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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Grumpster 1:03 Wed Oct 21
Ticket Trader
Does anyone know how the ticket trader works on the official site please?

A friend sold her ticket for a game recently, but is now unable to see that she has any credits there to purchase anything herself.

She's tells me when selling a ticket, you don't receive money but instead get funds to purchase in either the shop or on tickets in the future, but she can't see that she has anything.


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Bungo 10:08 Fri Oct 23
Re: Ticket Trader
On The Ball 9:55 Fri Oct 23

I'm pretty sure I've used E-credits against away tickets in the past?

Always had to do it over the phone though, never been able to via the ticket website.

Johnson 10:05 Fri Oct 23
Re: Ticket Trader
Why are people getting told they can't then, OtB?

Your mate needs to get on to these rogue agents at the TO and Reservation Centre telling people the opposite to what he thinks the situation is.

Did this mystery family stand come up in conversation by the way?

One McAvennieeeeee 9:57 Fri Oct 23
Re: Ticket Trader
I totally disagree with how e credits work, but I can totally understand why the club use e credits.

On The Ball 9:55 Fri Oct 23
Re: Ticket Trader
This is by no means exhaustive as I couldn't remember all of the issues, but....

You CAN use e-credit against ST purchases next season - just not the deposit.

Credit isn't showing for now, it'll be back at some point after they've finished upgrading (done by the people who run the site).

You could never use it in the shop.

Pretty sure you can't use it against away tickets - it's WEST HAM credit.

There was more that I can't remember, but the main point is that you can use it against STs.

epsom 2:18 Thu Oct 22
Re: Ticket Trader
marshboy 9:22 Wed Oct 21

Wondering out loud whether the club can change this facility as described.

If last season the credits were able to be put towards a season ticket and this year they are not, where is the change in terms and conditions notifying as such.

This should be included in the season ticket renewal or as an email afterwards.
Legally, precedent has been set and they cannot change without notification and the ability to challenge is my opinion.

I have 2 ST's, live in NYC, only get to 25% of the games, family uses them and occasionally I use ticket trader when its available as a good option for both parties. What do I do now? AM I being discriminated against because of my geographical location?

Wonder how this would read in the Daily Mail or the Sun?

One McAvennieeeeee 10:04 Thu Oct 22
Re: Ticket Trader
All my purchase history has disappeared which is annoying.

My POINTS are on there though.

Buster 10:00 Thu Oct 22
Re: Ticket Trader
I didn't actually think there was much wrong with the old one. The 'upgrade' is piss poor.

Pop Robson 11:37 Wed Oct 21
Re: Ticket Trader
Have they actually paid someone for this upgrade or is it being done in house on the cheap.

I'll bet on the second option

Wonder if they did a back up !

normannomates 9:29 Wed Oct 21
Re: Ticket Trader
Better off on here.
BUSTER sorted me out for Chelsea..top man

Johnson 9:27 Wed Oct 21
Re: Ticket Trader
See, a big old scam.

ChesterRd 9:27 Wed Oct 21
Re: Ticket Trader
None of my purchase history, points etc are showing since the website "upgrade" I used all the e purse credits towards my current ST. Couldn't do it online but a bloke in the TO was able to sort it over the phone OK.

marshboy 9:22 Wed Oct 21
Re: Ticket Trader
i posted about this last week . I phoned the club and they told me that ticket trader is not part of the club and at the moment you cant put the money toward next years season ticket . They also said the only way of seeing your credit now is going into the stadium ticket office

Grumpster 3:29 Wed Oct 21
Re: Ticket Trader
1964 2:45 Wed Oct 21

Will do, she's gonna email them.

Rivs 3:28 Wed Oct 21
Re: Ticket Trader
yeah I just logged in and it no longer shows for some reason.

westham13 3:20 Wed Oct 21
Re: Ticket Trader
To find if you have sold the ticket you need to go down to the E-Purse Credit tab when in your ticket account. You can see if it was sold and how much you got for it.

E-Purse Credit can not be used in the shop. Credit is only for future ticket purchases

Pop Robson 3:16 Wed Oct 21
Re: Ticket Trader
They upgraded the ticketing site and made a massive mess of it, apparently for the last week or 2 they've been saying they'll fix it !

1964 2:45 Wed Oct 21
Re: Ticket Trader
Grumpster 1:48 Wed Oct 21

Let us know if you learn anything more.

I'm supposed to have 20 quid but can't see it anywhere.

Grumpster 1:48 Wed Oct 21
Re: Ticket Trader
Ah, would just appear to be the club being useless again then.

Team surges forward, with the website still being crap, so I'll take that.

Especially as they aren't my e-purse credits :o)

She'll email them to see what the score is.

Johnson 1:44 Wed Oct 21
Re: Ticket Trader
It's all a big scam this year isn't it?

ludo21 1:39 Wed Oct 21
Re: Ticket Trader
No, I can't see mine either on the new website... last time I looked on the old site I had 30.

Tony_Gale 1:34 Wed Oct 21
Re: Ticket Trader
I had the same problem, I've sold my ticket twice this season and on this new website it doesn't mention anywhere how many E-purse credits you have. I even tried buying one of the tickets back to see how I would be able to spend them, but there was no option to use the E-purse credits.

I'm trying to use them for Spurs away on priority points, ticket office just told me to quote my client ref number on the form and state that I want to use the credits.

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