Polite 5:09 Wed Nov 4
Re: Tips on California
I'm planning a similar type holiday.

San Fran, Vegas, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Disney, San Diego, PCH.

That's the plan anyway.

I have friends in LA that are coming out here end of this year so will plan it properly with them.

Some good suggestions on here.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 5:05 Wed Nov 4
Re: Tips on California
Dontcha' give no Buick...

Far Cough 4:48 Wed Nov 4
Re: Tips on California
I don't know if you can hire Silverados but I would get one if you can

El Scorchio 4:47 Wed Nov 4
Re: Tips on California
Although it's not a convertible, the Dodge Charger is a glorious car. Looks good, comfortable and goes fast. It'll easily hold all the luggage as well.

simon.s 4:39 Wed Nov 4
Re: Tips on California
I did the convertible mustang Vegas to LA about 20 years ago. The two in the back had their cases on their laps. Lucky we had the top down. Unfortunately I missed the turn off for LAX and we missed our flight. I wasn't very popular that evening.

Northern Sold 4:23 Wed Nov 4
Re: Tips on California
Nicey... you talking as in Chrysler Seebring?

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